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Admin application - Risiko94

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my name is Alex(23), most of you know me by Risiko94.

I frequently play on your COOP Server for Projekt Realiy. I hope i made a good impression so far, a few practical jokes aside.

I do my best to help players, especially new ones. Quite often you can see me leading a BEGINNER INF Squad, explaining the game to newbies.


Iam happy with the way this server is managed and how the admins react (well, most of the time).

Since there are rare occasions where an admin can't be found, iam asking for admin rights to help people in those situations.

There is nothing you can do against a teamkiller or even worse, a bugged map (Beirut STD, f.E.) without admin help.

I always check the teamspeak, but sometimes i can't find one and i don't want to rip people out of their arma/PR immersion.


The following admins probably know me (random order):

  • deathdealer203
  • H8CrazyVet67
  • InchPincherToo
  • SoldierOfMisfortune
  • Spartanish
  • =VG= HaterOneActual
  • VODKA Skitalez
  • =VG= Keed
  • Everyone i forgot, my memory is really bad.

The following admins know me to a lesser extent:

  • chickenjason123
  • asquirrel456


I don't want to be part of the Clan, nor do i want any special dutys or rights, aside from voting / changing the map and warning / kicking people.



Regardless of your decision regarding my application, thank you for providing (the only) decent PR COOP Server.





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Thank you for your interest!  We have internal discussions regarding players we feel would be a good fit for admin on the server.  It's good to know this is something you would be available for.  In the meantime, it's helpful to report players when no admins are online.  Thanks for helping with the new players, too!




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Thanks man,

As semler said it's discussed internally. You'll be notified if there is any changes.
One thing you can do is start being active on TS3 if you aren't, All our admins and veterans players are on the TS3 when they play. It is also a requirement for our admins

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