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Found 3 results

  1. Hello fellas, it's longtime ago i posted something about the insurgency gamemode for prbf2 Project Reality, my favorite game for more then 10 years. I'll took a long break from prbf2 modding due to major reallife things that had more priority and i was also waiting for the new prbf2 patch But now i'm back ... ... and doing my own thing to get coop insurgency working. Veterans-Gaming sponsored me the Veterans-Gaming DEV - Coop v1.6 testserver for further coop insurgency Projects. The server run stable with a modified version of original gaza (gaza_insurgency) and is password secured due to license politics. The other maps i already prepared need to be re-done because some maps got new navmeshes like fallujah and instead of reworking it i decided to scrap everything and starting from scratch. I kept gaza's gpo simple due to new known problems with the new 1.6 update. So, if anybody here is interrested to play and to test it, here the download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vt7d4qyyppbavnm/gaza_insurgency.zip?dl=0 Serverpassword is : vg989 Enjoy and have fun
  2. We can haz PRbot?

    Hey all. For both videomaking and admin purposes, having a PRbot available to us would be a good thing. On some old servers that I admined (some will remember =RW=) we had PRbots for admins only. Is that a thing we want to look into? I see many benefits. If there's a really good reason why we should never ever have them or are unable to, please comment! Thanks! Acro
  3. Forbid Trans Inf and mixed squads

    Trans Inf is one of those squads that just doesn't fit into PR. With the recent talks about how a team in PR should work together as a team, this seems like one of the things that should be given some thought. IMO this should be an official rule. TL;DR: Mech Inf (2 APC crew + 6 inf) is a plausible combo squad for which we established a rule. On the other hand, Trans Helos/Tanks/AntiAir should be available to support the entire team. Having a private pilot for your squad is like playing Vanilla BF2 where nobody cared about another squad's needs. Reasons to not allow Trans Infantry, Anti-Air infantry, etc: 1) Non-optimal functioning of an asset due to private piloting or disregarding other SL's requests. 2) Assets remain unused after respawn because the pilot decides to do field infantry work after dying. 3) Tensions between legitimate Trans/ Tank/... squads and Trans Inf/ Armor Inf because both claim to have the right to a vehicle. 4) 'Squad Mingling' leads to more Vanilla-like playstyle with less desire for teamwork. 5) Great tendency to park air assets near capzones, going inf and switching back to pilot kit. This brings a huge risk of losing the asset. Opinions greatly appreciated, as always ;).