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  1. Zabanya+7.gif
    GN-010 Zabanya in action againts ELS 

  2. Following squad leader orders

    i hate when my squadmates doing their own business and going everywhere just like stray cats on the battlefield i always follow my sql everytime
  3. Shijia valley bugged

    they stays in one room and havin' party and the other room they died the spawn point is bugged bad
  4. Quantum Computer is here

  5. Hello there

    Nice to meet ya! andi heard you like tanks ?! THIS IS MY FAVORITE TANK he never seen in the battlefield but he is legendary
  6. Got Banned without warn

    i dont want this getting far this conflict
  7. Got Banned without warn

    well, if i say that ,then i am apologize on it . i'm sorry il take the penalty
  8. Got Banned without warn

    my apology ,but im not the one saying the n-word ,the admin was mistaken theres alot of players saying that .every time at the end of the round ,i was saying "good job" then i heard some n-word at it .
  9. Got Banned without warn

    I dont know why ... i didn't recieved any warnings at any admins in the game - dec 17 ,2018 around 8-9 pm (sea time zone) nickname: Pvt_mR_taRAnTaDo map burning sand squad i was :mech inf 1. Banned Username:Pvt_mR_taRAnTaDo 2. What Server(s):BattleField 2 Project Reality Veterans Gaming Coop 3. When did this happen: At Night at between 8-9pm(sea time) Dec 17 ,18 4. The reason you were banned:Unknowned ,Theres no Signs or warning that i got banned for no reason 5. Describe the events leading up to your ban: as a Mech Inf ,i took a APC to support my squad at the start 6. Personal Statement: i dont know why but theres no warns that i recieved on the game. but if theres a violations. i willing to answer it --- Reply.Thank You