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  1. would love to play on that kind of event
  2. Hey guys its me Daryl, I am 24yo, I only played PR for a week since i saw this on youtube and i decided to play and see, it did not disappoint since i'm having rough time with my life,anyways. if you have played with me youll know me on how i lead my squad, its an honor to join the VG army, and i would like to play with you guys in the field.
  3. Heyya!! Appreciate the welcome!
  4. Zeee supp my boii!! appreciate the welcome
  5. Appreciate it!!! i am honored to play here
  6. Thankkk you! Appreciate the welcome
  7. nice to see ya too bro! ;D
  8. Hey bois, it ya boi Daryl here I'm 24 years old and I live in the Philippines, I'm pretty much new to server and just started playin PR a few days ago, been having fun and meeting new friends here. Played with some awesome people, had good share of moments and good laughter and intense situations. I'm a Hotel management student, I'm a pretty chill guy and just loves to a lot of games. peace! See you in the battlefield
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