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    It's bondage gay website. It's all male. And it's a little bit for everybody. You know, we're going to bring in experienced players in SM and bondage. And also welcome first timers. I wanna get you know all different types you know the skinhead, leather, tattoo, piercing types and I also want to bring the BOY♂NEXT♂DOOR. The main theme is everybody is getting tied up whether they like it or not. That's the main theme. And HOT SEX. You know I came here when I was ten and right in the mid west. You know so I was a farm boy all my life. All that small town american stuff. So I spent most of my time in the barn creating fantasies so now I'm putting them to good use.
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  1. Can't enter the game.

    maybe your antivirus quarantined your pr launcher .exe false positive?
  2. PR COOP thread 1.6

    @=VG= SemlerPDX it's a hobby dude no need to force yourself
  3. PR COOP thread 1.6

    major server ctd for coop pr 1.6.2 (on coop khami)
  4. Wifi

    move your modem tear down your walls get 50 ft of ethernet cable, most reliable just dont get a repeater they cut your speed in half if u want to game change isp
  5. The memes

    fuck i miss playing with those balls in the dorms
  6. The memes

  7. Flying BMS - Your setup

    how to get vertigo
  8. Beirut event in a nutshell

    and the merkavas couldnt even cross cuz they were too thicc but fun event
  9. Frame drops on kashan (not khamisiyah)

    everything is broken... outpost is broken... karbala is broken... yamalia is broken.... and now kashan... if we keep losing more coop maps, we're going to go back to the good ol days before map rotation MUTTRAH CITY 24/7 BABY
  10. Frame drops on kashan (not khamisiyah)

    i mean... replacing bot spawns shouldnt be too hard? ive worked with unreal engine 2 before but i dont know if its the same thing as refractor 2.0 in ue2, u could insert antiportals (doesnt draw geometries, actors out of view) so u wouldnt lag if the map was big other solution i can think of for kashan in coop is ask dev to put more fog (if that helps xD) like khami alt cuz of a bot orgy problem
  11. GOOSTBEATZ intentional TK

    im van darkholme and i approve this message!!!111
  12. Are bots too easy?

    my two cents on this topic there should be an increase in difficulty but keep it balanced cuz then u'd get rekt in inf maps esp when the server is low pop u could fix the tank problem by making armored assets 2 players only muttrah, replace the tow with the crow idk about flag rushing for coop. maybe implement something like red orchestra where u out of bounds if the flag ur defending is captured (u have to fall back)
  13. Radio =VG=

    international anthem spread the word https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bQATfEVkRX0
  14. H8CrazyVet67

    a late reply but played with him many times on veterans. had some funny crazy shit moments. rest in peace and i wish all the best for his family.