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  1. Sound, MIC, and GPU problems

    LOL!!! I did resolve the problem. After days of scouring the internet, the only solution to my problem was a RE-FORMAT. Unfortunately - somehow, I had no restore points or backups. Apparently, the issue is between Win10 and Logitech sound drivers - both saying it's not a problem on their end. So neither company offered a workable solution. I had to wipe and re-install everything to get my sound working again. "Rumors" are that Microsoft is trying to push their version of PAID APP surround sound. Logitech is trying to push the Dolby surround sound. Somewhere along the line, one (Microsoft) is creating conflicts with the other to get you to switch to their paid version. My sound is working now, but I haven't had the opportunity to test it in PR. And I haven't installed the Logitech drivers for fear of running into this conflict again. Thanks for all the suggestions though. BTW, I thought my GPU was dying. it turns out, it's the middle monitor that is dying. For a week, my middle monitor had red lines that worked it's way from the bottom to the top of the screen and then I would get a picture. Then, nothing but black and my monitor power light was blinking for a few weeks. Then, out of the blue, the monitor started working again. Researching this issue, the monitor power modulatin thingamajiggy - is dying. I guess I will have to resort to 1 monitor like most of you mere mortals. lol
  2. Hi guys, I know it's been awhile. Sorry I haven't been around. I just wanted to say good bye. I lost my job, in December, due to illness. I was recently diagnosed as Diabetic. Strangely, in order to get financial help from various government programs, I have to be looking for a job. I can't stand for more than 15 minutes at a time, can't wear shoes due to the phantom feet pain (?), my kidney pain keeps me in bed or in a chair most of the day. In the past, I helped manufacture Synthetic Peptides for a "GMP" laboratory. I provided Sales/Customer/Technical services to North & South America, Australia, and UK, all at the SAME TIME - which made for extremely long work days. BTW, I do not have a College degree. I also used to be a Certified Clubfitter for practically every Golf manufacturer. I worked for a major Golf equipment manufacturer and large Golf retailer in management and worked for several semi-private and private Golf Courses. And believe it or not, sometimes I had to work triple shifts ...in the golf retail - go figure. I don't play anymore due to repetitive stress injuries. Oh, I also built my own computers. I'm not afraid of work. I have a phone and a computer (for the time being). So, if you know of any jobs whereby I can work from home at my computer - please let me know. Other than that, life is great.....sarcasm I really enjoyed playing PR and the people I've met have been a joy to interact with. I wish you guys all the best. If I find some kind of medication that works, I'll try and jump on, but it doesn't look good for now. I'll check back for any responses and provide contact info, if you have any job recommendations. Take care everyone.
  3. Sound, MIC, and GPU problems

    I was afraid someone would say that. I would love to do that. The last time, it took 3 days to re-install win7, update it to win10, then search, verify compatibility, download and re-install all the drivers and various software I had purchased over the last 7 years. Unfortunately........ someone hacked my email addresses I used to purchase software/computer parts. All my receipts, personal bills, payment information and activation codes were in those email addresses. if I re-install, I lose most of the software since I won't have the activation codes. I'm trying to stave off the inevitable. Maybe if I rollback the updates.......
  4. Sound, MIC, and GPU problems

    Hi Fellas, I needed some help. I am at wits end. Multiple issues here....Surround sound, MIC, and GPU. Specs (I built in 01/2011) : Win10 w/latest updates / 1155 mobo / i7 Sandybridge / Logitech G633 headphones (latest logitech drivers / HD6970 GPU 1) PR MIC not working. A couple days ago, I jumped onto PR (it's been a long time). My mic wouldn't work in-game. I could hear the *beep* when I pressed push to talk for in-squad chat, but no one could hear me. I checked the Mumble settings, nothing seemed to be different. Tried using the automatic setup. still nothing. yesterday, I jumped onto PR again. I noticed that even though I joined a squad, I wasn't in that squad in Mumble. I forgot how to fix that. Regardless, I tried restarting mumble only. I tried clicking on the squad, dragging myself into the squad. Still couldn't move. No one could hear me in local speech either. When I go to the windows 10 settings, my mic starts working (I know because I can hear my voice or ambient room sounds, the way I have it setup). The moment I leave the win10 settings dialogue box, my mic stops transmitting - I hear no ambient room sounds or my voice. I tried another game, World of Tanks. Audio worked great, I connected to a friend in Teamspeak. Had to go through the audio wizard again, but my mic eventually worked. What am I missing with Mumble? 2) Surround sound stopped working After my issues in PR, I decided to uninstall then re-install my logitech gaming center (which controls my headphones....supposedly). Afterwards, I tested in RainbowSix. My surround sound stopped working. I hear some audio perfectly, but sounds sent through another surround channel are gone. Before re-installing my logitech drivers, RainbowSix had worked perfectly. I noticed a new 7.1 surround sound setting in Windows10. Never seen it before. Must have come in recent updates. I tried testing my surround sound in Win10 settings and found that only my front left and front right channels worked, even though 7.1 surround was selected in win10. Logitech gaming center shows my headphones as stereo or 7.1 audio and it's set to 7.1 audio. I have updated all my audio drivers to latest version (win10, logitech, realtek)....or basically my PC said I was running the latest verseiion when I tried to update them. Now what? 3) GPU dying? A couple weeks ago, my PC started to make a horrible grinding noise when I started it. I noticed my top 200mm fan had stopped working and was hot. So I unplugged it from the mobo. Unfortunately, I still heard a grinding noise and thought it was coming from my GPU fans. Then the grinding noise stopped. Now, when I start my PC, my center screen (3 monitor setup) turns pink and takes afew minutes before I get the normal desktop....as if it's refreshing horizontally from top to bottom. I don't think the fan matters right now, It's 50F (12C) in my house (I'm poor- now) so I don't think heat is too much of an issue. I've built my own PCs (PIII, I5, i7), rebuilt this PC many times, Installed - re-installed Win3.1, 98, 2000, Vista, win7 many, many, many times. I'm pretty sure, I was one of the first, if not the first, person to get PR completely working in 5760x1080 resolution back in 2010. At least based on the information I found on various forums back then. I think I posted a "How to" in the PR website forum as well (under my original name). My 2GB card is plenty good enough to run PR in the best graphics mode at that resolution......so it's not like I am a noob at doing this kind of stuff. Any thoughts? or help? Could it just be feedback from a bad fan not working and affecting the GPU? Lastly, I was looking at getting a new GPU anyway. My 2GB HD6970 (XFX brand, btw, was rated as the lowest performing of the various brands - bummer) with Accelero Arctic triple fan cooler is probably at the end of it's life cycle with the newer gen of games coming out. I'm looking at a 6GB? (can't remember) 1060. Is there something more cost effective or better performing (but not higher priced?) I run triple 23" screens @ 1080p. I'm trying to save for triple 27" 1440p for my racing sims. I run my racing sims at 5760x1080 resolution on mixture of High/med/low individual settings in each racing sim -whatever gets me to at least 60FPS, but my 2GB card ususally nets me around 50-80fps depending on the sim game. PR is no problem. >100fps at 5760x1080 with 1, 2GB card. I don't play BF3 or BF4 anymore (too much run and gun and spamming) so I don't need crossfire. And I generally try to limit fps to 60 anyway. Anything is a huge step up compared to the HD6970. But I also kinda want to be cognizant of the power usage too. My electric bill has gone down quite a bit since I stopped using practically 700W of Crossfire constantly (1150W PSU). lol 1280x720 resolution is how I play on single screen (not 1920x1080) 5760x1080. What I see.
  5. "project reality BF3" is it real?

    Thanks Double. The video I saw didn't have that information, but it is from the crew from the link you provided......("suddenly....depression set it" - Stripes ). Meh, I guess it's for the better, since my video card is dying after 7 years of diehard gaming. I built this PC (with Crossfire - 2 x HD6970) to play BF3 in 5760x1080 resolution on Ultra. But I went back to PR, so I gave away my 2nd video card to "help a guy out". Still, my 2GB GPU is good enough to play PR in 5760x1080....until it stops working. Kav/Inchpincher It has been awhile. Unfortunately, I've been catching up on some financial needs so I had been working 80-90 hours a week. I've cut back on the hours recently, so I've had alittle time to finally get some sleep. Now, I have a cold and had some time off and jumped on the COOP server.....which led to another issue. My mic isn't working in-game. Worked with ALL my other games that I've tried, but PR. So I uninstalled and re-installed my audio drivers and now my surround sound doesn't work in ALL games. I'll post this issue in the proper section for some help because I'm at wits end. I'm dying to get back to PR....practically....since I have this nasty cold. lol.
  6. Mic won't work in PR

    Help. My mic won't work in Project Reality. When I go into my windows10 settings, my mic works. When I exit windows 10 audio settings, my mic stops working and doesn't work in game. I've gone through the mumble settings and selected my headphones/mic. Gone through the mumble wizard - no mic audio. In-game, when I press my talk key, I hear the beep. I see my mic icon light up - both for squad and team chat (blue and green speaker icon). The other players don't see my icon light up though. My mic works for Teamspeak, Discord and other games. I haven't configured my mic in PR for windows10 so not sure what's going on. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. Hi guys! Been awhile, but I have been working my tail off. Tonight, I happened on a youtube video about a "Project Reality BF3" and was wondering if this is a thing? Also, is it the same group that developed the PR that I know (BF2 mod)? and finally....where the hell is everyone? Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving.
  8. FatAlbert is still around ;)

    Sorry fellas. I'm sorta back. Just need to iron out some health issues.
  9. Net neutrality....I always thought that was a given. But the internet has never been "neutral". What's next rainwater being rationed? Oh - that's already happened. An unnamed city in the U.S. has declared Rainwater as being the property of the city. AND they sent a man to jail for water theft....because he had a pond formed by rainwater, on his property - even though he had the proper permits - which they revoked. It's the same old argument.... Sacrificing the rights of an individual for the good of the many. But now, we are sacrificing the rights of many to benefit the few. such a shame.
  10. FatAlbert is still around ;)

    Hey PR fans, Just a quick note......Thanks for the PM's and other messages. I know it's been afew months, but I'm still around. I started a new job in July. Unfortunately, I've been working somewhere near 100 hours (a week) for the past several months and it's put a considerable dent in my gaming. Just for nostalgia, I'll play solitaire for a hand or two, just so I can say "I'm still a gamer" I think my next "scheduled" day off is Christmas day. So...I'll see you guys then.
  11. Dead Pixels? What can I do?

    Gotta LOVE IT! <3 best response EVERRRRR! LOL
  12. World Of Tanks.

    oivay! What server though? I'm not one of those people who have multiple server accounts. I'm strictly US. I don't have many of the newer tanks. I stopped grinding for tanks a couple years ago and sold off most of my gold tanks. Plus, I let someone play my account so they could play some of the higher tiers. Looks like they lost "afew" LOL. BTW, I played on a standard account for years. Can't afford the Gold. oh did I mention my WoWarships & WoPlanes accounts too? I've gotten to maybe tier 5 in warships and tier 3 in planes. Don't play them much.
  13. Dead Pixels? What can I do?

    I tried rubbing the pixel in circular motions, but all that happened was - I got excited. It's like VR porn, with tactile feedback I tried color stimulation with a special program - Note to self: don't stare it for half an hour - all you see for several hours after, are bright colors flashing randomly. Yes, ThiJoe is totally fake!. I came across one of his videos last year. "How to double your internet speed" wrapping a cable around your internet cable.....ahem....not that I tried it... I'll try swapping from DVI to HDMI to see if that helps at all. My Asus 1ms gaming monitors served me well. I feel lucky they lasted this long (bought in 2011). With 3, 23" monitors and a 46" connected to my GPU, I think I can ignore a couple of stuck pixels. Thanks for your suggestions.
  14. Dead Pixels? What can I do?

    Tonight, I turned on my PC and noticed two red pixels on one of my monitors. Anyone have experience with fixing something like that? Anything I can do to fix that?
  15. Server Crash @ 5am GMT (1am EST U.S. time)

    Yep, it solved the low pop. situation.