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  1. Site looks beautiful and simple to interact. 10/10 IGN. Also, the fish moved out of the way when I updated my stuff.
  2. Loved these guys. Followed them since 2013! :D
  3. just another day in PR xD hahaha
  4. Bu cu also means "to give head" in Vietnamese. Yes, I am a native, so you guys better watch yourselves on PR :3 *P.S. Yes, I dug a few tunnels in your base while you weren't looking.
  5. Perhaps, it is time for us to evolve. I'm trying to get a job soon, hopefully, I'll be able to support the cause! Long live VG!
  6. I miss the Medic kit's iron sight on the M16A4! Y U NO Iron sight anymore?!
  7. Midnight Sun + Street 2 *only v0.95 kids will remember.
  8. Really hard to get a vehicle eh? My friend, its called Project Reality for a reason. Sometimes, I had to walk the entire map, its no big deal.
  9. PR is love, PR is life. Besides, it's summer, I can't sleep with the sun in my face early in the morning anyways. Damn you sun, damn you!~
  10. And don't forget, switching to sidearms are always faster than reloading your primary! Huehuehue
  11. Well, they just gotta learn and appreciate the game just for what it is. It's the inside that matters (by which I do not mean that I love being inside an upside down Huey. I get airsick).
  12. War have changed my friends. And so, it dawns a new era, of unassigned players...
  13. My apologies for not being online often lately. I think I could wake up early enough to get on around that time and help out. I'll get on it, chief :>
  14. Thank you everyone for such a pleasant community! I'm happy and proud to be a part of VG. Special honors to those depicted, of course! :3 Here's the link: https://imgur.com/a/5AgdQ
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