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@Xenalite okay - that was pretty clever right there! :tatice_03:

@Echo1  Thank you for your interest!  As VG's ambassadors to the public players here, our Admins try their best to be knowledgeable and friendly role models in the spirit of fair play and cooperation, and that is the sort of behavior and demeanor we look for in potential admins.  If you are serious about this, you would also need to conduct yourself in this manner as well, and follow these attitudes of friendly teamplay and cooperation, as well as the rules of the game - we keep an eye out and watch for potential candidates.  We have internal discussions regarding players we feel would be a good fit for admin on the server.  It's good to know this is something you would be interested in.  In the meantime, it will help us greatly if you would report players in game with the !r report function when no admins are online. 

If your name comes up and you get tapped for Admin here, we will let you know.  Thanks again!



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