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  2. Yeah the masking helps big time. Looking forward to seeing the final product. I have not done this i quite a while either and need to brush up on some skills. Making skins at a lot of fun and when you see the final flying around it is very rewarding. The guys over on BMS forums are helpful with all the posting they have done on these topics. Pretty much everything has been answered at some time. It is just a matter of finding that magic post you need the information from.
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  4. Thanks man, As semler said it's discussed internally. You'll be notified if there is any changes. One thing you can do is start being active on TS3 if you aren't, All our admins and veterans players are on the TS3 when they play. It is also a requirement for our admins
  5. Its not my buiseness
  6. Thank you for your interest! We have internal discussions regarding players we feel would be a good fit for admin on the server. It's good to know this is something you would be available for. In the meantime, it's helpful to report players when no admins are online. Thanks for helping with the new players, too!
  7. Go Diamond. Go Arrow Head. Go Right Echelon
  8. Hello, my name is Alex(23), most of you know me by Risiko94. I frequently play on your COOP Server for Projekt Realiy. I hope i made a good impression so far, a few practical jokes aside. I do my best to help players, especially new ones. Quite often you can see me leading a BEGINNER INF Squad, explaining the game to newbies. Iam happy with the way this server is managed and how the admins react (well, most of the time). Since there are rare occasions where an admin can't be found, iam asking for admin rights to help people in those situations. There is nothing you can do against a teamkiller or even worse, a bugged map (Beirut STD, f.E.) without admin help. I always check the teamspeak, but sometimes i can't find one and i don't want to rip people out of their arma/PR immersion. The following admins probably know me (random order): deathdealer203 H8CrazyVet67 InchPincherToo SoldierOfMisfortune Spartanish =VG= HaterOneActual VODKA Skitalez =VG= Keed Everyone i forgot, my memory is really bad. The following admins know me to a lesser extent: chickenjason123 asquirrel456 I don't want to be part of the Clan, nor do i want any special dutys or rights, aside from voting / changing the map and warning / kicking people. Regardless of your decision regarding my application, thank you for providing (the only) decent PR COOP Server. Alex
  9. Check it out! La Muerta Negra" or "The Black Death. The masking worked great saved a lot of time. Not quite Royal Navy Dark Grey but looks awesome even at this stage.
  10. Yeah those templates would save a lot of time. Red Dog has done some fine work. Ok I worked it out. I open the original .dds file in PaintDotNet (a free program), save the file as a .tiff, then open that in Photoshop. When I'm done I should be able to convert that .tiff file as a .dds file again. I'm going to a basic skin in grey because its going to save me a bit of time until I do a complete livery for the "Black Death" version. There is a way to mask in Photoshop where you should be able to change the entire color of the fuselage without needing to reproduce the lines, rivets, markings. I'm a bit rusty with PS so I'm having to go over some old This is an example of what I mean, changing a red ferrari to a grey model.
  11. what skins are those ? Semler?
  12. Almost as cool as the real deal!
  13. Last week
  14. LoL ..
  15. You can see I am not flying one of them or else it would be upside down
  16. I use GIMP - Yes you can use photoshop and highly recommend that. I had to get a DDS file plugin. I use layers a lot. I am going to go over the entire jet and make a new skin with all the lines and rivets - But for now I am just going to do my tail artwork and put it onto the Generic BMS skin. I don't want to take somebody else work and overwrite it. BMS is fine (LOL) I do have templates for every F16 Jet made by RedDog. It makes doing art Work on them WAY EASIER as there are layers for everything. You can turn on and off bird slicers in the layers and the reinforcement plates on the later model F16 - Quite amazing skin templates.
  17. The Harrier skin is 1075, I started work on it but then found out it was the low resolution I was working with when my game is setup for the HiRes, I copied what I have across to test it and it does work but the roundels are a bit skewed, I'll need to do a bit more work but I can see that I'll be able to create a Kiwi version. I did all my adjustments with PaintDotNet but its a bit limiting. I'm used to working with Photoshop can I do all the work in that and then import it and convert it to a .dds file? Just checked they're both the same resolution 96 d.p.i but the HiRes version is just larger and easier to work with at 4096px X 4096px whereas the standard one is 2048px X 2048px. Now I know I'll get this sorted today.
  18. Maybe put up a poll associated with this to draw both people's attention as well as gauging their actual opinions out through voting. I would personally vote a yes for this.
  19. As you can already tell, Im quite unactive in both PR and the VG teamspeak server.

    It's because my work has been quite busy lately due to my recent promotion in my career with Anglian Water.

    I've recently been more of a spanner monkey than sitting down relaxing with some quality gaming time with the lads, but hey ho life changes :)

    Ill still be quite active on this website just so I can get in touch with you lads and find out whats going on once in a while. but expect my gaming time to drasticaly drop in the next couple of months as boy im in for a rough and busy couple of months I tell ya.

    All in all you mongs have a great time anyways.

     Expect me to pop in then and there sometimes.

    Keep your Tea brewing and your Crumpets loaded.

    Sausag3 out

    *Drops mic*

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      =VG= SemlerPDX

      Oh I loved that episode of BFF's!!  That's the one where the noob actually killed Col.100, possibly his only death ever.  (I'm a huge nerd for the BFF's, I watch their gaming channel religiously, and I even watch their weekly live stream when I can!)

  20. Sbeneh Outskirts can also be a good map, for the future. Nuff said !
  21. Forgot one? Awesome Guide @Static & @Kavelenko very well implemented
  22. Is this what that new F-16 skin is supposed to look like? Ahh Yes I can now that I got them in the correct folder now, yeah they look great! I've back up both folders in just in case I get any issues on the server, otherwise it works fine.
  23. see if you can get the files out of there =---- i never did the google drive thing yet these are the skins you OVERWRITE in the Objects floders ---- 36 37 38 and 39 are the tails ----- the rest are the entire jet... MASSIVE Upgrade to that jet ,,,,,, 12 files total. Check out my skin in the last pic --- i added the bombs from the pic below to it--- and all the numbers for the 4 jets are areal planes----- Thanks to RED DOG For the Template
  24. Yeah ok I should be on in about 2 hours from now.
  25. get with me on team speak later so you are not running around chasing your tail ... I can make life a lot easier for you on this topic.... there are little things you need to know... #1 how you going to open up a dds file and layer it? What software are you going to use? What compression for the output files? Ill chat with ya see ya data/terrdata/objects/KoreaObj data/terrdata/objects/KoreaObj_HiRes <---- BMS looks in here if you have HI RES Checked in the setup -----BUT It ALSO LOOKS in the first OBJ folder i said above most of your work will go in the low res folder...... im going to give you my skins from my block 30s....... take a look at them and the dds files ok? #1 Copy BOTH of Your Korea Objects folders. email me and ill send you the files for the block 30 F16s from Selfridge ANG base in Michigan. They are sweet but not used much as they are a very old block plane. But they are on our server. If you install this skin and fly that plane this skin will be on it.
  26. Hi Static, Could you be a bit more specific and give me the path to these files I need to use. C:\Falcon BMS 4.33 U1\ ????
  27. there is 1 file right now... i am working on making a layered file ... but here is the full .DDS File it is in your Korea objects folder ... 1075 and along with 1076 <------- Copy these and safe guard them b4 editing them ) ALSO they are in you Korea Hi RES Folder - There are 2 sets of plane skins (mentioned above 1075 1076) (SOMETIMES) You need to learn about the dif sizes - I have not done this in a while but ill be back on it in 24 hours they are basically double in size... Look up my tailart on the BMS forums... I made 4 tails for the F-16s that flew out of my home town a long time ago... that took me 2-3 weeks to learn to do that... it was not easy.... nothing is in a straight line and a straight line meets on another side of the grid ... you will see... that pitch fork is in 3 places on my f16 tail art -- and comes out perfect on the model I can already see this harrier is skewed beyond belief in the dds file - it does not match real life angles - going to be tricky to get it going... and i have no idea where the rudder is in the DDS file lol......
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