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VETERANS-GAMING is celebrating 10 Years of COOP Gaming! For the last ten years, VG has been proud to host our servers and website for so many COOP gamers and teamwork focused players, and we are thrilled to be a home away from home for anyone looking for a casual place to hang out and play games with friends!  It's been a long road and many people have come and gone over the years, some even come back after awhile, happy to see their old stomping grounds still filled with the best COOP gamers and games, and with plenty of Bots ready to give a fight and to eat some virtual lead!  We hope you all will stay with us through the next ten years, and on!  Long live VETERANS-GAMING!!


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  1. Need help, PC died.

    Something something My Analog Life Forums something something Toolkit
  2. Need help, PC died.

    Well if you don't mind about legality, you can always get LTSB from the high seas...
  3. COOP Campaign Battle VI

    inb4 Six-Day War 2.0
  4. Server lock-out on Route E-106

    Yesterday, the server got locked out of a lost game on Route E-106 Std layout, where enemy has capped all the flags on the map and the game didn't end by itself, basically locking any non-admin players from the playing on the server. I had to run next manually to fix the lockout. Could someone either see what's wrong with the map condition or move the map further back on the map list?
  5. Server crash on Bamyan Std

    As in title, it seems that on the map Bamyan Std, once the A-10 takes off and leave the ground, the server soft-crashes. It has been reproduced several times on patch .14 - .17 with the same method. Is this bug specific to VG COOP or on all PR Coop servers?
  6. VG Project Reality COOP - Public Poll - Proposed Map Changes

    The problem of the whole removal of one-man assets and delayed spawn is that they are only suitable for the times where there are at least 20 players on the server including good players. If it is Euro/US Midnight/Morning then there are only 15-ish or even less ppl on the server + take the playerbase skill into consideration which varies a lot more compared to a few years ago (Patch <1.2) then it might drive people away from the server when they gets frustrated. Is it possible to extend the Low-pop/High-pop Config in the control panel to Map files also? So admins can change the maps according to player count and skill level. If not I would suggest keeping a small amount to map as before to act as low pop map/seeding maps. Also I think we can replace the tanks in asset-oriented maps to a 2:4 ratio (One Man:Two man) e.g. leave 1 or 2 one man tanks in kashan/khami while all the other APC/Tanks are two man so even in low pop times admin can just set those map to keep the game enjoyable for the players.
  7. VG Project Reality COOP - Public Poll - Proposed Map Changes

    IMO on most of the map A2A Jet should spawn instantly while heavy A2G should have a delayed spawn e.g. A-10, Apaches or anything with ATGMs. And I think we should keep some of the maps' asset one man (Just one or two) for low pop times or teams with really bad/uncooperative players.
  8. As title, the coop server is having bad lag spikes that lasts 20-30 seconds every few minutes, even on the first map after server crash. The lag brings down all flying assets as no one can control their chopper/jet. Could anyone look into this? Maybe the new settings/control panels broke the server?
  9. The Role of Commander in PR - a discussion

    Are the devs really that pants on head retarded? They don't even play test the maps already every time they push out an update (bugged navmeshs, broken designs like the runways after the physics update, wrong armor values in vehicles etc.), and now they are hash-checking the map files for no reasons other than keeping the servers to their "standards" ?
  10. FOB update

    IMO the problem is the variation of the player quality/skill level. When I'm online, even the easiest asset-heavy maps take at least 1hr30min-2hrs to finish due to how incompetent the "squads" are (wandering all over the place, flag jumping when there are only 1 functional squad etc.) Without building FOBs in the correct place the players won't even be able to get to the flag as no one will run transport/trans as suppressed by AA or APC/all ground transport vehicles got ditched somewhere far on map AND then all of them(Players) will spawn in the main or generally being useless. Basically it's like herding cats to finish a map before everybody quits and kill the server population. But then when there are at least 3 proper players online or 2 good squads and the round finishes in 30-45 mins and everybody steamrolls the bots. I suggest that we use the old wire need wrenching and other is instant build to keep the balance if the vehicle decay speed can't be fixed/set to deployment level.
  11. Operation "Red Tide" Part II

    Will titans and missile silos be available for both the EU and PAC side on Highway Tampa?
  12. Operation "Red Tide" Part I

    What kind of weird password is that. Well it is more passwordly than "event" I guess.

    It's not about the server hardware but the PR+BF2 server coding itself being a 10 year pile of ancient code. There are not much the devs can do about it expect refactoring the whole code base which is impossible.
  14. As the title, the coop server got into unrecoverable crashes 2-3 day in a row where players got stuck on the starting screen with the "dead" message and server not restarting itself, requiring someone to restart it manually from the control panel. Could someone look into the error logs or similar and see what is causing that?

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