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cant connect to pr mumble

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Hello @soldfive! Can you still join TeamSpeak servers? That way you can at least have contact with some of us while you play. We can also walk you through some possible solutions there. I'm on Teamspeak now, so feel free to hit me up.



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@soldfive You could try this:

  1. Join the VG server
  2. Alt + Tab out to the desktop and look in the system tray for the Mumble:Root icon and open it
  3. Click on Configure > Settings
  4. Set your Microphone and Speakers to what ever you are using, sometimes the default setting does not always detect them
  5. Click apply and Ok
  6. It should work now.

    Yer welcome.
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u can close the topic, i fixed my problem, i reinstalled windows 10 and that somehow worked for me 

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Final note for future viewers -- FYSA it may very well be possible to fix a Windows 10 installation without reinstalling the OS - it's certainly worth a try when reinstalling the OS would be a far too painful process (I got an exciting PC upgrade coming and I am literally dreading reinstalling all the many programs, utilities, and etc. that I have installed over the past 5 years!!)

from Gary at VoiceAttack:
Try a system file scan to see if anything could be identified as out of sorts (assuming you are using Windows 10):   
This is good to do from time to time - it's not always a clear picture, but if there's something low-hanging, it does a good job of picking it up.

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