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Project Reality COOP Mappack Test


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If the maps run on local then you are good to go. We tested the files couple of days ago with Double and ironically only CTD issues we had were on my side. The server is mainly for those who are having crashes or doupt that the files are compatible (overwriting on install for example)

If you are having any issues, feel free to jump on TS, PR admin HQ channel and we'll try to find a solution.

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The weapons in BFP4F were a lot nicer than what we get in PR. That M95 sniper rifle always felt like it was blowing you're target's head off from 350 meters, loved it. And the SKS was awesome for close quarter battles, most people hated the recoil but I got used to it. That Dragon Valley map brings it all back....lol.

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Deadman triggering  the ASS Hatters was my crowning achievement (or the 3 claymores around the corner...lol)

Luved the power plant at Dalian and Sharqi rush map with that VSS.  I was 2 years into the game before I turned up the graphics and realized that there was grass and blacktop, so don't trust my map judgement!!

I still enjoy playing BF2 for the team tactics but miss the individuality and weapons mods in P4F.  Even with no map support it was still fun

Found  a mod for BF2 that allows u to play those old maps P4F style....BF2 layout and only AI though.  Kinda cool.


I was in L3, SAS, and IM clans as GRNANDGLD

PS: Thanks for the added support that you all provide to us for nothing more than the love of the game.  TRUE CHAMPS!!

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16 hours ago, FeDa2ix said:

the file has been deleted i need it please

Well, maybe if TEDF wanted to give it to you ... this was for an event over 5 years ago, you definitely don't need it anymore.

Additionally, there is little reason to believe any maps from that era would work in PR now due to the (several) major updates which have been applied to PR since then.

Best wishes and good luck!

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