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  1. Happy Bday man! 

  2. Yup, sem is awesome. I'm glad his project helps you so much, that is amazing! Blud.
  3. You found us, welcome aboard. Blud.
  4. Sup man, welcome aboard! Blud
  5. I dont play it but I know they built a ginormous world that server at one point lol
  6. What happened to the MC server we had before?
  7. Hey thanks to the other donators we appreciate it very much! Thanks guys.
  8. sounds good to me! Thx for donation Acro! Thx for the doantion PITN very generous! Thanks to these guys it's a done deal!!
  9. thanks guys
  10. Can we get a GT on server page plz?
  11. Hey ciro why did you vote no? Just curious.
  12. Do it! Has 14 player coop so just convert one of the servers to this. I approve!!
  13. Hey do you know Ingo? Maybe you guys are neighbors. Welcome to VG!
  14. Hey shipmate welcome aboard! See you out there. Blud.
  15. Can you add me as combat camera I want to just be a rover and go with whoever whenever while streaming the event live. Possible?
  16. TWP the wolf pack, that was my first clan.. lol that's rad.
  17. Hey guys how come sometimes my screensaver and power settings work and other times they don't? My pc should go to screensaver in 15min, sleep in 30min, and shutdown in 60min, but now it just stays on no matter what. Any ideas? Seems to happen after I update vid card drivers, but I dunno for sure. Thanks. 

    1. =VG= Kavelenko

      =VG= Kavelenko

      Do you have a program running in the background perhaps, wild guess.

  18. Powered down
  19. Yes we need to grow this community from more than just PR and I'm pretty sure Arma is the answer but for some reason we haven't fully migrated and why the diehard PR guys don't like Arma as much as PR when Arma facilitates our type of gaming even better is curious but it is more complicated to play and takes more time to set up so I get it. I don't play PR as much but I won't ever give up on it. But it is old and we need to evolve with the gaming world too. WE all go through this is different games as we play over the years it happens but we need a common core and PR is good for that until we
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