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  1. :buba: The time has come I have to say good bye to everybody who likes (or not) to play with me(:blum2:). 

    While sitting there at Munich as a Nightwatch on my Market, I will lovefull remember the good times I've had the last Weeks.

    It is only for three Weeks but I feel that I want to tell you all, Thank you for these nice hours I have playing Games with you all.

    Since I have a new Partner in Life, it is even more fun to play, because she supports my Game addiction. Ha!

    You Guys and Gals are the fun part of my Life.:hi:

    I look forward to see you all soon but now I have to do my Job:pogranichnik:. You all stay safe and healty the next three weeks.

    Rot out!


    1. =VG= SemlerPDX

      =VG= SemlerPDX

      Glad you enjoyed your holiday! See you around!

    2. =VG= m823us

      =VG= m823us

      Hey man have a wonderful time and good luck!

      When you come-back I'll save a spot for you.

  2. Welcome back. Hopefully see you on the PR Battlefield
  3. multicrew

    #+@zzrrzzkk#+§# multicrew???
  4. bumm

    always nice
  5. Now I play for about 40 hrs and did not shoot a single guy. Accidently in Wing with a Friend I hit a Cop and I got killed instantly. I found out that I have a Insurance for the Ship. lol. But so far this is not the usual SyFi FP Shooter. I explore this Galaxy by beeing a Merchant and enjoy it totaly.
  6. Really excellent job @PDXSemler, If I Had this guide when I've installed Win10 the first time, I would have given it a chance. Unfortunately I didn't, so I run Win7 again. But, with this guide on my hand I will try it a second time.
  7. 4thjuli

    Happy 4th of Juli
  8. The Server Admins take care already. Please be patient. Many Server many work
  9. unexlored

    just nice and deadly
  10. shipney

    What a killer ship
  11. So do I. What a shame A lot of work for the benefit of all. Thank you Brother
  12. Let's stop playing less
  13. Got it but still noob to!
  14. Awesome job the first. "Wings of Freedom" ? What a nice Idea the arrangement of all the weapons. The last one as @.Blizzard. mentioned is a bit to dark for my opinion. Where do you get all the time from to do this inbetween all the playing PR ++
  15. games

    yes please rally up! it is so much fun playing together we just need to coordinate. TS3 also has a channel wich we use when we play. I try to add you on steam so I see when you're playing!
  16. games

    AAND its for free I just recognised. Don't know if u got it already, but Elite Dangerous is a fun game.
  17. http://veterans-gaming.com/index.php?/announcement/13-operation-red-tide-part-vi/
  18. Yo Ranger I can feel your pain. Look at : C:\Users\-\Documents\ProjectReality\Profiles\0001 if there is a file named Profile.con. If not I suggest to have a closer look to your Trashcan. Maybe accidently deleted? If so, undo this operation to go back to normal and join the freaking server. Do it!
  19. Enjoy the view? Probably the last thing you see!
  20. Exactly what I like to get invited to party to!
  21. 15 Top Games für under 5 Euro! Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor für 3,99 Euro statt 19,99 Euro Portal 2 für 1,99 Euro statt 19,99 Euro The Room 2 für 1,24 Euro statt 4,99 Euro Depth für 4,99 Euro statt 19,99 Euro Antichamber für 3,79 Euro statt 18,99 Euro Transistor für 2,84 Euro statt 18,99 Euro This War of Mine für 3,79 Euro statt 18,99 Euro Age of Empires II HD für 4,99 Euro statt 19,99 Euro Day of the Tentacle Remastered für 3,74 Euro statt 14,99 Euro Serious Sam 3: BFE für 3,69 Euro statt 36,99 Euro Dishonored für 2,49 Euro statt 9,99 Euro Metro 2033 Redux für 4,99 Euro statt 19,99 Euro Keep Talking and Noby Explodes für 4,94 Euro statt 14,99 Euro Terraria für 4,99 Euro statt 9,99 Euro To The Moon für 1,59 Euro statt 7,99 Euro
  22. Elite Dangerous. took a while to download and will take a while to learn but DAMN what a nice game
  23. Breakdance

  24. Surrender?

  25. project reality

    How the Hell did he do that?