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  1. Thanks for all anwers today the work on my project goes on and so i need to take the last as it is. Because some of you direkt me to compare some Movies i look in my Movie list and add some themes from Movies and series (Maybe in english a few have other names) list is not full, took me 1 Hour only for these few Global Black out = Revolution Time Traveler change History = Continuum Alien armee attacks = Defiance, Falling skies Island effect (You cant leave a Zone) = Under The Dome, Lost Slow Zombie attack = The Walking Death, Resident evil all parts, Fast Zombie attack = 28 Days Later, 28
  2. tentacle monster, hmm ok i add "Bowl of Wax Fruit" to the Survival bag hmm but really, i add the SmokeMonster from Lost, and Godzilla, both unrealistic, but so different to the rest that they can work as Placeholder for something we dont know
  3. ahh good ideas, i add them the service of fresh water i meaned with "water loss"
  4. For a private project i need to make a List of catastrophes. (i hope i Translated them right ^^) This list will be the Startpoint for me to Write Packing lists and acting advices. Actuall my list is Natur Happening -------------------------- Black Hole reach Earth Solar Event Supervulcan Meteor Impact (Large) ---EMP World wide Blackout ---Magnetic pole reversal Nature Force -------------------- Earthquake Hurrican Tornado Vulcan eruption Meteor Impact (Small) Flood Tsunamie Clima Change Hot weather Extrem Hot weather Clima Change Cold Weather Extreme Cold Weather Accidents -------------
  5. Because i wrote yesterday so less i want now to give a bether overview. My Plan for a basic training is the Following What should you (or the schoolar) learn Day 1 -------- Enable Rcon Commands The Kits, a overview (On Kashan STD lokal) The Vehicles a Overview (On Kashan STD lokal) Spawning, Hold Spawn, The right Kit, The right Spawnpoints (Theorie) Supplies, where you can get what. (Theorie) Rules, a overview to be safe on (nearly) all Server. (Theorie) Day 2 --------- Theorie about Kits Practice on (Muttra Alt lokal) Officer Rifleman Medic Practice on Coop Internet Officer Rifleman Medic
  6. Since a few years i work on a Basic Training. i Startet many different versions and Different types. Finally it looks now that i will write my last version. It will contain A overview as HTML. Contains A overview about Kits, Vehicles, Assets A overview about Marker, Movement, Communikation Small infos to the Maps (Will start with Small infos, Bether Infos came Later) Basic Training (14 Days), every day in 3 Parts, Theorie, Local server, Coop Training something about 90 Days, for every Day one Aspect in PR will be focussed Infos to the Maps Strategic and Taktik as Squadleader Strategic and Tak
  7. i write down what i see inside at gaming Today I joined at Kashan 7 men, funny play Qwai River Started by 7 We votet us out Beirut Start with 6, nobody stay at flags, with 3 men we vote us out to Kashan us Layout Kashan we stzart by 2 and end at 6, We had fun but (Lost this round 41 - 0 Hija Valley Inf We vote out after 1 min by ?7? Men , back to Kashan us Layer Kashan, Startup by ?6? men, after a half hour or so i leave Joined at Kami Inf with 22 Men Then we played Falluscha west As next we played Kokan with around 20 men but i left because of RL Finally. The Gaming was good. But new
  8. The reason i wrote this text / list a few days ago was that many player (including me) dont like the actual switch between Vehicle and Inf maps. The meaning of the Player i spoken to was that they dont play PR for INF. Sure Inf can make fun, and on Maps without vehicles Inf has more fun. But Finaly the reason to play BF2 and PR, and addidtional on COOP is that there are Vehicles. That this is feelt by many of the player you can see by many sucessfull mapvotes the last days.
  9. A few words about the Coop Map Cyrcle (for Version 1.0 of PR written at November 2013 by Boreg) (And sorry that some words may be a bit strange, my native language is German,but i use Dict.cc often ) I start with the word.... "Finally" Because, i write this here after a couple of Hours of research. Only the first 3 Maps i explain. When you read it you will understand. But now first a few words about decisions i have done during the development. * Every Mapchange got the risk to Crash the server. So i decide to make the List in 4 Parts. So a Admin if online can easy choose a Map in List w
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