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  1. Looking for players

    Arma 2 is famously (infamously?) known for poor graphical optimization. On top of lowering most all settings just for you to get a playable FPS, you may also need to play a mission that has more control over variable view distance (on foot vs. in vehicle vs. in air vehicle), as well as something to remove the grass. Some missions force equal footing on the level of grass or bushes, so those would be a no-go for you if you struggle to play games on your machine. Best wishes and good luck! I suggest Arma 2 "Insurgency" by Fireball (and others), or Arma 2 "Domination! 2" by Xeno.
  2. Define BASERAPE?

    I'm gonna go ahead and close this thread. The OP's concerns have been addressed, and points of clarity have been made. If anyone has any further specific questions about our rules, please feel free to create a new topic and we will do our best to provide answers and address any new concerns. Thank you all for your feedback, and for your support!
  3. Operation Antistasi - ARMA 3 Campaign

    @=VG= Sausag3 RHS updated on the server, and I already put the new bikeys in the keys folder. Turned it on (didn't test) but should be good to go. Any issues, feel free to contact me.
  4. Define BASERAPE?

    You may attack enemy ground assets once they are attacking friendly ground units regardless of their location, where in such a situation, any fool in his right mind would be screaming for CAS support to take pressure off of the enemy ground assets actively attacking them. What you may NOT do is "solve a problem before it becomes a problem", and this should apply to any situation where you call into question YOUR position, the ENEMY position, and the BLUFOR front lines.... If the FLOT is not under attack by these things you see, and they are (as stated in the rule) outside of standard engagement rules, then you may recon only -- getting attacked from ground to the air could happen with an enemy tank... but if you are where you are SUPPOSED to be, and well within your rights (again, as stated in the rule) to be there, and you're gonna get downed by some chard 2 KM away that can fall under the AA or AAV category, you are good to go... If you are using any such situations as an excuse to pop off any enemy ground asset just because they landed a bullet on the chassis, there will be far less sympathy for any exception to the clearly defined rules.
  5. Define BASERAPE?

    I know you said you couldn't use the quote function, totally understandable... just need to note that what I had said was this: and in context, I was referring to the (quote) "blanket & arbitrary enforcement" manner to which the OP was labeling our Admin's efforts to enforce our rules on our server. We set clear standards and communicate those with our Server Admins in non-public areas of this website, as we do for our =VG= Clan Members in even less public areas of this website. Our rules are neither a choice to be followed or not, nor a forced mandatory minimum sentence of action, either. This is why it is not easy to be an Admin here, and why we work so closely with them to make sure things get corrected, and that everyone is aware of issues that arise over time.
  6. Define BASERAPE?

    Define "unplayable" I'll go first, though, and define CAS: Close Air Support The spirit and intent of the rule is clearly for the majority of CAS who replace that C with an A, standing for "Autonomous" instead, and maybe that S to mean "Strike". Because it is a game. When I run squads, and y'all know I don't anymore, but when I did, those who know me know I make frequent use of CAS, calling it in to get my squad past obstacles, achieve goals (within the rules) and I've never had to call on something I could not see, or visually recon, and I wouldn't do so for something all the way to hell and gone away from the front lines.... Because it is a game. There are challenges in place to be met (in due course) for a reason. FTR, I was also a CAS guy... for a time, "the" CAS guy whenever I could get in the pit with my gunner, Raven800. I could literally park that choppi in the sky over the troops, drive to the corner store for another beer, and get back before Raven was Winchester on Ammo and ready to RTB (and I did... more than once). Had every AA on every map memorized, and would use the rockets to save main gunner ammo. Loved it... but stayed within my sphere, and happily responded to support requests (otherwise, I hovered high and back from the troops on the front, out of earshot but in eyeline of threats) "(attacking spotted target past the front line is also not allowed)"
  7. Operation Antistasi - ARMA 3 Campaign

    Currently uploading updated RHS mods to the VG Event Server, very large, but very worth it... (personally, I hate those Arma 3 future puke weapons) Event Server must remain off until I'm done, I've disabled auto-startup in TCAdmin, so please don't change it. Will post up when done, it will be awhile! Everyone should make sure you take the time to fire up Steam or whatever to make sure your Arma 3 is updated, as well as any installed mods required for this event. Again, some being rather large, but WILL be consistently used by VG in Events like this (especially the 16GB's of RHS mods) and so please consider finding permanent space to maintain these mods if you're wanting to get into these more regular VG A3 Events (with mods). Same with TFAR -- we discussed it before, ACRE vs TFAR, and for now at least, we are leaning heavily on the side of TFAR so learning how to use this excellent radio mod is essential for any of us participating in these mod events. *I most likely will not be able to make it, shit so bad lately I may end up back in physical therapy ... so roll them cameras, take some screenies, and maybe even have everyone form up in a line for a group picture near the end of the event for posterity. old arma group pic, can't remember the clan or event:
  8. A little advice for my new PC!

    Tru dat! I use a 1080p at 144Hz, and it's from the generation of "Nvidia 3D Vision Ready"... before the wave of monitors that actually sync with the graphics card, as opposed to the other way around for previous "dumb" monitors and standard old v-sync. I don't even use v-sync in a majority of games that might even benefit from it, just out of forgetfulness or lack of time setting things up proper, and the experience is not awful or else I'd have been spurred to actually re-set up such things now that I have a better PC and GFX card (on the same 2015 gaming monitor)... it's gonna come down to the user, too. I'm merely coming from the forward-looking-back point of view, so Monitor first, paired with the desired graphics card that can drive it, on a Motherboard with the desired options and required support, and THEN choosing the sufficient CPU and RAM combo for such a board, and then choosing the appropriate Power Supply that can drive it, and then the fastest drive or combination of drives to be the brains and long term memory of the computer, expandable or easily upgradeable* later down the road. *(I can run PCIe Gen 4 NVMe's but offerings slim, so I bought last gen NVMe's, with options for future if needed - I'm sure I could find somewhere else to make use of these Gen3 NVMe's, they wouldn't be wasted). So I look from Monitor backwards through to storage, rather than from GFX card and CPU/MoBo/RAM, storage, then PSU, then Monitor. Different strokes for different folks. edit: P.S. Ideally, the storage would be the bottleneck of a system, where everything was able to function as fast as the data could be retrieved from storage, but that's not always the case. I'm fine with my CPU being the bottleneck even, so long as it's sufficient to run the programs I want and the GFX card is powerful enough to drive the resolution and FPS range at high/ultra detail levels in game settings. The worst case would be for the bottleneck to be the Monitor at a lower refresh rate, especially if also a very high resolution, if you're the type to favor PC gaming for it's far greater than console FPS ranges, like 80-240+ at high/ultra detail game settings, but I'm sure some of that is subjective - I'm not down for 4K until I'm running something as powerful as the new 3000 series Nvidia cards, cuz I'd not want to drop in-game settings just to achieve higher than 60FPS averages or even 5%/1% lows. Just IMHO, I'm a high FPS, high details guy.
  9. Squad VG server

    Oh snap -- they made it to 1.0 and they still don't have choppers? What are we supposed to "get to"?! "GET TO THE HUMVEE!" just doesn't have that "ring" to it, eh?
  10. Not really, no. It's an issue as old as the VG PR COOP Server. We've been down this road countless times. Any suggestions or ideas seem to disregard many of the concerns I brought up in my previous reply. Automating things like acceptable squad names seems very smart. Varying any delays based upon number of players relative to bots seems smart. Delaying use of certain assets because some people have slower load-in times (and by proxy, slower program drive) does not seem so smart. And those who are smart (and fast loading) will still find ways to do exactly what they are currently doing inside any new system that has ever been proposed, including this one. Scripting is definitely the solution, in some way, but I would assume the ONLY way would be for the entire match (including Bots) to be frozen until the last human has loaded in, not including new players just joining I would assume. Why not that? Well, I could imagine some serious hate emerging for those "slow loaders" holding up the match. Some loaders are slow because of a choice to use enhancements like ENB, etc. Every solution seems to have it's game-breaking drawbacks, this is just another example. IMHO, there IS no solution except tolerance.
  11. Define BASERAPE?

    I'm fairly certain it won't hurt anything for me to post this one little quote by @=VG= Melon Muncher to help clarify what is already very clearly spelled out in the rules: ------------------------ When we find reports of less than stellar performance regarding rule enforcement, we may ask that our Admin base step up and be the best they can be to help re-train the server (and it's player base) back to the way it is intended to run according to our rules. Because there have been many confirmed reports of CAS disregarding the already existing rule. There is nothing arbitrary about this, and there is no 'blanket' enforcement beyond cracking down on: This includes CAS pilots that seem to be ignorant of, or are disregarding the rule. We have not updated or changed the rule, and our efforts to educate and/or eliminate those who might violate it is par for the course as we address the matter with those we put in charge of Administrating the game server, and ask that they ensure this rule is upheld. Pardon my frank tone, but we will address and enforce our rules by whatever means we deem fit for the situation, and we have an honorable track record in this regard going back a decade. Presently, we have asked that our Admins observe and warn/kick/ban (as appropriate) players for any/all violations of our rules, including the Baserape rule. We especially do not convolute one issue (such as Baserape) with another (such as Camping) when we are addressing any particular matter or issue, as it diminishes both and over complicates matters - just as we do not deal with every player violating a rule at one time, but individually and on a case-by-case basis, as the issues pop up. All of our rules are enforced, there are no exceptions and even =VG= Clan Members and Admins are subject to them. If you have a problem with a player or Admin violating a Camping rule, report it. If you have a problem with EVERYONE violating the Camping rule, create a report about that. But please don't come asking about why we are enforcing our Baserape rule as if it is at the expense of not enforcing our Camping rule. We certainly will not be changing the way we Admin our server just because you are getting frustrated while we deal with players and rules on our server - no offense intended at all, just being real with you. If YOU are the person being dealt with, that's a different story and I'd suggest that you merely make yourself familiar with our rules, and ask if you have any questions - but let's be real here, bro: You are complaining that we are enforcing rules on our server because it is frustrating you. You are implying that we do not enforce our Camping rule. And you think there is a better solution than addressing the player(s) who may be violating these rules in-game as the incident happens, as we always have. Here's what you can do: Learn the rules (asking if not understood*), report players (or Admins) who violate the rules, and then get back to playing the game. Please do not mistake my frank tone for anything but just that - I'm not trying to be disrespectful or offensive, again I'm only being real with you. It's a video game that has active management, and many routes for players to help make sure the server is running as it was intended. We appreciate feedback, but we are operating the same as we have for ten years, and I don't see any reason to change that. When Admins need something brought to their attention by our server management teams, we do so. When Admins need to warn players to follow our rules in-game, they do so. I don't see how this could be anything close to frustrating for the standard player (not involved in the situation), nor for the player getting dealt with who should understand the rules as we have written them (or ask). If you have any specific questions, our Admins will be happy to clear it up. We are all always trying to get and remain on the same page, but all Admins may have differing optics in the match at hand, and others yet may be new Admins in training that may not be as confident or experienced as they soon will be. We are not a machine, our Admins are not tools, and we're all only Human. Time and experience flow organically here. We all do our best. If you could please reply and let us know what part of the Baserape Rule, as quoted by LangMaster above, is unclear, we may have a better understanding of what you need clarity on. It seems very clear, and there are plenty of specific examples listed. We will not be creating a picture of every single map with demarcation lines, that would be absurd. Help US help you.
  12. Project Reality Event Week I

    @=VG= TEDF If you want, we could set your event to an RSVP only thing, if you anticipate too many numbers (but numbers of people who had not read your excellent briefing up there)... Whatever you wanna do is just fine, anything you need, just ask.
  13. A little advice for my new PC!

    I dunno about this advice. The Monitor is your main portal to gaming, and is the key component that your entire gaming computer is all about. The PC drives frames to the Monitor, and the Monitor is the least frequently replaced part of the entire system. While it's important to stick to a budget, it's also important to ignore a swing of $30-50 either way when it comes to finding the Gaming Monitor that you are looking for. Sure, there are "methods" to get things to work in a non-standard and non-native manner... and those methods may work very well, or there may be issues. Freesync *may* be configured to work for your Nvidia card, or you may have headaches and problems, and massive regret later. As I keep driving this home, I'll do it again: research pays off. The latest Gsync technology is Gsync "Ultimate", and there is NO way that any Freesync Monitor in a modified method to work with an Nvidia card will approach the true native functionality on par with Gsync Ultimate. Even Gsync "Compatible" is yesterday's tech. Buy what you can afford, whatever works for you... but know that these "methods" are just that, and there is a reason for that "premium" charge when a company applies a proprietary technology to a monitor. It's not just a sticker with an Nvidia badge on it -- it's the advanced post processing that all monitors do with additional processes from Nvidia for all these fancy new v-sync options that are above and beyond anything that has come before. You might want to read up on what v-sync is, how it works, and how AMD (and FreeSync) and Nvidia (and Gsync) utilize the monitor's post processing to communicate with the GFX card to achieve sync with far greater performance and fewer negative drawbacks than back in the day when we only had simple "v-sync" options. I would hate to be this guy: https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/forums/geforce-graphics-cards/5/378836/problem-with-freesync-and-nvidia/?topicPage=1
  14. What gear do you got?

    hahah! yea right! If it worked like that, there would be hell to pay. There is absolutely zero conflict in that, and though there are good and bad pairings of tech, the brand doesn't enter into it. Pretty much given that we are a PC Gaming Community, I figured it wouldn't be too much to assume that people would understand this poll was most likely regarding their main gaming PC. Imaging my surprise. Should have been more specific, but just tossing this out there for fun anyway, so no big deal.
  15. Squad VG server

    I would say that SQUAD has the style and feel of PR, while remaining it's own game that is more along the lines of a game "heavily inspired by" rather than a direct evolution, but maybe that's just the weight of the previous engine limitations being lifted due to the UE base that SQUAD is built on. There are things in SQUAD that are better than PR, and there are things in PR that are better than SQUAD (no COOP mode, had to mention that). I like that the Score Board is mostly useless during the match, especially for evaluating yourself and how you've been doing that match or how many kills you got. I kept trying to look at it to try to confirm kills after-the-fact, but it doesn't register your kills to the board until the end of the match, so I kept thinking I was a shit-shot, but actually did ghost more than a couple of the guys I pegged during the engagements in the match. The learning curve doesn't directly translate, either, and there are similarities but also plenty of new flow and meta to get the hang of. We've been all over the board this year, maybe if/when our SQUAD server becomes a "thing", we will be able to direct gameplay the way we have with our PR COOP Server and encourage greater cross-squad communication and coordination. FTR, the way we play/host PR COOP is far more involved than most any other PR COOP server *ever*, and that is something unique. Most people just wanna run and gun 'blueberry style' in PR COOP, and we turn it into a cooperative push more similar to deployment than most people would normally expect out of COOP. We could do that for our SQUAD server, too, it just takes a bit of dedication and time... and folks who enjoy spending time on the server whether there are 3 other players or 30. Just know that it is priced closer to a premium AAA game, yet is still a WIP though greater than 90% functional and bugs are few and far between - and that's a hard pill to swallow when you could anticipate playing it infrequently or just to "try out". Totally playable, tons of fun, killer graphics by comparison to PR, and you will forget very fast that it's still technically in BETA. But it is NOT Project Reality.