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  1. [poll] I need your vote!

    Both of them seem good, i choose Carbon but won't be disappointed with either one.
  2. Bike accident, hospital video as of today

    Not good man. Hope you have a speedy Recovery
  3. Introductions

    Welcome Aboard Mate
  4. Hello There

    Hope everything gets better for you soon mate.
  5. Hello to Everyone

    Welcome Mate, Enjoy yourself and have fun in the community
  6. Yo Yo Im on a comeback

    Welcome Back Mate
  7. Space Engineers: Troubleshooting and Tweaks

    Space Engineers is bad for that, asteroids and the more objects and blocks you have. Kiwi and I have made a huge base in one game and when we were finished i was down to 1-5 fps when near it, and i was averaging 60+ fps, So maybe with your specs it can play the game but very limited
  8. A big Hi for Everyone

    Welcome to the Family buddy
  9. Air Museum Pics with Tankmaster and Airbats

    Very nice, Hope you all had Fun
  10. Hello everyone!

    Welcome to the Community Mate
  11. New gaming mouse suggestions

    There is DPI Shift, And it works just like that. Push and hold and it will go to that DPI Speed untill you let go, and you can set what dpi level you want it to be at. 3 Profiles to set up and use if you wish too, and 5 DPI Levels per profile to scale and set-up. Plus DPI shift but that set too one of your pre assigned Set DPI Levels
  12. New gaming mouse suggestions

    Was about to suggest the G502 proteus. I'm using one and it goes well
  13. Blazer Intro

    Welcome Mate, Hope you enjoy the friendly community
  14. My intro CatsMeow200 real one

    Welcome Mate, Enjoy the community and have Fun
  15. Hello!

    Hello and Welcome Mate. Hope you enjoy yourself in the community