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  1. Yesterday
  2. Time to brag

    uhhh, a fembot? ...have to check my interfaces... baby, I have a lot of thermal paste here ... do you want to come over?^^
  3. Project Reality VIP Rescue Event

    Hope to attend this event, great work @=VG= TEDF!
  4. Time to brag

    Yea, with a ping like that, I wonder if she's some kind of emergent sentient a.i. like Binary or something... Are you, Alaura? Are you a bot? Is this why you asked me all those questions about my personal preferences and asked me to choose an update schedule? (j/k) haha
  5. Project Reality VIP Rescue Event

    Server has been setup for you @=VG= TEDF - GS9 Port 16587 -- didn't copy over the complete VG coop python, just the key parts like death time, etc. You will need to adjust kits and loadouts if needed, these are default COOP settings. If you need me to change these to match COOP, I can, but you'll likely want to edit them for your custom missions so I left them default for now. Let me know. Any issues, contact me. Cheers! *current banlist, admins list, and the Fly South Crash bug fix have been put in place, as well.
  6. Time to brag

    Tell that to Alura
  7. Project Reality VIP Rescue Event


    oh boi
  8. Time to brag

    the example with the audio interface is of course not recommended for networks and should only show that it is technically not possible to have a ping of 0 because it takes time to calculate and process. you can get latencies under 1ms in a network but not 0ms. and at audio cards you just dont get less than 1.4ms. but that will be happen in a few years...
  9. Last week
  10. Time to brag

    Its possible to have latency less than 1ms. If you ping your local gateway, youll likely get less than 1ms. Ping also measures round trip time (RTT), ie to the destination and back.
  11. Random PR moments

    Good moment with claymore and AR on the rooftop 😌👍🏻
  12. Random PR moments

    Just some random PR moments from the deployment lands...
  13. Time to brag

    Personally, I prefer https://testmy.net/ because I can set parameters, have a better choice of servers, etc. etc. Also tests Up and Down separately. If you need to troubleshoot your Twitch live stream, you don't use Ookla Speed Test, you use testmy.net
  14. Time to brag

    cmd --> ping that should also work in oklahoma but a ping of real zero is technically impossible. It always takes time until a file or pack arrived. even if it gets faster and faster, a latency of 0 does not work. even a € 3,000 audio interfaces have a latency. which is only at 1.4ms but less is currently not possible. but you should not trust this speedtest in general. If you test on 5 different servers, you get 5 different results. If I use this speed test and use an American server, I have a better ping than if I take one from Bonn (50 minutes away from here). You can roughly measure the speed, but if you have a ping of 1, 20, or 50, you can not tell.
  15. Time to brag

    Dont be afraid just get breading stock and more sunflower seeds, then offer them credit for productivity, food consumption will increase as well as metabolic rate : )
  16. Time to brag

    dos KFC colonel sanders live there ? can you play multiplayer on ping back in an internal loop hahhah
  17. I got a Ban

    UNBANNED *(afaik will take effect next time the server changes map or restarts) /locked
  18. I got a Ban

    OP can be unbanned. I believe his story.
  19. I got a Ban

    If i was the banning admin and it was on ramiel map than your tk showed up between the 5 other tk's . It was end of round and the ENDOFROUND Teamkilling started. I believe your story but i'm not sure yet if i banned you but your name sounds familiar to me.
  20. I got a Ban

    You were banned by FastJack for massive teamkilling. I can see why he perceived this as end of round teamkilling, an apology was not apparent, and it was swiftly followed by yet another teamkill. RULES: [16:15:18 T2 SQUAD 1] =VG= deathdealer203: !setnext kaz coop std [16:15:21 TEAMKILL] TF47OR-6Hausmann [usrgl_m4ugl] WARDOG WARHAMMER101 [16:15:21 TEAMKILL] TF47OR-6Hausmann [usrgl_m4ugl] Arthya [16:15:23 GLOBAL] =VG= Kavelenko: !setnext Kol coop std [16:15:24 TEAMKILL] wellleeee [c4_smallexplosives] Colt1001011 [16:15:25 T2 SQUAD 1] =VG= deathdealer203: l [16:15:25 TEAMKILL] TF47OR-6Hausmann [killed] WingnutDX9 [16:15:37 TEAM 2] =VG= Fastj@ck: !b hausmann tking massive [16:15:37 DISCONNECT] ' TF47OR-6Hausmann' disconnected [16:15:39 TEAMKILL] wellleeee [ushgr_m67] bao-y0000u [16:15:39 TEAMKILL] wellleeee [ushgr_m67] Cel_Coronel-Everton [16:15:39 TEAMKILL] wellleeee [ushgr_m67] WARDOG WARHAMMER101 [16:15:40 T2 SQUAD 1] =VG= deathdealer203: !setnext koz coop std [16:15:42 GLOBAL] =VG= Kavelenko: !setnext koz coop std [16:16:22 GLOBAL] =VG= Kavelenko: you ok with that one FastJack? [16:16:27 T2 SQUAD 2] =VG= Fastj@ck: stop that fucking teamkilling [16:16:41 TEAM 2] =VG= Fastj@ck: stop tking or get banned [16:16:47 TEAM 2] =VG= Fastj@ck: no [16:16:55 TEAM 2] =VG= Fastj@ck: i'm not ok with that tking Please be patient as we wait for the banning admin to post up. You have no history of bad behavior on our server that I saw, and if you can follow the rules, and be careful to make sure people know when a mistake has happened (text chat helps), you may be allowed back on the server. Again, we will wait for the recommendation of the banning admin, FastJack.
  21. I got a Ban

    I didnt spam nades to last flag while mates running there. The whole team was on last flag and startet firing on cars in a big carport, me too with my grenadier, and 2 Team mates decide to run to the cars and in my nade. shortly before the Round ends. @ Hoops0320 i wrote everything in my Text what you need. Game; BF 2 Project Reality Veterans Gaming Coop Server Nick:TF47OR-6Hausmann Last Friday Evening 8.November.2019 Team Kill Accident with Grenade I follow strictly the rules, this was an accident at the end of round while everyone firing on cars in a carport shortly before the round ends. It was not a pretentious act, something like intended team killing would never come to my mind. It was an accident and the admin has made because of too many disturbers on that day a wrong decision in my eyes and I would be very happy if I am released again. I appreciate this rigor and rules in this game and server and therefore I like to come back again and again, this incident was a stupid Mistake (final destination style) and in the future I will also end the round when everyone starts to spin, making sure not to make any mistakes. Thank you very much
  22. I got a Ban

    I think i was the banning admin but not sure. To much smacktards the last 2 days. Was it on Ramiel last flag? If yes than my Action wasn't overdrawn. I think your Action firing nades into the blueberries is overdrawn. Everyone is running to the last flag and you spam nades into them.
  23. I got a Ban

    Hi Hausmann, Could you please fill out the template from the link below so we can look further into your ban. Doing this would be greatly appreciated as it makes our job just a little easier. Cheers, Hoops
  24. I got a Ban

    Hello everybody, Last friday I was banned by the PR VG Coop Server. Username TF47OR-6Hausmann. At the end of a map at the last flag point, everyone had gathered near a big carport and started firing at the vehicles, I did the same with my grenadier, and with one of my flying grenades, two teammates are at the point I shot for run and were unfortunately caught by the explosion. I apologized immediately. I follow strictly to the rules and have never noticed otherwise by TKs or other and would ask for my ban to lift again. It was an accident and I think the admins reaction is overdrawn. Other users are warned before something happens, I do 1 Mistake and immediately was banned. Not nice. Greets Hausmann.
  25. Hacks or bug/feature

    Did u mentioned volod ? don't think i did ...
  26. Stormworks: Build and Rescue.

    I mean, you can make a penis vehicle. or aircraft, or what not.
  27. Hacks or bug/feature

    why not? fu**ing noob ...;P I do not think volod used something like that. he can do 300 kills with 0 death ... without cheating. I do not want to praise volod, but he knows exactly where he has to stand when and how he has to move. if he were a team player, he would be the ultimate professional. and if you go down into his game then you get many of these "why do you ...?!?!?!?" questions but you see what kind of level he has. like I said, I do not want to protect him ... but only noobs use such exploits ...and he would never do that ^^ but generally I find this exploit serious. You can use it selectively against both, bots and p2p and even if you can barely prove it, I would ban it. if you have such a bug one time and have fun, then I think that's ok. if you can reproduce it, that's another case for me. pr needs many rules so that it stays playable. only because of that it is so good. and if you bypass the game mechanics that is a rule break for me ...
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