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  1. I'm so glad to have stumbled upon this awsome community with a HUGE COOP focus. The people, the memories all the fun i've had with all of it is precious to me. Gonna pop a beer and toast to this awsome community that is a gaming haven for me and many others! For many years to come! Cheers!
  2. 3 months late.. but better than never! its EU and my sometimes shitty internet
  3. 20170816225447-1.jpg

    sausage giving bomber escort
  4. The actual falcon collection is called Falcon Collection (<= link) which includes: Falcon Falcon A.T. Falcon Gold ( incl. Falcon 3.0 and others, see pic) Falcon 4.0 But I would wait for semler to reply. I dont have much knowledge about this. I just gave some info.
  5. 11th? i though it was only till yesterday! xD Good thing i didn't deleted it yet. Time for more clone action!
  6. introduction

    Welcome! Hope to meet you on the battlefield sometime! - Bryan (also my real name, second one though)
  7. did they catch you without a weapon? or maybe you were engi that time?
  8. know me better

    Welcome to the community! Check out the Teamspeak from time to time. LOADS of friendly and nice people over there willing to help, answer questions or just to have a little chat.
  9. Welcome to the Forums! Be sure to listen to people in the server. The majority of our players are very helpful. There are some things that the PR-Manual doesnt deal with. Just ask if you're not sure how to or what to do in certain situations. Also, there are some differences between coop and deployment(PvP) modes. (atleast on the VG server, e.g. Medic-bags work different)
  10. Welcome to the forums! As for the questions. No, VG does not have a PvP server. But regulars and VGs sometimes group up and play on one of the many PvP servers available. Just check teamspeak if there is someone willing to play some deployment(PvP) with you.
  11. 20170816224113-1.jpg

    me and sausage waiting for blizz to finish downloading the game
  12. Wow.. Shit looks fancy. Good job TEDF and everyone involved!
  13. Welcome back mr schmid. See you around!
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    rough fight
  15. If you have capable pilots and squadleads it works well yes @Jersans. Popping out of cover to lase just before cas arrives is a nice way to do that
  16. problem with lasing stuff in coop is that the bots will just instantly spot you and attack you. And it takes a while for CAS to get the right angle and attack
  17. introduction

    Welcome to the Forums! I play Overwatch, Arma and Warthunder myself so maybe we can play some time? I dont have PUBG yet but it looks very interesting. Gonna get it if it goes on sale.
  18. welcome to the forums Jacket! See you around
  19. games

    @Midgee Actually blazer, rotblut, carkidd, deathdealer, semler, sydney and I own that game so yeah...... convoy?
  20. games

    RO2/RS is a really good game if you like realistic shooters. Also, they have fully animated tank interior! Arma2 is also really nice.. but most servers run epoch or dayz mods. Insurgency has nice, fast gameplay if you like that
  21. games

    RO2/RS is one game. Rising storm is just the pacific front expansion with japanese vs usa
  22. Welcome to the forums! See you around!
  23. Got blown to pieces by a Alliance (or as it Federation?) patrol while trying to get to me... poor thing
  24. Neutronstar

    First time finding one of these while trying to regroup with my wing
  25. Hello! As the Steam summer-sale just started i thought it would be nice to get some nice game recommendations. I'll also be recommending some games so that its a give and take. COOP: Helldivers Helldivers is a 4 player top-down shooter where all players share the same screen. (inspired by Halos ODSTs) It has different objectives players must fullfill to accomplish a mission. (eg. minesweeping, rescue and escort civs, destroy stuff etc.) Players can use Stratagems to call in airstrikes, artillery strikes or even mechs to help them complete the mission. After all objectives are done players must then proceed to extraction and are then rewarded with weapons/stratagems. Its a great game to play with friends who own it. You can also just join a public matchmaking as most players are nice. RTS: Homeworld Remastered collection Its a SciFi space RTS with ship building elements. Mine resources, upgrade tech and build more and better ships. You can make use of the 3 dimensional movment of ships and attack from basically everywhere. At the beginning you only have your mothership and slowly begin to build your own fleet. Different ship types with different purposes give you more choices how you want to play. Wanna steam roll your opponent? Build huge capital ships and lots of corvettes, fighters and bombers. Or make it more tactical by creating a decoy fleet and attacking the enemy mothership from above with heavy bombers and take out the hyper drive and enginines to trap them. You can also upgrade certain capital ships with different modules such as a fighter module for carriers for them to be able to build bombers and interceptors. There are also mods for this game wich makes it even greater. I dont own the remastered collection on steam so i dont know how the multiplayer currently looks like but its still fun even against ai.