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  1. Operation Orthodox - Arma Event

    We will likely need more men - but certainly would hate to get a flood of people to where VG community regulars are unable to get a slot in a squad. Any suggestions? Should we make it RSVP via the Calendar event with a maximum number of RSVP's hard-set? This website has features like that, we just use them rarely, if at all. OT: Also I really need to get our new groups and applications going -- hoping to have it done before end of June... need names for them still... we have a few, like VG Air Force.... VG PR Army? VG Regular Army? not sure if the FPS server's we run should hold a single group, A3/PR/SQUAD, or each have their own "regulars" group. Either way, the thought is to have it as an open enrollment to any who apply, gets them a fancy website role (with access to that group's private forums, just a board for discussions among them not visible to public) but essentially not much different than the current standard 'member' role at VG website. Thought of making each group a 'custom homepage' at VG, too, looking pretty much the same as our normal home page, but with a second topic feed above the standard 'top 12' (shortened to 5 or 6 instead), linked only to that group's private forums feed, and maybe a few other group-specific blocks or elements. Roles would not come with in-game tags, but could allow use of them on voluntary level but we'd not want them to resemble the =VG= tags... maybe VGAF or VGAR (no "=") ... still in the discussion phase, but this would be the route for any member to start, to allow a commitment to our rules & spirit, as a flag for a member to say, "I like it here, I'd like to get known"... as the initial route before they can then use a new In-Game Admin application to join yet a higher role at VG (In-Game Admins), and from there, a jumping off point that leads to =VG= Clan Membership potentially.
  2. Future ARMA Events - Suggestions and Ideas

    Yea, a few of us will be streaming and recording it. I've got a few terabytes free space in my DropBox - would like to create a collaboration folder, and share access to any of us regulars at VG to upload raw footage from our perspective, we'll name the files for the player who's view it is, and we can all download any other perspective if we wanna make a larger video project including other camera angles. I still have to work out the logistics, and I assume anyone who'd want to participate would need a DropBox account (free version would be fine), so I can add users to a shared folder.
  3. PR COOP thread 1.6

    Geez - no wonder it had issues - all that mess in the cockpit, all that clutter... probably knocked a switch on the cyclic
  4. Future ARMA Events - Suggestions and Ideas

    @=VG= Sausag3 Added the new event to the calendar, but I was not sure if you wanted me to postpone the weekly SQUAD Event on the calendar or not - If not, I'll move it back from June 6th if you intended to have the players hang out and play some SQUAD, and then break and go back into Arma 3... Just let me know. Cheers!
  5. ARMA 3 EVENT - Operation Orthodox

    Operation Orthodox Arma 3 Event 30th May 2020 1900 HRS - ZULU TIME (GMT) Max 20 Players Large Operation - 2 to 3 Hours Long I'd like to thank Blizzard for putting so much work onto making this mission. Without him this event probably would have been delayed another century. Thanks for those who tested it out too. -Sausage3 EVENT BRIEF: While the Soviet Union and the Germans were fighting each other in Poland, late 1944. Their fighting tactics were more desperate and more fierce. Both sides used Scorched Earth tactics against each other which inevitably resulted in the destruction of some Orthodox churches. This in turn angered the Orthodox population, As the population had nothing better to do they gathered a small platoon of armed priests. Small, but holy shit were they fierce, Not one man had the balls to stand up against the power of the priest. Some say that a group of priests once raided a company HQ and baptized them with lightning bolts and 50. Cal bullets. They are not to be messed with. Objective: Using the recently captured airfield. Use teamwork to assault and secure multiple objectives. There are some additional side objectives that can be completed to benefit your team. Due to lack of accurate intelligence we only know briefly that both factions have AT Capabilities, Heavy Anti Air Weaponry, Heavy Armour, Half tracks and machine guns. Numbers Unknown. Due to this there will be scouting missions in each objective to be able to reorganize and prepare for assault. Infantry and Vehicle Respawns are going to be limited, so scout, listen to orders and fight effectively to have the highest chance of making it out alive. Only the squad leader will have access to a radio to communicate to high command and nearby squad leaders. With TFAR and ACE enabled you WILL need to stick together, listen carefully and encourage teamwork. You will have a high commander in charge (=VG= Sausage3), he is responsible to assigning you tasks, issuing you assets, re-arming you, etc. However he cannot assume everything so always communicate with the commander if you require any support. MODS: Please use this link and subscribe to all the mods required for the event - DOWNLOAD AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2108212540 TFAR - If you have not got it set up, you will need to download a plugin for your teamspeak. Please see forum post for complete details, including a TFAR Radio tutorial awesomely made by Binkle the habibi, and to sign up for a role:
  6. PR Map Gallery

    That's all we needed, thanks for understanding!! Will review this before next Friday, if you can be patient. We will discuss it behind the scenes and get back to you. Great work, man! Keep it up -- it's a very worthy project, and I think a lot of people will use it!! Another things that is very helpful for us 'small time developers' is to provide checksums for final files, if not done already. If distributing a zip package and an installer, the various HASH's of the zip itself as well as the installer file - gives people that extra level of assurance that files are the same compiled as they would be if they downloaded and manually assembled it from the GitHub repo. Even the Falcon BMS simulator software provides something like this (example below) -- and it may be a bit early in the project, but should be done at some point along the development track. (You can toss together a simple powershell or batch script to output a list of various hash's of the file, not suggesting you do this manually each time, that smacks of effort) File: Falcon_BMS_4.34_Setup.torrent Size: 10.9 KB CRC-32: 569bc04d MD5: 6d18db97c9e1bae11f7d8971184ec0a7 SHA-1: cf8cd558ef6d4e0919edb781862e43294ed3d202 SHA-256: 5decedfd23527354561ceeb70b9e3e021716bb02a4ecfb8dadc9f5a4e687abfc File: Falcon_BMS_4.34_Setup.zip Size: 2.07 GB CRC-32: 52cfef29 MD5: 58243714b1d665a48148dae7a6f79650 SHA-1: b18350c0936a7185ead7d43bdfc96d247f0704da SHA-256: 325b441af4b8576f84bd87f59d031eba4e75f0f65edf0075036f0fc011ea5283 Again, no rush - but keep it in mind for future. Thanks a bunch!!

    Simple oversight -- I've removed you from the banlist now. It should take effect next time the server crashes/restarts afaik. /locked
  8. PR Map Gallery

    Do you have a repo on GitHub or anywhere we can observe the code of this installer? I don't mean to be rude, it's just that we don't know you yet, and you're distributing a software installer on our website... how can we know this is not malicious? It's nothing personal, it's just the modern age we live in... I'd like to have some sort of assurance before we go tossing installers to user made software on our website. (will unhide your link post once we can have this little uncomfortable discussion) *We would have to discuss the use of the =VG= name after we discuss the above concerns, and understand the program and it's code a little better first.
  9. PR Map Gallery

    Hello and welcome! Excellent idea! I had a plan to do something like this awhile ago, but it fell by the wayside. Was going to be a bit like the maps in Arma 2 ACE where we had a ruler tool, could draw lines/arrows, place markers, etc. Wanted to make a cross platform Android/Windows app that would share screens with anyone else connected to the squad who also had the app on tablet/PC (maybe on a second monitor). Maybe some restrictions like SL control over which connected members could access certain map features, or to designate different colors for different users to differentiate who's drawing what, to visually communicate plans or toss around ideas of where to move/what to do. If you need any help or resources, please don't hesitate to ask. I am definitely a super-novice with Java, was learning it years ago but didn't get much farther than a simple game with WASD movement, simple map, and hand made spritesheets, but I'm quite experienced with other systems and C#/VB.net languages for object oriented projects. Currently spending more than 12 hours a day on my voice control systems, but would definitely set aside time for this if you need help or would like to collab.
  10. PR COOP thread 1.6

    ↑ Wow - that takes me back! BF1942 was my first real online MP PC game! (and the subsequent Desert Combat Mod) Thank you for the report! Added to Disabled Maps List (correct me if wrong, I assume ALT is the 32 layer) mapList.append khamisiyah gpm_coop 32 This one was bad because it was a Starter Map, could be the first map on server restart, resulting in chaos.
  11. BMS Server Down (POST HERE IF DOWN!)

    It appears to be back online. Wasn't me. Maybe CobaltUK or Jeffu.
  12. BMS Server Down (POST HERE IF DOWN!)

    Server is back online. Must have been restarted to Day 1 -- so, it's Day 2 now, and first few days crash the most. Post here if it happens again. Thanks for the report!
  13. Battlefield Project Reality, game closing itself

    No, he was told that COOP is a buggy mess, and to play Online COOP servers as they will be slightly less so due to Melon and others instantly implementing the same changes they push to the next release version candidate (essentially pre-patching parts of the game for testing/etc. prior to mass update for all), or else avoid COOP until fixed. It's a shitshow all around, and until it's fixed, there's no hope for trying to figure out anything past standard operations (and were these fixed, any solo/offline PvE COOP would likely be functional, too) - by which I mean there is nothing more to do except continue working to fix COOP, and when that is done, problems such as the OP reported will be a non-issue, and PvE offline COOP will work just fine. All we can do is be patient. The 1.6.1 and a patch for it just dropped -- they are actively working on issues.
  14. Event Teaser

    Knights of Ni?
  15. PR COOP thread 1.6

    Yea... no... yea..... not seeing it on the PR SERVER page Crash Reports.... yea... no... yea.... fill out a report.. thaaaanx! https://veterans-gaming.com/index.php?/pr-server-support/