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  1. Introduction

    Any love&hugs left for me? Good to have you with us!
  2. [poll] [PR:BF2] Playing music in Local

    Dueling Banjos :)
  3. PR screenshots

    Robot can Plank with the best of them!
  4. Cable bill went up again.

    Shud I be paying 50$ for this? http://www.speedtest.net/result/3077352345.png :(
  5. YouTube Music Thread

  6. [poll] Opfor event thingo

    Voted Yes.............(melonsux)
  7. Starchyduke

    Great post!
  8. PR 1.0 Teaser Thread

    do the ospreys drop repair stations?
  9. just some sketches...

  10. PR 1.0 - not that far off....

    I just almost drowned in my own Drool
  11. =VG= Hey Men!

    kb dont forget aboot aiX bud
  12. Aloha from sunny Britain!