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Using enemy kits?


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3 hours ago, FatAlbert said:

Why can we not use enemy kits?

Preference of the devs, the game was meant to be played that way - factor in camouflage, specific weaponry usage, etc (why can't I, as a normal soldier, steal a random civilian car, like I could in BF2?)
You'd be better off asking why some other servers allow it...

If you want to use this offline use "rcon onefaction" command if you have rcon enabled

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In addition to what System said, taking enemy kits is also a pain in the ass for admins. Teamkills would go through the roof because 'he looked like a bot!' and then you gotta deal with these reports, people calling people out etc. It also makes the gameplay a bit less flowy, cuz you can't just shoot anything that 'looks very much like the enemy', you need to verify 100% with map etc.

In a team-based game, where we all side together against the enemy, It's better if BLU looks like BLU and RED like RED. 

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