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  1. bug or idk i can drive apc with medic kit puma/vab vtt
  2. New maps for you to catch trolls:))
  3. waiting for server to be updated :))
  4. Hi, My name is Mihai (TROJANEXE) i start to play this PR when i saw the game on YTB bluedrake and i join VG COOP cuz i like COOP games idk what to say PM for more xD.
  5. hello! most players find this game on youtube XD
  6. nice last time when i try to play them i just crash :))
  7. this is the dark side of youtube:)) you can find very ez things that should not be in youtube for public
  8. gj now who watch video can find more ez the map
  9. you can put on video description link for map test airfield
  10. hmm nice i will try to make this :))
  11. both of them are good players
  12. some help pls? i get this when i come to vg site:( https://ibb.co/8xZN5m5
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