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About Me

I am not a Veteran like many of my friends here, but I am a big fan of military games and simulators and I'm proud to help run a place like this for Veterans and non-Veterans alike to enjoy military games on clean servers.  I am disabled and frequently absent, but I distract myself with dedicated activities at VG & helping others, and am extremely fortunate to find purpose and a place to have fun in a difficult life.

I am the current day-to-day "CO" here at VG, under BLuDKLoT, as part of the Administration Team with m823us, MelonMuncher, Ciro, SolarFlame, and others, and I help maintain the dedicated server(s) overall as well as the website, and I help to directly manage & support the administrators and various groups that are the core of VG.

I spend much of my time developing voice control systems (called AVCS) for PC games in the VoiceAttack program, and I personally help manage the Falcon BMS, ARK, & Arma game servers here.  I am happy to help new players with simple questions, whitelist requests, player or admin reports, or to restart a server if it needs a swift kick in the chips. :hi:

Along with my fellow VG members here, I stress mutual trust, respect and cooperation, tolerance and understanding, and promoting teamwork skills through PC gaming that can (and have) translated in many ways to the real world by building self confidence, communication & problem solving skills, and experience in coordinated group efforts through small teams management.
And above all, we stress having fun!  See you on the front!

*this desk is a piece of family history, built in 1972 in high school wood shop, held a mechanical typewriter for schoolwork, eventually an electric typewriter, then our Commodore64, and first NES, then eventually an IBM PS/1, a couple 90's Dell PC's, and eventually, a Dell XPS PC that I rigged for gaming, then my old Phenom II x4 system with a 4000 series Radeon GFX card, then my Haswell/Maxwell 4690K/GTX 970 gaming computer + similar spec laptop (4690/GTX 960M), and now the 7nm architecture Ryzen 9 Beast!
If this desk could talk... (I mean, after it was done screaming from all those holes I drilled for the monitor arms, that is... ) ;)