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  1. Off topic. I wish PR have the Brits vs. the North Africa Korps.
  2. Just get a Gaming laptop or desktop. A specs that will run SQUAD will definetly work.
  3. BTW I failed to mention, I like that button to call for medics. I don't have to keep on making sounds calling repeatedly to remain visible in the map and to know if a medic is on the way to rescue me, calling by repeatedly pressing this buttons helps a lot. This newer build is a better release.
  4. KilRoy-


    I am skeptic of this subject. The close encounter of the third kind with my family is my mother in law and unfortunately she is trapped in my household and couldn't fly back because of this pandemic. Cheers
  5. I'm a bit adjusting to most of it. At first I don't see the capping status until I realize it's in the bottom. The bar Increasing towards the enemy seem a bit weird, but then I realize it's a bar graph which represent that my territory is increasing. I don't like the weapons and squad joining pop up, if it's length can be increase a little more to make it look normal. With the map, i think reverting back to a transparency mode will be better to crewmen or pilots. In anycase, PR is still great and it will live forever.
  6. This is a good topic. Just to add, there are seasoned players who are not pros. They play only when their time allows it and for fun. They are not newbies but because they're not as good as the pros or veterans, they still commit mistakes. They also need to be encourage to maintain the player base.
  7. Brother. Not in your list, maybe you would like to look at SAP ERP. Two possibilities, SAP Functional or SAP ABAP. The SAP functional is a systems analyst (architect is the more modern term) while ABAP is a programmer. SAP ERP Functional is either (1) Materials Management (Supply Chain / Inventory) or (2) Financial Management. ABAP is SAP's proprietary programming language and will do coding for custom requirement of either SAP Supply Chain or SAP Financial Management. The pre-requisite, IMHO are (1) Fundamentals of Computer Programming and (2) Systems Analysis and Design. An
  8. I want to share a 2nd masterpiece. Both are my top favorites.
  9. I have so many favorites but I don't know why this had an impact on me. It's not the best in my Playlist though.
  10. Hi, Another suggestion is to make the bots operate as a squad and not doing lone wolf. There was a bot mod in the BF2 days that accomplished this, I can't remember the mod. Another suggestion, is if it's possible for the bots to have various skills, one bot is what we currently have, stupid but sharp shooters and another skill is more human like behavior, like the bots using cover to their advantage (not running around) and yet still aggressive. This somehow simulate deployment but with more fun. The problem in deployment servers is the waiting, humans tend to stay and hide, their l
  11. My opinion guys, I'm not sure if it's possible. A coop server which can randomize sides. For instance Mutrah, we're US side then in the map cycle, Mutrah repeats where we will be MEC, in another cycle as insurgents etc. I think admins to do a proof of concept (POC) for the gamers to experience it and there will be a poll if they like it or not. Though it may entail a lot of admin intervention or server restarts and may not be possible to automate. It's like randomizing a playlist, you can't predict the next song. If the randomize side is feasible to be coded by the devs, with a co
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