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  1. Yo. You take care of yourself first!!!! Game with us when you're bored. Having lost 3 parents to cancer, in successive years, it's tough to hear this kind of news. For your sake...and your kids...please take care of yourself FIRST! Best of luck and I'll check in on ya. BTW, you were curious (concerned)........"Hateroneactual" is moving to a new house. That is why you don't see him on much lately.
  2. Wow! That was so unintended!!! (Medic = Huckelberry quote = "Doc" Holiday) Good on ya, Kav for catching that one!
  3. Guys, sorry I missed the last one. 1) I saw "CANCELLED" on the original post. 2) My keyboards wouldn't work. I took apart 2 keyboards and made 1 good one...that works all the time. :).....only to find out it's my USB port. Anyway, I'm back Kavelenko - I'll be your huckelberry (medic).
  4. Checked...have 75 events today - so far. No hardware events. But, I lifted my keyboard off my lap 3 times, just now. And each time, I lifted up in the air, my screen flashed white and made some sort of event sound. Somehow, me lifting my keyboard is triggering an audio event. I see my audio (logiech software) trying to re-install or re-recognize something. Very weird. It's the version I want to use - as opposed to the current version. Still, why would it start behaving this way when it's worked so well. oh well.
  5. Thank you. wow you guys really do get into the nitty gritty of this old platform. Amazing what you guys have done. Currently, we are unable to set maps due to the lesser admin rights being removed.
  6. Semler - you did an awesome job - even if you say you're somewhat noobish ;). I think you're being modest....You "adapted" quickly, GREAT JOB! Your past experience shined! Hope to see you on more.... (**EDIT*** And Semler - I think of it more like a gathering of sorority girls admiring someone else's wedding ring. ...all bunched up and crowded together - looking at a central point in a circle ) Seems to be human nature in this game....why do we tend to look inward at each other rather than outward - covering the medics healing? 2 of the best ambassadors to the game of PR. Kavelenko & HaterOneActual! "Kav" for his Zen master calmness, patience & sense of fun. "Hater" for his ability to instill confidence in his subordinates, ability to adapt so quickly to the situation, and both for their communication skills and allowing their people to do the job assigned to them. When my PR avatar grows up, it wants to be just like theirs....lol Thanks to VG for the event! I did have fun. We're so used to advancing all the time in COOP, I especially liked the fact that we were attacking, defending to the last man - literally - and withdrawing to support each other. Something we don't see regularly in COOP play. The coordination (especially on Fools road?) was a thing of beauty. I felt like a beat dog afterwards, but man! what an adrenalin rush.
  7. I don't know if this has been suggested before, but..... People talk about the coop server being too difficult or too easy. Part of that is how many people are in-game - and to some extent - the experience of the player. If the server population is low, it becomes to difficult and people rage quit. Consequently, the server population has been low or non-existant at night. Even now, there are only 5 or 6 people playing the VG coop server. Is there a way of spawning bots/bot vehicles/bot assets depending on the number of BluFor players? (i.e Low Blufor population, Bot vehicles don't spawn or re-spawn as quickly. As the BluFor players increase, at a certain point, the bots & bot assets spawn as normal? ) This way, we get a challenge no matter how many players are in-game.
  8. Hey Double, I was just a squad member. I was just commenting on things I saw going on. I just felt terrible for my squad leader. It was tough to hear his orders through all the superfluous, long winded, conversations going on. Some banter is awesome and funny at times. But the constant complaining...yikes. I just expected alittle more from some of the experienced players who kept spamming voice. Then the other stuff kinda handcuffed us as well. I enjoyed the intent of the event though.
  9. Suggestions for the next event........ 1) LET THE SQUAD LEADERS LEAD Stop with the "I wanna do this" "We need to do this". The SL is talking to other SL's and commander. Let the SL lead. You don't know everything going on with "THE TEAM". 2) CLEAR COMMs keep talk to a minimum (call out contacts). Let the SL talk to other SL's & commanders. Most of us are experienced PR players, I've heard women talk less If you're not the squad leaders and you want to give orders to other experienced players, START YOUR OWN SQUAD. 3) STOP WITH THE KIT STEALING The SL chose a particular class for a person based on their proficiency. Stick with that kit unless you're asked to change. We had an Engineer squad. Why take the engineer kit when they need it???? Why try to take an AA kit when someone was designated to us AA??? I dropped ammo for the AA guy. I knew he was there. Maybe too much talking and not enough paying attention? 4) STOP RUNNING OFF ON YOUR OWN This is a team event. It's to showcase teamwork - We complain about lack of teamwork on the standard coop server and yet some still behave as if they're self important and behave just like noobs. Listen to the SL/Commander. Defending doesn't mean 6 guys defending and you deciding you're better moving off on your own. Ask the SL. 5) READ THE EVENT INFORMATION a. Limited kits - The informaton tells you, we have limited kits. b. Early Spawn - The event info tells you if you spawn early you will give an advantage to the OPFOR team. WHY SPAWN???? If your squad leader takes a long time to spawn, WHY SPAWN???? Wait for the team to be ready. Thats why we also have teamspeak.
  10. Best ban ever..... Nearing the end of a game, someone deliberately crashed the Osprey to increase our ticket bleed. "go ahead and kick me" was his comment before crashing the Osprey. I laughed so hard when I saw his temp ban!!!! ROFLMAO I wish I could remember the guy's name. Still...nice one, to the admin responsible. Hopefully, he (the player) won't do that again.
  11. Something I have never seen before........ Most of the game, I didn't have any issues. Then a few minutes ago, when I put the scope up to shoot, the graphics looking through the scope LAGGGGG. I asked if other people were having that problem and they said yes. Beirut map. aim with Iron sights, no problem. Running around, no graphics lag. aim using scope.....LAAGGGGGG Any ideas guys?
  12. Sometimes, it just stops working without any warning. Sometimes, my screen will flash white (win10). There is no speaker that is crossed out, at bottom right corner, until I restart mumble and it still doesn't work. I tried to shut down mumble and let it restart - doesn't work. I switch to lobby and when I try to switch back to squad "you are denied access to squad x". I tried as commander...."you are denied access to Commander channel". So I get stuck in the lobby. In the end, I have to restart the game. Sometimes that doesn't work. Sometimes, I have to restart my computer. It happened 7 or 8 times last night. Hasn't happened at all - tonight - so far.
  13. NOt sure what is going on. Sometimes, my mumble stops working mid-game. I try to fix it using "move to lobby then back to squad", but I get you are denied access.
  14. The Bots also do this on Fallujah west. There is a compound just north east of US Main where there is destroyable corrugated fence. I like to take advantage of it by letting the bots - just get stuck there, trying to jump over the fence. After 15 or so bots, it makes the Hospital manageable with few people on. Unfortunately, some people don't think strategically and destroy the fence and kill the bots - letting them respawn at hospital. So in the end, it's not so much of a problem. But I thought I would mention it.
  15. Well, that makes sense....sort of. Some people like the vietnam maps, but they don't wanna play insurgents because they don't have scopes???? Too funny. As for playing OPFOR....I could swear, during one of the updates, I jumped in the server and was playing the MEC side on Muttrah. I know this because there were 20 people at MEC main - not knowing what to do - and I was in a BTR running bots over because my gunner was afk (on the gun) for most of the game. But I understand what you are saying. As for the Bots, they prioritize their targets pretty well. It just seems to me, either they 1 shot you with impossible shots or they don't pay any attention to you - while they are looking at you - and there is nothing else around for several grids. I get what your saying though. can you blame a guy for trying?