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  1. oivay! What server though? I'm not one of those people who have multiple server accounts. I'm strictly US. I don't have many of the newer tanks. I stopped grinding for tanks a couple years ago and sold off most of my gold tanks. Plus, I let someone play my account so they could play some of the higher tiers. Looks like they lost "afew" LOL. BTW, I played on a standard account for years. Can't afford the Gold. oh did I mention my WoWarships & WoPlanes accounts too? I've gotten to maybe tier 5 in warships and tier 3 in planes. Don't play them much.
  2. I tried rubbing the pixel in circular motions, but all that happened was - I got excited. It's like VR porn, with tactile feedback I tried color stimulation with a special program - Note to self: don't stare it for half an hour - all you see for several hours after, are bright colors flashing randomly. Yes, ThiJoe is totally fake!. I came across one of his videos last year. "How to double your internet speed" wrapping a cable around your internet cable.....ahem....not that I tried it... I'll try swapping from DVI to HDMI to see if that helps at all. My Asus 1ms gaming monitors served me well. I feel lucky they lasted this long (bought in 2011). With 3, 23" monitors and a 46" connected to my GPU, I think I can ignore a couple of stuck pixels. Thanks for your suggestions.
  3. Tonight, I turned on my PC and noticed two red pixels on one of my monitors. Anyone have experience with fixing something like that? Anything I can do to fix that?
  4. Yep, it solved the low pop. situation.
  5. I saw that (thread from 2010). I decided to post, in the off chance someone still played. I tried the Blitz version tonight. LOLOLOL it's hilarious. I'm undefeated!!!! Of course, I only played "1" game. My vision is too bad to play it on my phone again. I know plenty of people who have accounts on ALL of the servers (EU/US/SEA/RUS). Try looking it up on youtube.
  6. 13 of us were on Barracuda (and only me and a medic trying to actually cap a flag), and the server crashed at 1am Eastern U.S. time (5am GMT). I'm wondering if it was an automatic server reset? Regardless, it killed the server. 3 players played Jabal Al Burj. Shame. The 3 of us had capped east and west beach and was capping Bridge flag when we had to go back to East Beach to defend. Of course, we couldn't get any AT kits, so we just hid behind some sandbags from the BRDM, until our tickets bled out.
  7. Is there a =VG= WoT clan? I have tanks for Clanwars and strongholds (Tiers 10, 8 and 6), 52% WR. I uninstalled awhile ago, but if there is an "active" =VG= WoT clan, I'd be interested in re-installing and playing with you guys.
  8. Hi Semler, okay. I was thinking there was a "set rotation" of maps or a "normal" rotation of maps. I see that I was wrong. I didn't realize there were so many variants of the map rotation. Thanks for clearing that up.
  9. Yes, maps are crashing often. It's frustrating and we lose alot of players during the crash, mapswitch, crash episodes. Also, the coop server will never please everyone. It's been a nightmare recently. No English or Don't know what they're doing or wanna play their style, or the kits they want to play. Maybe we can reduce =VG= workload by setting the map rotation as normal and leave them that way all night (unless an admin is on). If people want to play, they can play. At least the expectations will be consistent. Just an idea.
  10. Yo. You take care of yourself first!!!! Game with us when you're bored. Having lost 3 parents to cancer, in successive years, it's tough to hear this kind of news. For your sake...and your kids...please take care of yourself FIRST! Best of luck and I'll check in on ya. BTW, you were curious (concerned)........"Hateroneactual" is moving to a new house. That is why you don't see him on much lately.
  11. Wow! That was so unintended!!! (Medic = Huckelberry quote = "Doc" Holiday) Good on ya, Kav for catching that one!
  12. Guys, sorry I missed the last one. 1) I saw "CANCELLED" on the original post. 2) My keyboards wouldn't work. I took apart 2 keyboards and made 1 good one...that works all the time. :).....only to find out it's my USB port. Anyway, I'm back Kavelenko - I'll be your huckelberry (medic).
  13. Checked...have 75 events today - so far. No hardware events. But, I lifted my keyboard off my lap 3 times, just now. And each time, I lifted up in the air, my screen flashed white and made some sort of event sound. Somehow, me lifting my keyboard is triggering an audio event. I see my audio (logiech software) trying to re-install or re-recognize something. Very weird. It's the version I want to use - as opposed to the current version. Still, why would it start behaving this way when it's worked so well. oh well.
  14. Thank you. wow you guys really do get into the nitty gritty of this old platform. Amazing what you guys have done. Currently, we are unable to set maps due to the lesser admin rights being removed.
  15. Semler - you did an awesome job - even if you say you're somewhat noobish ;). I think you're being modest....You "adapted" quickly, GREAT JOB! Your past experience shined! Hope to see you on more.... (**EDIT*** And Semler - I think of it more like a gathering of sorority girls admiring someone else's wedding ring. ...all bunched up and crowded together - looking at a central point in a circle ) Seems to be human nature in this game....why do we tend to look inward at each other rather than outward - covering the medics healing? 2 of the best ambassadors to the game of PR. Kavelenko & HaterOneActual! "Kav" for his Zen master calmness, patience & sense of fun. "Hater" for his ability to instill confidence in his subordinates, ability to adapt so quickly to the situation, and both for their communication skills and allowing their people to do the job assigned to them. When my PR avatar grows up, it wants to be just like theirs....lol Thanks to VG for the event! I did have fun. We're so used to advancing all the time in COOP, I especially liked the fact that we were attacking, defending to the last man - literally - and withdrawing to support each other. Something we don't see regularly in COOP play. The coordination (especially on Fools road?) was a thing of beauty. I felt like a beat dog afterwards, but man! what an adrenalin rush.