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  1. Merch?

    Personally, I never regret what I didn't learn in High School thanks to the modern information age -- you could essentially teach yourself anything from the comfort of one's own home (if you're the self taught type, asking questions on forums instead of to a Teacher) -- I've done that with so many things I can't even count. If I could only get the money I spent on Locksmiths when I was younger, before I taught myself how to pick all sorts of locks via YT, I could probably afford an enthusiast grade motherboard and CPU easily. I mean, if I could teach myself how to fly an F-16 in the most accurate & complete true-to-life combat flight simulator in the consumer world, let alone the handful of computer languages I've become very familiar with, I can safely assume that the barrier to creating products with a CNC router would be simply the cost of a CNC router (and a place to put it in my already way too cramped work shed). Like I've said before, I will be getting a 3D printer someday soon, just still afraid of the sticker price and of the best product for my use case scenarios - I've put in serious time and research into this, and still extremely hesitant to even build a list of potential purchase candidates. I've definitely gotta upgrade my MoBo/CPU/RAM and AIO CLC before I cannot sell my old ones for any substantial price to recuperate funds for my next PC gear upgrade. A $600-1000 3D printer of good quality is just not in the cards right now -- but will be someday, and I'll likely want to buy/build a CNC router, too, for working with metal parts, etc. Worst thing about any rudder pedals for flight sims these days is the cheap plastic parts and sometimes far to close together left/right footpads.
  2. Merch?

    lol - I like the actual suggestions - good ideas. We won't be selling "kick" tokens, tho - lmfao! Swimsuit calendar might be a bit off subject for the community, tho, might be better to stick with awesome screenshots from games. I share amazing pics on the Falcon BMS 4 facebook group we run, and some are very wallpaper/calendar worthy -- same with some of the shots from PR, Arma 3, and some other games we play. Just a thought. Would be more on point to what we do here. I like the idea of everything from PC gear to Survival gear, small stuff at first, pins stickers magnets or patches, shirts / hoodies / sweatshirts, paracord bracelets... Again, it's a matter of getting small bulk orders with logos that look well enough to be worth it (single-color text is not what I have in mind). Gonna spend some more time looking around, the links above are appreciated.
  3. Craziness!

    ouch... meow Meh - ya gotta take it all with a grain of salt, some people jump at shadows, but other stuff it's pretty interesting. Like that ancient aliens guy with the crazy hair - I swear every time I watch him, I'm thinking "sure, that could be possible" then he says something so crazy I pull my own hair out about that far, and I keep it short This stuff is fun, take it for what it is - BS or truth (or BS mixed with truth). Then again, maybe she's completely bat shit insane, one toke over the line. TBH, haven't watched any of her other vids yet, but that confirmation bias thing is strong with a lot of these sorts of vids, hard to ignore if you're just looking for the substance or the point of the vid... which I still think might be one of those lens flares, but makes me wanna get one of those solar telescopes someday to see those arcs and flares. Pretty sure that was a cell phone vid, or digital camera either way, and would get far clearer pics with a solar telescope and those insane filters. If she's not selling anything, just laugh and move on - it's those assholes selling fake cures that need to be set on fire IMHO. Alien shit is either funny, cool, fake, or just downright chilling. Not worth the effort to tear to shreds
  4. Merch?

    "VG" But I'd never sell anything on Amazon - they take 30% if ya want access to their customers. I saw that thing just the other day, and literally thought -- hell, for that price, I'd learn how to make my own! Same with those rudder pedals they use - Always a bit too close together, and made of plastic. Gonna get a 3D printer someday and make some sweet controllers - might even be able to crack out enough to sell here at VG Store, for sure! Button boards, custom USB hubs, wireless TrackIR TrackClip Pro mods, etc. USB Pinball game controller with actual pinball launcher and haptic feedback (flippers inside that actually move and give that "feel") is my next DIY project
  5. Craziness!

    Ooh that's pretty freaky man! Did you see the one where a large rectangle seemed to come up to the sun and then dart off? Gotta be something up there! No way we're alone I'm no expertamitizer -- but that thing she focuses on seems to change features in time with the image in the center -- like it's a miniature version or echo of the thing in the middle... but I dunno ..... they are out there! I'm a believer - but not sure if this gal is onto something or if it's just some light aberration on the lens like when you get those smaller rings. Early in the vid - the sun upper/right edge and the object: A little bit later: And then a bit later than that: I dunno - maybe I'm seeing it wrong. Was also thinking it could be one of those huge arcs or whatever, but it stays around for so long... if it was a planet far away or close, you'd think it would be dark on the right side and lit up on the left... crazy shit, for sure. If it's something cool like a structure, a space station of that size would be almost as big as the planet Jupiter unless it's closer to us and not really that close to the sun - cuz the sun is freaking huge:
  6. Future ARMA Events - Suggestions and Ideas

    (god I wish I hadn't used photobucket back then ) I was just crawling through the wayback and saw some posts on the old website about my CLAfghan mission - sadly, they weren't archived so I couldn't read what we were planning back then.
  7. Future ARMA Events - Suggestions and Ideas

    CAS is just one form of Fire Support. In a general sense, some form of Fire Support should be available, with restricted use to team leader(s), and with certain criteria to keep it from being an OP tool in any given scenario. Great ideas above - ROE could prevent use of Fire Support due to assets or presence of non-combatants, etc. As far as human-controlled Fire Support, there are those of us who would not mind a restrictive 9-line style CAS call, putting lead on target and not just given a pass for "Weapons Free" over the AO. I'm the type of guy who would love sitting back in the Mortar or Arty pit, chillin and waiting for that call - then going back to chillin and such - I don't get bored in those roles. Some people do - just gotta poll around if you want a couple dedicated Fire Support players, you might get volunteers like me and others.
  8. I know PR is going to DIE!! Whats next?

    Solar mentioned GTFO, but it is small teams COOP, not large numbers like PR/Squad/Arma
  9. I know PR is going to DIE!! Whats next?

    Did you miss Fastjack's reply? best let sleeping dogs lie. These things happen, and people don't always get along or share the same vision, and things can break down. No need to dwell on the past. If it's not in the cards, it's not in the cards. But if you're ever able to patch up that bridge and enjoy doing the projects, you'll have some fans around here. Either way, PR ain't going anywhere anytime soon. WW2 is gonna be pretty cool! Like anything, I'm sure they won't be able to catch every issue in testing, so you know it will continue to be developed and patched for some time. Will probably bring in at least some interest -- PR is still the best free military battlefield like games of it's kind and it's a pretty rare kind, too. Top notch radios, excellent game structure.... I guess if no other games in the future truly measure up, we'll have to make one. But I bet Squad will keep moving forward, we'll see. Plenty of good games out there, but if/when PR is gone, it will be a genuine loss of a truly unique and well made COOP game. Those are too rare these days.
  10. Merch?

    Sounds very reasonable. Thanks, man! The first (last) item that was on the list YEARS ago was the 550 Paracord bracelets, BLuD wanted to get those on offer. And I love the Dog Tags idea, too! And others... so we will get one to three items to start... I'll dive into the logistics and details this weekend, got a dentist thing tomorrow, so I'll be sore from the holes he's gonna want to drill in my face most likely, will have some solid ideas and plans by Monday. Again, my goal is to have something(s) up by the start of March. If that date gets waylayed due to jackassery, I'll brief you all.
  11. This is another absolute gem of a video by the great B3rno at B3 Productions on YouTube -- smack the fullscreen button, crank the volume, and feel the G's!!
  12. I know PR is going to DIE!! Whats next?

    Why? Was there a string of mistakes back in the day that caused a loss of confidence? Or was it a social/personal conflict thing among team members? That just seems so illogical. We had an issue once with someone who had an issue with our PR COOP Server lead reviewing their work before it made it onto our server live... I could understand that shit.. but a working remake of a good map? I don't get it....
  13. Merch?

    Alright - everyone would need to go get a photo shoot of themselves in-game in their fav game, could even photoshop a name and quote, or sig... Problem is, while we're a little smaller than we were back in the day, we still have easily over 12 active members, but nowhere near 365. Not that we couldn't use duplicates, even same person in different game.... lots of us play many different games together. Neat idea... I like the dog tags and embroidered patch idea the best. In fact, there was a round of that years ago, when Eclipse sent a bunch of dedicated members some dog tags (if you've ever seen my avatar pic with my Glock and dog tags, those were them...) We'll get something up ASAP. I've been hunting down all VG graphics and polishing them up in PS for such things, and will put up a discussion post in the =VG= Forum Section so you all can provide input. I'll have some things for sale up in our commerce section by the start of March... March Merch? Embroidered patches are a little more expensive than tags or even die cut stickers, and one concern is minimum bulk order size. I did a little looking around yesterday, and I'd need to do some more research to find an affordable company that will sell smaller bulk orders. Probably gonna stop using google and look to China - there are a lot of great companies with affordable deals if one doesn't mind a week-two week shipping time, and then I can send them out from USA as they are ordered. ....The bottle openers I saw were affordable, but only had one color engraving (white) - would prefer something that would have a multi-colored logo of some kind. Might be a matter of ordering a bunch of logo decals on small metal pieces, then a bunch of blank items, and just affix them with a powerful epoxy... Again, not expecting massive ordering, so I'd have no issue manually doing this, the packaging, shipping, etc. and saving costs there... The other option is going with a company that provides branded items to-order, and the costs go up, and they take a pretty hefty cut to the tune of 30-60%+! A great idea for this would be that we wouldn't mark up the price too much from what we buy them for, but that the "profit" goes directly back into VG, like fundraisers. On a final note -- the logistics of export regulations, regional sales/import taxes, and general shipping costs are what make this the kind of thing that is difficult to dive right into. Takes some thought. We either offer to-order branded stuff using some other blokes website, or we do it all ourselves and benefit from the extra income to fund VG and any other VG ventures. (I prefer the second option)
  14. Microsoft Pulls Security Update Windows 10

    Thanks for the heads up, bro!! Glad I'm between updates right now, so I missed this one. Very happy Win10 Home Basic has the pause option for updates - helps when you've got an always on PC and leave your windows open so you can continue working the next day.... So long as MS does their due diligence re. faulty update modules, articles like that actually make me feel better about MS - they wouldn't have released that as part of the updates if it had not been tested and assumed to be well and proper -- and within a very short time finding out it was bad, they removed it and provided information about the issue. Software isn't perfect, and neither is any OS, including our old beloved Windows7... I kinda feel bad looking back at my opinions re. Win10 in the beginning, in that article here about Win10, but it was a true reflection of what I was feeling as an end user at the time I first started working with Win10, even going into it with an open mind, so I'm glad I have that to look back on as time moves forward. ...i still hate the default Win10 calc app, though... what an ugly piece of garbage! Black background is awesome, massive font size and tabbed function areas not so much.
  15. Merch?

    Yea, actually that stuff is on the list. We move a bit slow, but the commerce system is set up here on the site, ready for things to be added, etc. Would buy in bulk and use the proceeds to fund the swag purchases, and/or other website and server costs. The first step was getting the site secured, and that's been done. I'm wrapping up my current project and will put some time into this soon. One thing some places do is to use a 3rd party store that offers branded items to-order, shipping directly to the customer, and handling all that hassle of distribution (worldwide) - and we've been down this road before - but since we would not expect large volume orders, I wouldn't be opposed to just buying a dozen shirts in various sizes (or whatever), a few handfulls of keychains, 550-paracord bracelets, things like that. There are some technical details to work out on the site, specifically shipping calculations, but I'm sure I could get it sorted. I don't mind having something else to do around the house, and I have plenty of room for empty boxes and to store some swag.