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  4. Ha ha they real do hate that RT chip, its the wireless/Bluetooth daughter board.... normally its a breakout on the undercarrige of a laptop that can be swithched out with an intel/broadcom or other quite easily to circumvent this issue. A site i very like has a nice commentary: https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/microsoft/windows-10-may-2019-update-blocked-by-old-bluetooth-drivers/
  5. Yea, see, that's what I was thinking ... that it wouldn't take a hacker (or bot) more than a second to scan for any/all open ports on a machine..... Personally, FYSA my issues with Win10 would have to do with a few core operations, and that's all -- but at first, it was the interface change shock (is that a thing?. So, persistent issue I get around (but would still share with you as a nag) are: Extremely slow file searches (especially for searching all installed or attached storage devices, as opposed to a more directed search) Along the same lines, searching for file / file contents from start menu text entry box when the file exists off C:/ (using multiple storage devices and/or attached storage) Default windows and windows title bar color are the same - a personal gripe - making it difficult to know which window is the active window - and so I just do it myself when personalizing (not sure if this is still default when installing Win10, admittedly I've not had to reinstall Win10 since the first time, so I'll defer to those who know more) Still have not successfully turned off one feature (without also disabling other desired features) regarding "shaking mouse" to minimize all or most windows. Any tips greatly welcome!!! Windows Snapping not very intuitive for Multiple Monitor Users, should be a simple detected option or manual option in Settings / Display for example, for an improved snapping respective of attached displays, their orientation, and resolution It's 2020 now, and all 5 people who EVER used Sticky Keys in the history of Windows could very well go into options and Enable it, leaving it completely disabled by default on first install for the rest of humanity. Cannot access 'Manage Audio Devices' from Start Menu text entry anymore, must type (or start to type) 'Control Panel' then click on 'Hardware and Sound', then click on any of the three options 'Sound', 'Manage audio devices', or even 'Change system sounds' which opens the same dialog but to the Sounds tab, of course. I realize Win10 is trying to get Home users to direct their attention to the new GUI and I suppose what they feel is less "tech-y" looking options screen - but if I want to still access my nerd pad version, I should just be able to type (or start to type) 'Manage Audio Devices' after slamming the Windows key on my keyboard. And I understand the look and feel is fully up to user preference, and for true comparison we should just discuss operations, but that list is longer than my appearance gripes. Maybe after sharing this, you'll share a bunch of ways I've not found to better get around these issues, but I've basically had to do much more work for Win10 to get it how I like than Win7 and I don't say that to mean Win10 is "bad" just ... in some ways, different for no apparent reason to the end user, especially when legacy modules of the same thing persist just less readily/easily accessible. Finally, as you are a professional @Xenalite, I gotta ask - do you do calculations in windows, or maybe only in other software you use? Because the Win10 calculator sucks HOT ASS! And I can't imagine such a simple utility (which pretty much drove the first microchip industry in handheld calculators) would be anything but less useful to a professional (if they used it in Win7 vs Win10) when the former layout allowed things like a programming calculator display with a unit conversion area on the right, on one screen, one display, for example. I totally like the dark background and light text of the WIn10 Calc App, but for utility and just "fewer clickthroughs for results", I am happy I was able to find a Win7 'old calculator' program so I can do my thing like I used to, whatever that is. Thanks for your time, man! don't wanna make you work when it's time to chill - your help with PS was much appreciated- cheers!
  6. Operation Frosty Dagger

    Ill see if I can get into this, quick question: Will there be a zeus?
  7. Not really. Non-standard ports may filter out your background noise attacks, normal stuff you said happens every day. It does nothing for targeted attacks - these will easy find out every open TCP port on your IP. That's how I know how insecure your servers are. But the practice is not entirely stupid - these insecure servers are called honeypots and have logging enabled on them to catch would-be attackers, log their details, methods of attack to block them later on legit systems. Going back to Win 7 / 10 stuff though - you are frequently better off having Windows Update enabled in the background and it just pulls an update when it thinks it needs one. Security patches for vulnerabilities are important things. Feature updates are more likely to break stuff, but that's why you might not want to get preview / latest features as soon as they come out. While Win 7 will be out of support, they won't just magically drop dead - it just means when new vulnerabilities are discovered on this system, they will no longer be patched by Microsoft. With Microsoft being very open about their development recently, you are more likely to be protected from latest vulnerabilities on Windows 10. I always have a hard time understanding people's problems with Windows 10. It's almost like they'd break any system no matter what you give them. I bought a Win 10 Pro edition OEM for £25. I use default Windows Defender AV, enabled updates and don't browse the internet like a retard, and everything is fine for years now. I managed hundreds of VMs with various editions of Win 10 and Win Server 2016/19 and only 2 ever had issues post-update.
  8. Yea, but that's just a good reason to use a non-standard port, right? We practice that at VG. I don't think the dedi would get attacked "less" if there was another 'dummy' server on with a standard FTP port, but I'll defer to the actual professionals here as always. Fun fact, the VG Website gets attacked on average at least once per second, every hour of every day, and often more closer to one attack attempt every 0.5 seconds. Apart from actual "hackers", there are literally legions of bots that constantly "test the fence" for any IP that's been on any sort of public list anywhere, including some that are not listed and just 'probed'....
  9. Microsoft is ended Windows 7 support, should i go for Windows 10?

    this is actually not a joke ... ^^ it makes perfect sense to have an old unprotected computer in your network. preferably full of garbage. every targeted attacker is so happy to found a way into your system and is busy. and you have a lot of time to watch him and do something about it. until he realizes that he is in a sandbox, you have protected your "important" computers and in the best case you have notified your or his ISP. I did exactly that with ftp servers. there are three ftp servers at work. the ftp server that uses the standard port (21) has 6GB of trailers that you can also get in the web and can be hacked. the other ftp servers have unusual ports. these have never been attacked. the server attached to 21 is constantly being bombarded. wires are always the best solution! I always use cables, especially for audio. no loss of connection, better quality, no perfomanceproblems and above all no additional AD/DA conversion. but most of the people who uses "alexa" and co dont understand that...^^
  10. Windows 95 FTW! Because why make the hackers think you are going to update to a better operating system if you can go with an operating system they won't bother developing viruses and hacks for! Checkmate! LOL
  11. I take pc to work shop mayby they will fix i mnot cumpiuterman
  12. OK its fixed i just used a cable for my sound system hahahha Slowly over time i will get the bugger working 100% so far it all works well and my old dell is performing better than ever with win 10, soon bluetooth wil be replaced with wifi anyway, for now i will just suck it up and use good old wire. I'm still going to run through all the divers as you suggested Binary, it might take a while but its the best option. Thanks for the input : )
  13. OK thats sounds like a plan so far all Dells divers have been dumped on install by win 10 but i will do the whole lot Dell intel and my card manufacturers maybe one will stick : ) DW1501 Wireless-N WLAN Half-Mini Card Fixing up an old MFP interceptor would be easier hahahh
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  15. Microsoft is ended Windows 7 support, should i go for Windows 10?

    if the hardware is damaged you are right. but if you only killed your windows the files are still there... but in this case dont try anything by yourself and give your hdd/ssd to somebody who know what is to do...
  16. I will give try for win 10 but i'm not shure if it will runn it will be fantastic but the fing is me files and me familys files are gone for ever. Me school presentencio is dead right now i men me whole ssd and other parts is damaged some how Had nice evening guys Rip win7
  17. Server issues

    Dude! Sweet! I've been delving into IPS (system that runs this website) and learning more about how to use it's modules. We have a forms system, but past attempts to make pre-populated fields for use as Unban Requests (or examples such as Acro's form up there) have not panned out. If I can ever find a way for this sort of form here at VG, I will, but for now, this amazing form system by Acro will be perfect for the job, for anyone who would offer their time to fill them out. Thanks Acro! *edit: FYSA, if needed, remember the server is in Germany, so it's ZULU+1 or +2 for file date/times - will be fairly obvious which one when correlating a single map time since our maplist is always varied.
  18. Microsoft is ended Windows 7 support, should i go for Windows 10?

    if you only use it for pr and nothing else you can continue to use win7. or upgrade to win10. just read this thread ... ^^
  19. Me pc broke down then it showed me a win 7 no more support from microsoft so i cant play pr no more 😭
  20. Have you tried Speccy Setup to find the bluetooth card name? If it's integrated with your wifi card, you will for sure find the name with Speccy tool!
  21. Microsoft is ended Windows 7 support, should i go for Windows 10?

    if ethernet and bluetooth are really on one card and ethernet is working then you should have the wrong driver but you should be able to see which company it is from ... i would simply download and try ALL drivers for your laptop (or similar models) on the dell homepage. i once had the same problem with a usb3 controller. the included driver didn't work on win10 and the ports were dead. in this case it was an asus card. I just tried all the drivers and one of the last ones worked ... i have to watch some movies again... MFP intercetor. I love the first mad max. "I'm scared, Fifi. You know why? It's that rat circus out there, I'm beginning to enjoy it. Look, any longer out on that road and I'm one of them, ya know? A terminal crazy, except I've got a bronze badge that says I'm one of the good guys." -Max Rockatansky can we rename the admins on our servers to Main Force Patrol (MFP)? ;p
  22. Server issues

    Please take a look at this server crash report form. The answer sheet has been set to zulu time, so if a report is made immediately when server crashes, we can track the necessary information from the server logs. I've omitted questions about faction and previous map cuz we can easily track those from the logs as well. Feedback is welcome ^^! Report form: Click HERE Report collection: Click HERE
  23. Server issues

    No worries, glad I could help ! Also I heard that, that same map crashes if flags are not capped in certain order
  24. Operation Frosty Dagger

    aka ShitUpdater @=VG= Kavelenko The mods are rather small in ARMA terms and easy to remove. I know all of them and they add great functionality to the vanilla experience.
  25. Switched off in the bios nice one i will go in and see what i can do, so far as i can gather, the network adaptor and bluetooth adaptor are on the same chip/card drivers no longer work with win 10 as Bill Gates has taken control over them, and win 10 now only uses Bills divers, that don't work lol. Some poor jo just like me has fixed this, and i will just have to hunt him down : ) even if i have to learn Hindi to read his post. : ) My old Dell Laptop is still pristine, i have to keep it until its covered in duct tape and the epoxi starts burning : ) Trying to fix this is turning me into the lord humungus. L O L
  26. Microsoft is ended Windows 7 support, should i go for Windows 10?

    then you probably have an "unknown device" in the device manager, right? if not, the adapter is defective or switched off in the bios. ^^ can you write "do not throw/bend" on it? would be a shame ...
  27. Server issues

    I have often sent you an email when the server did not restart. maybe it makes sense if I can restart it ... it can't hurt to keep the downtime as short as possible... the idea with the dumpfile is good but very laborious if you don't know which maps crash. I will definitely post the crashes here from now on.
  28. So for all those that dont want to pay for windows 10 but own a copy of window 7 do this before the end of MAY to save a few quid!! utilise this tool: https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkID=799445 There is a known bug that prevent any installation of windows 10 v.1909 due to Realtek Bluetooth 4.0 drivers... even when you remove the drivers installation will fail... simple fix i found is to remove the phisical BT board, run windows update... restart if needed... turn off the computer and re-add the BT board then search for windows update, should then insatll realtek 4.2 driver with no issue. You can even install a copy of windows 10 to a fresh hard drive if you have a windows 7 key: https://www.howtogeek.com/266072/you-can-still-get-windows-10-for-free-with-a-windows-7-8-or-8.1-key/ find windows 7 key with this: http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/product_cd_key_viewer.html
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