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  2. HELLO !

    hope to see you on the battlefield.
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  5. HELLO !

    Welcome TANJAWI LAD! Glad to see new people still coming to this community, you will have a great time with the VG lot, amazing people! Hope to see you in game.
  6. Deployment players

    @Connorsponner01 unfortunately, right now I'd say it's far from a one off. I remember the days lime you said, but every time I tried deployment in the past 2 years, its disappointing how much of a fragfest it became. Much less consideration for asset value, teamwork etc. You'd find a lot of good player still, but every team usually has enough clowns to give admins a headache, and a lot of vehicles are lost because of poor piloting etc.
  7. Deployment players

    I used to go on Deployment for a more hardcore experience. Loved how serious everyone took it and how tactical it was. After coming back to the game and trying it again, was the worst experience I have ever had in PR. Literally felt like a clown fiesta! I'm sure it was a one off time but I was for sure disappointed.
  8. Deployment group

    Someone brought up a great idea to schedule when we can all play together on deployment, so I decided to create an event :).
  9. Deployment players

    No problem man I'll see if I can get an event started to run every weekend and will get a calendar going.
  10. Deployment players

    I would be interested. I started in Deployment, but it became too stressful, so I was looking for more relaxed options and found COOP with a cool community. The problem is, that I don't wanna go back now without squadmates that I can 100% trust. Ideally I know what they will be doing or where they will be moving if event x happens. Could only do that with the old people I know from COOP. So sign me up. Problems from my side: I am drowning in work atm and other very serious real life shit. A lot is happening in parallel and I have a hard time handling everything atm. If we do this, then only on a weekend, and with a bit of planning in advance, please.
  11. Deployment players

    Sure thing
  12. Deployment players

    I may be down to join some time. Won't make any promises. I gave on deployment almost a decade ago lol. Do hit me up next time you play. I'll let you know if I'm in the mood. Cheers.
  13. Deployment players

    All good man
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  15. Deployment players

    deployment is for little girls! COOP! ;p maybe I would join spontaneously. I have a lot to do at the moment and unfortunately cannot call a fixed time ...
  16. Deployment players

    Any VG member or just any of our players intrested in playing on deployment? I'd like to run a squad with people ik and it makes it more fun since we are chill here. I'll be on discord deployment whenever I'm on.
  17. Going to space mission

  18. DIY - Custom Game Controller - 2 Dial HSI Course and Heading Knobs

    @Hesynergy I never made a wiring diagram, it's just two rotary encoders after all, but the pins are labeled in the Arduino sketch at the top - I believe the resistors are 10k Ohms.
  19. Great Job! I want to do a dual concentric rotary encoder, connected to a pro micro making it a HID/USB device like the “Knobster” created by Russ Barlow below. It looks like your two single switched encoders would work almost “out of the box”! Do you have or have a link to a wiring diagram? Thanks! Chas.
  20. Boom boom

    Havent posted a video in a while so I decided to pull some footage together. Enjoy
  21. New coop insurgency testsession

    Bump! Would love to see this running on a server one day. I had a lot of fun with just Fastjack and a couple other people playing Gaza Insurgency on the VG test server. Didn't crash one time personally. It was pretty stable.
  22. =VG= Social Meeting

    its nearly 3 years now...;)
  23. 45th Golden_Days CAS Mission

    Nice screenshots man, keep up the cinematics!
  24. Yay a new Infantry Map to play
  25. Yes, this time @=VG= Melon Muncher was lightning fast. One of the first servers online after the first update dropped.
  26. Blud PC

    Nice RGB choice of color love it
  27. prbf2 2020-07-16 21-41-14-10.jpg

  28. Golden AirForce

  29. 45th Golden_Days CAS Mission

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