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  1. Yesterday
  2. That's look awesome , I hope you will finish soon good job bro
  3. Sounds about right, Project Reality Hardcore Edition.
  4. If we want it harder, we can give all botfaction bolt-action ai settings.
  5. maybe we should make the game so hard that you should first practice in deployment before entering our coop server... ^^
  6. We want the game harder, and we gonna get it.
  7. So, i was thinking more of a modded enigmatica 6 server, as it'd be pretty fun and all that, as well as modded always gives more options than say standard minecraft does.
  8. Last week
  9. ^^ not really... you skipped this: it was a 6 week breake because of some private trouble, work and corona...
  10. Quadguns are again able to spot us without us seeing them. They can again engage us from behind the "fog". On maps like Karbala they can snipe aircraft across half of the map.
  11. Grozny STD: Able to fire weapons and drive BMP-3 without crewman kits.
  12. back2la is a little different, yeah. I think it builds on SEF. CS Paintball gun has been nerfed quite a bit I've been rocking less than lethal shotgun and gas nade launcher. Works pretty well.
  13. Another update, right now i am trying to doing finishing moves, dev team wants me to optimize this thing more, so i gotta do some optimizing, for now i am gonna try do a way high poly version with every single edge or nail on the metal, then i am gonna convert the shadows and lighting onto the texture it self so it's gonna look like it is still there but in final model it is not, and that texture is gonna be then placed onto a low poly model.
  14. Sorry for another post, but as i said earlier it has really well made diplomacy and trades around the gold since it is a big currency to keep your empire big, they had some kind of plugin to be able to make trades with just a made sign and chest i think, But i would probably wait for Forge to get update for 1.17 so you can get mods onto minecraft, ah damn you guys are on luck just as i was writing it, cheked the forge webpage and it got an update 15 hours ago yoo.
  15. There is one minecraft server called earthmc https://earthmc.net/map/ where people capture plots with gold, would love to have a map or something for this server as well.
  16. Would love to play a minecraft modded survival with server plugins like community shops etc so you can sell what you get
  17. @SoldierOfMisfortune You'd need the Gold Version that GOG is distributing. There was a sale a while ago b2LA isn't too far from the main game. It adds w i d e s c r e e n support which is mint and lots of new toys
  18. I was looking for something like a cube world if someone remembers that game, i've seen some crazy mods that made the minecraft and generation look absolutely awesome and rpgish. But i will have to split my time somehow since i am doing crazy stuff on the terraria vg server lol.
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