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  1. Introduction

    Any love&hugs left for me? Good to have you with us!
  2. New internet speeds

  3. [poll] [PR:BF2] Playing music in Local

    Dueling Banjos :)
  4. PR screenshots

    Robot can Plank with the best of them!
  5. Cable bill went up again.

    Shud I be paying 50$ for this? http://www.speedtest.net/result/3077352345.png :(
  6. YouTube Music Thread

  7. [poll] Opfor event thingo

    Voted Yes.............(melonsux)
  8. I think Ive had trouble with those dcm guys before. and . Whenever i see a posted report of teamkillers that is THIS LONG, It makes it seem like you are trying to cover your tracks (so to speak) Next time Keep it Short and to the Point
  9. Starchyduke

    Great post!
  10. PR 1.0 Teaser Thread

    do the ospreys drop repair stations?
  11. just some sketches...

  12. PR 1.0 - not that far off....

    I just almost drowned in my own Drool