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Hello Everyone, Its your friendly PR Player CodeName here. Im writing this letter to let everyone know im still alive and not Missing In Action.

These days are normally the peak in Air Traffic and due to this I have minimum 2-3 work assignments a week both Internationally and Domestically. The times i am actually home is to spend time with my son and girlfriend so coming on PR or Teamspeak has been quite difficult for me. 

Ill try to pop in-game/TS from time to time but no promises. I HOPE YOUR'LL DON'T MISS ME TOO MUCH @Deathdealer, Sausage,M8, Double,Hater,Vincent,ComradDog,Inch,Blazer,Jersans,Kavelenko,HoneyBadger,Strontium,Semler,Xenalite,Blizzard,Rotblut,SledgeHammer, Stark.

If i missed anyone, deadly sorry but "you know i LOVE yuh anyways.



CNJ CodeNameJonathan

P.S Ill try to post some pics of some of the cities i visit and for those of you who wanna hang on when i come to your city HitMeUp

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Real Life Always takes precedence.

I sympathise with your plight.

Just keep being the awesome team player that you are in and out of gaming!!

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Remember you only have 2 explosions the third one is fatal. When conducting your emergency landing notify the other squads so they can stay clear of the helipad/ runway. And land softly. 

And FFS wait until the fasten seatbelt sign is off cus double might be driving on the taxiway and extreme breaking might be applied to avoid collisions.

Thank you for flying cheekibreeki airlines. 


PS can’t wait till you join us on BMS. Maybe then I no longer have to spend 30 min taxing behind kavlenko cus he can’t find runway 02 right. 

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