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=VG= keed

[F18] Looking for a hot ride

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After researching for 1/2 year I finally got a dedicated HOTAS + Head Tracking setup. I am currently learning the F18 and am enjoy the fidelity and systems depth. I can do A/A and SEAD and want to flesh out NAV next. 

Anyone up for a noob flight? hmu


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@=VG= Kavelenko That would be DCS, it's easy to miss (only noted in part of the forum category) - no worries at all, man!  (text sucks - I'm not being sarcastic, I missed it myself at first! didn't want you to read that wrong)

Great for small little missions, models most systems in the F/A-18 well.  DCS is pretty much the TE's from BMS, and it has a mission builder like how you can make missions in Arma 3 - some are pretty cool, and there's plenty available to just download and try out with a few friends.  Iffn and I used to fly around in the Op. Bactria mission (in Warthogs, though).  Very cool stuff, very hi-fidelity graphics.

Gotta note that we gotta get you @=VG= keed into the F-16 someday, too, cuz there's nothing like taking part in a 24/7 persistent virtual war over the scale of a country the size of Korea (and part of China) spanning several weeks in real time.

Rock on with your Hornet in DCS and have a blast!! I bought and learned the A-10C in DCS, and would have to completely re-train before I jumped back in the cockpit, right down to setting up all the controls and display extraction for the program itself, otherwise I'd find a way to join you.

Best wishes and watch your six! Cheers! :drinks:

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Cheers for the input guys!

I am very aware of BMS and it's advantages. I found the DCS F/A18 just more appealing with NAVOPS and carrier landings. The one big goal I am striving for is multi crew in the F14. This is part of the reason why I opted for DCS and the Hornet.

I will jump into BMS when my free time permits me to do so. :)

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