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Sorry, it's not going to happen. It's way too much work for something most people get over after a few hours. You get a bunch of new maps with alternate factions this update and the plan is to add some more to give people a bit more freedom.

At this stage most maps are designed with a stronger opposition to get coop a challenge, otherwise they are a ssteamroll

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I think polish told me why this was problematic; devs had to manually update these maps to work and stuff and it just became an annoying chore and kind of slowed updates down, something along the lines

One way to fix this is to just replace a few current ALT variants of maps with ones that allow you to play as the opfor guys, example: Charlies Point STD is USA(blufor) vs Vietnam(opfor), charlies point ALT is Vietnam(blufor) vs USA(Opfor)

though im not sure if my idea would be any different than what was already done before

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1 hour ago, Golden said:

The set up was server side by my understanding, not the devs, and it was indeed a pain in the ass from what I heard. Very tedious to have to convert every map layer over to OpFor.

To add to this statement, such tedious changes then need to be re-done after any PR patch/update.  It becomes an unreasonable time sink.

Regarding Dank's suggestion, sacrificing current layers of existing missions to be hard-set for OPFOR as Humans side is beyond the goals and plans of PR COOP R-DEV team members, afaik.  Furthermore, creating specific maps (with unique names, i.e. op4_muttrah) would be possible, with its own full set of layers, yet this would add to the current list of levels (and only to COOP, at that) increasing the size of the PR download, which is also against the goals and plans of PR R-DEV team as a whole.

It's sad, but true... OPFOR COOP is something that will be seen only in VG PR COOP Events from time to time, as they are created if/when folks design and host such events, but not as a regular (or occasional) event on the main VG PR COOP Server.

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