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  3. With special dedication to @DankyTheFemboyand @Lonestar
  4. I will be your Klaes "Ghostknife of Callisto" Ashford.
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  6. Добродошли кући.


  7. v1.7.2.3 U.S. Avenger anti-air unable to lock onto targets (Kashan Desert LRG)
  8. v1.7.2.3 Machinegun on the Willys jeep is invisible (Carentan STD)
  9. Roger that. I've pulled Muttrah 64 from the starter maps list and placed it into the disabled maps list. We'll wanna remember this after it gets patched, it's a manual file edit of the VG PR Maplist Randomizer system Thanks Zeee
  10. Maverick! You are still dangerous... but you can be my Wing-man.

    No, Fuck you Iceman, you can be mine!!!


  11. 2022-09-26_173122.jpg.de8fa07bda14a9f7e1c247e00d3455d5.jpg

    1. =VG= Kavelenko

      =VG= Kavelenko

      MiG-28's getting ready to kick Maverick's Ass!

  12. STD Muttrah Layer should be avoided till next patch All other Muttrah layers work fine Sorry i should posted this yesterday
  13. Muttrah is broken - don't know which layers, but the server needed a manual restart after loading into Muttrah and crashing, multiple admins reported the same thing, don't know which layers crash exactly, somebody else can specify
    1. =AMPH=


      Crazy looking landing :D
      I thought you touched ground with nose...

    2. =VG= Kavelenko

      =VG= Kavelenko

      You're welcome to give me lessons about VL in BMS 😛. While being under fire!

  14. Masirah STD Bots spawn and die on machinegun emplacements (flags: Outpost and Radar)
  15. Thank you for the report! Known issue, lots of reports, and will be patched as early as this weekend (fingers crossed) according to notes from devs
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