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  1. How long will PR last?

    When playing PR today...a realization struck me. PR is a 15 year old game with a waning playerbase. Most of the player I see is the same almost everyday. How long did you guys think PR would last? As much as I love this game theres no denying that its gonna have to go eventually. Thoughts?
  2. Hello. Konichi'wa. Hallo. Hola.

    How come you aint gettin tired of PR after 15 damn years?
  3. =VG= PR Event

    Damn. Guess well wait
  4. =VG= PR Event

    Nice event but 3 am is too late for me
  5. Beirut event in a nutshell

    The Logi that ended up in the water was not my fault. Its Sugar's
  6. =VG= PR Event

    Oh gosh 3am
  7. T-51 sucks maaan

    X-01 for real papa's

  8. Game Night

    Sounds good but I sucked at deployment and has no money
  9. hello,

    And I am the great RedMan,Hero of the NCR,a famous witch doctor and the conqueror of France
  10. Hey,mate

    I am TheRedMan45 and Im the medic that try to saves everyone.If you played with me you'll know what I mean (P.S. Sgt.Geroy I wont save your ass anymore)