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Project Reality update has been announced




Highlights : 

3 new maps (Adak, Icebound & Hiberna). Last 2 are seasonal maps that will be removed early next year

Different factions on same map depending on the layer

BMP3 Finally got the Thermals back.




Edit : Update scheduled to be released tomorrow!

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PR:BF2 v1.6.4.1 Changelog (2020/12/19)
Added new Vietnam themed Launcher background created by Hokunin.
Fixed an error showing up every time PR got closed through the main menu.
Fixed textures glitching on low light settings.

Fixed a certain crash related with AI not using the correct weapon activation keys on some weapons.

Fixed skinning of Dutch AT kits.

Fixed a client crash when firing AMZ Dzik smoke launcher.
Fixed Scorpion gun sound looping when holding down fire button.

Fixed water container IED not having planting sound.

Added below deck spawn points for China.
Fixed missing statics and textures.
Fixed floating buildings.
Fixed destructible walls having no destruction effect.
Updated flag localization.

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