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VETERANS-GAMING is celebrating 10 Years of COOP Gaming! For the last ten years, VG has been proud to host our servers and website for so many COOP gamers and teamwork focused players, and we are thrilled to be a home away from home for anyone looking for a casual place to hang out and play games with friends!  It's been a long road and many people have come and gone over the years, some even come back after awhile, happy to see their old stomping grounds still filled with the best COOP gamers and games, and with plenty of Bots ready to give a fight and to eat some virtual lead!  We hope you all will stay with us through the next ten years, and on!  Long live VETERANS-GAMING!!


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  1. Campaign Restart Request

    You're a rockstar sem!
  2. Hallo.. hello..

    Sup man, welcome! Blud.
  3. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2020

    Happy new year!
  4. Get cod mobile and join me that's what I've been playing when I've got the time. It is kinda fun lol.
  5. Introduction - Back in the seat

    Sup man, welcome back. Blud.
  6. LemurLemur

    Hi lemur.
  7. 2 Weeks in Mt. Hood National Forest + Pics

    Welcome back sem looks like you had a good time. I need that bad. Take me next time please.
  8. Donations

    Thanks [1001] for donation. Blud.
  9. Donations

    Hey can someone plz donate 5 bucks I'm trying to test the donation plugin. We tried a dollar but it didnt work. Thx. Blud.
  10. Donations

    Thanks again Towerduck! Blud.
  11. Nom nom nom VG background

    I saw it on a porn site once.
  12. FNG on Deck!

    Sup rager welcome to the site. Blud.
  13. Greetings Mortals!

    Hey wise welcome to the site! Blud.
  14. Donations

    Hey thanks clippy. Blud.
  15. Donations

    Hey thanks kav! Blud.
  16. Donations

    Cpthawk thank you! Blud.
  17. Donations

    Thx again bro. Blud.
  18. hello,

    Sup dood.
  19. Donations

    Hey guys the IPS bill is due for a total of $105 I dont have it right now, so anything you could donate would be great. Thanks guys. Blud
  20. Hi There

    Wb bro, good to see you again. Blud.
  21. Hi, I'm Scott, Falcon BMS flyer, getting back in the saddle!

    Ya women are way crazier than us bro and they'll remind us if we forget lol. Just take it out on N Korea and you'll feel better for a bit. Oh and maybe upload that manual to the upload section. Heh. Blud
  22. Hi, I'm Scott, Falcon BMS flyer, getting back in the saddle!

    Welcome aboard man, hey my chic crazy too so dont think you're the only one. Have fun! Blud
  23. Donations

    Ya it's not the donation amount its something else. When I get back from the VA I'll look into it on PayPal side. Thanks for the help man! Blud
  24. Old PR picture

    I dont even remember those
  25. Jabal rainbow dam 2

    I like it lol