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[Arma Event] Operation Desert Turtle

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Arma 3 Event

Player count: 16 sign-ups

Operation Desert Turtle

SATURDAY February 25 2023 - 1900hrs GMT (PRT)


IP: : 2402

Password: sand


MAP: Shapur


It's 1991 in the deserts of Middle East. As a part of Operation Desert Storm your unit is tasked with pushing back Saddam's forces back and destroying every enemy vehicle and installation in your AO. The enemy is weak after weeks of highly successful coalition air campaign. The enemy air-force is gone, conscript units are deserting and enemy armor force is having problems not exploding. The ground campaign has been very successful so far but now it's time to face the best of Iraq's army.


A large group of enemy forces has been spotted close to your AO. While the main force keeps the enemy in place your unit, being a small detachment, is tasked with capturing a forward base close to some oil storage facilities and a small military airport. Tactically important positions have been weakened by air and arty support and the airport's runway has been bombed and mined by coalition air-forces.


BLUFOR assets:

M1A1 Abrams Tanks

M2 Bradley IFVs

4 men infantry dismount

RRR vehicles

REDFOR assets:

Infantry mechanized/motorized

Tanks / IFVs / Light vehicles / emplacements


Rules: standard VG arma rules





Technical stuff:


- MODS have to be downloaded to be able to play while SUGGESTED MODS are not necessary.

- The command structure is up for debate but without any of the TLs stepping up, all of the teams will work like in PR with Alpha 1-3 being the tanks lead.

- If one of the vehicle commanders or the inf TL wants to step up and lead the operation that will be great.

- A plan is for the vehicle crews to be 3-man but if there's not enough players I'll allow 2-man crews (driver+gunner), if someone wants to there are loader sits in the M1s that can be taken (if someone wants a 4 man crew let me know in advance)

- RRR squad is not very important but if someone wants to do it, good

- op is partially suggested by:



=VG= The_Polish_Guy

Raptor (Alpha 1-1)

Team Leader:


AT Rifleman:


Phantom (Alpha 1-2 Bradley)


Gunner: =VG= Deathdealer

Driver: =VG= Sausag3

Anvil 1 (Alpha 1-3 Abrams)

Commander: dogenamite

Gunner: =VG= Batmeme

Driver: =VG= XOR

Anvil 2 (Alpha 1-4 Abrams)

Commander: =VG= System

Gunner: Spartanish


RRR (Alpha 1-6)




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