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  2. Re-introduction (and a call for help, I guess?)

    When you change Keybindings in the first column, it will not work. When you changed keybindings, than change it only in the second column (old known bf2vanilla bug). Doesn't matter if you added controller, flightstick or changed other things. CHANGES ARE DONE ONLY IN THE 2nd COLUMN.
  3. Operation Frosty Dagger

    Cheers @ =VG= I3RY4N! Your a bloody genius!
  4. Following squad leader orders

    I agree with all these comments in general because the assumption here is that the squad leader of a heavy asset squad is a responsible player and playing the game in the right "spirit". Sure, kick players who are deliberately not doing what they're told or wasting assets etc but also allow new players to join your squads and learn how to play the game (exception perhaps noob pilots). They are never going to learn without being in an environment where they can see how to behave and work together. So yep I agree that the squad leader has the right to decide who stays in the squad but what about the scenario where the squad leader is incompetent or kicking the entire squad because the players don't quite meet their expectations? That to me, is the scenario where the admins need to determine the situation and perhaps resign that particular SL for disrupting the "TEAM". That's the 'gray' area where we leave it to the discretion of the admins who are on to keep an eye on anyone adversely disrupting game play.
  5. Following squad leader orders

    hahah noted whats our KO score now ? hahah
  6. Following squad leader orders

    only in a boxing match and only when an admin is the referee. if you hit the referee than in any case ... ;p
  7. Following squad leader orders

    IT's, sir yes sir ! or there shot for insubordination is that allowed by the way ???? : ) it's just i have to lock the SQ when Mr gonzo rejoins after being kicked and it takes time and some GUI in the heat of battle, then my SQ is locked denying access to new players, unless i'm messaged. Mostly due to some leaderships skills and patience, all my cats are in a line but there is always one , rouge SQ killer maybe that's unavoidable ? i would still like to know if executing them is allowed. ? Q1 Do SQ leaders have the right to shoot their own troops for insubordination. Q2 Will the SQ face a lengthy ban inquiry after the incident.
  8. Operation Frosty Dagger

    Thanks @=VG= l3RY4N that was a very useful page you set up.
  9. Operation Frosty Dagger

    Please do!!! You ARE VG - all of the resources of VG including pictures, the website, and the dedicated game server are at your disposal and should be considered tools for you to use anytime you want to do a project. If any VG member need access to something, or help with making something work in an area where we are unable to grant access to every VG member, we will do what we can to make it happen. Want to dedicate yourself to hosting a new game server along the lines of what we play here? Propose it, we'll get it installed, you put in the time, manage your baby, make it your own thing at VG - totally cool. Anything you want, game servers, a forum section, gallery section, website element, some website forms for bug reporting on some gaming/other project your working on at VG? I'll toss something up and work it out on the backend of the website. Most recently, I'm using this website to power my voice control projects. We can make stuff happen if you want to get creative with anything, and always feel free to use any VG imagery or resources to promote or create VG related stuff!!! Again, all of you with VG tags ARE VG - it's your community, and those of us who push the buttons and pull the levers are happy to help you make VG even cooler if you want to step up in any way! Cheers!
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  11. Operation Frosty Dagger

  12. Operation Frosty Dagger

    I've created a Steam Workshop collection for those that are too lazy to look up all the mods one by one. this way you'll just have to click the "subscribe to all" button. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1980039013 Alternatively, you can also just go to Library -> Arma 3 -> Workshop -> Hover over Browse and select Collections (pic below) -> search for Operation Frosty Dagger -> subscribe to all PS.: Hope you dont mind me using the VG icon. Steam demanded i use a Icon for the collection. Got it from the twitter page
  13. Operation Frosty Dagger

    Or ACRE, or any radio mod... People are use to that stuff, and it's not hard to train up in a pinch, too. Just FYSA -- totally cool to use TS3, we can always get into more stuff down the road. We have a lot of interest from old and new members for Arma mods servers, so this is just the start of things to come!
  14. Re-introduction (and a call for help, I guess?)

    Finally got into replying, because hectic months happened. Also, bought new laptop. I'll do that once I feel like using my old laptop. I'm definitely sure I did not add any controller or joystick.
  15. Operation Frosty Dagger

    I managed to download the mods your server requires last night and got on to it for a few minutes, looks good so far Sausag3! Kav
  16. : ( Here is a replacement, anime thanks for starting the thread It solved my WIN 10 BT probs, Thanks to all the contributors ya saved me a few hours of life force. https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/microsoft/windows-10-may-2019-update-blocked-by-old-bluetooth-drivers/ Personally i ME ME ME prefer spear fishing for sharks : ) ) it's really intense : )) and a good source of protein. Kenshiro is ok to wind down with : ) before breakfast : )
  17. Last week
  18. Campaign Restart Request

    I'm on it! Sorry for the late reply, been sidetracked by a dead server for PR here... Cheers! (will also see about modding the day 1, not now, but asap, so BLUFOR doesn't roll over the DPRK so quick)
  19. Operation Frosty Dagger

    Update - Shacktac will be added into mod list. I had it on hold due to other players not being able to play servers with shacktac installed - Issue for them has been fixed. So Hold has been removed
  20. Seems the thread becoming more intense and funny with those memes now only few things that actually are good to read, especially for me Btw, it seems i missing my main installer files + DATA for PR, so i guess i'll try redownloading it later on with new PR:BF2 download assistant (which i never use before lol) Backup still on progress! (I lost few things, and anime that i saved on storage is one of them ) - Inch
  21. Server issues

    Server currently is unreachable ingame. Doesn't show up in the server browser. Connect via IP just freezes the game. Troubleshooting I did: Restart server via tcadmin panel Stop, then start server via tcadmin panel Sacrificed a goat to the PR gods
  22. Campaign Restart Request

    Just been on the campaign and it's at day eight and the enemy have no aircraft or airbases to speak of and all the SAM threats are down. Would you please restart the campaign so we don't have a mission that feels like shooting targets at the fairground? We have to have something shooting back at us don't we. Thanks.
  23. PC shop hahahahah i fix all my own Sh$*&T........... always, if you use it ya better know how it works. Dann right change all the ports that apps use, to funky new ones or your open, wide open, and being part of a bot net will slow you down to the same speed as a 80s zx spectrum 48k rubber key calculator. The New GUI is rubbish there just merging all phones tablets and pcs in to one kiddo friendly toy, the trouble is, no matter how simple you make things the universe keeps making more idiots to keep the balance. Soon were all going to end up using a version of x box,,,, Nasa, banks, NSA, CIA, MI5/6 and us gamer's lol ATX cases, overclocking and just making your own stuff from bits will be history. HOOO Thanks mate so the RT wireless/Bluetooth Chip, is being humped, by Bill Gates don't think the IEEE will be happy about that at all lol "Replacing old board, with a intel/broadcom or other quite easily to circumvent this issue". Nice the next dead lap top i see i will cannibalize : ) Thanks for the link : ) : ) FED EX are on the way : ) with a coconut and seashell bikini hope it fits : )
  24. Operation Frosty Dagger

    Questions to the mods. No ShackTac Movement? Or is it already integrated in another mod? Shacktack is a must. Many people don't know how to use it correctly (keybind).
  25. Operation Frosty Dagger

    alright. i'll see that i have time that day. count me in. role is whatever is needed
  26. Operation Frosty Dagger

    Count me in. Put me in Kav's Squad. Role - i dont care - SL (Kav) have the last word on this what he need. @Kav: The Event running with faction from these days. Sofar i understood we dont want to play with the futuristic shit. In Arma 3 isn't a GB faction or US faction or RUS faction. Lets Play with the toys from today.
  27. Operation Frosty Dagger

    Awesome - Also a Tad surprised you didnt go for ACE
  28. Operation Frosty Dagger

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