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  1. In Portland, Oregon, where Darth Vader rides a unicycle while wearing a kilt and playing bag pipes that shoot fire around the Skidmore district, we have a saying, "Keep Portland Weird"

    .... So this just happened, an official local brew from Portland Brewing:

    1. =VG= Fastjack

      =VG= Fastjack

      About 2nd pic …… few seconds later forklift came around the corner and SMMAAATTCCHHHEEEDDDD mr. unipiper!!!!

    2. =VG= SemlerPDX

      =VG= SemlerPDX

       :tatice_03:  ....and then a few seconds later, "Portland Brewing announces it's newest beer:  Smashed Unipiper with Bits of Forklift IPA"

    3. =VG= Fastjack

      =VG= Fastjack

       You know i came from the logistic buisness  warehouses etc.

      When i see your fucking american type pallets … pure hate.

      With the standard warehouse equipment like forklift, reachtruck or slipsheet it's to shitty to handle.