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=VG= Martin

Black Hawk Down Tactic...

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Nice afternoon playing deployment INS with my brother and Fastjack.

That was a smart move to protect the cache from balconies in front of the cache (which was in a balcony too) :biggrin:



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i have 40 minutes recorded of that round :D

Got the moment with the Breacher on the cache, where i am RPG'ed him. Recorded also Gabi's and my dirty laughing.

Taped also the RPG hit on the Lynx.

This was a nice Insurgency round as INS team. We had the kill lead with 65+.

We won with 2 caches left.

Sad that you didn't catched the other guys on the balcony.

We had atleast 10 players on the balconies around.

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The Cache balcony

BHD Balcony Ambush.png

The neighbourhood of the ammocache balcony

BHD Balcony Ambush 2.png

Get some !

RPG lynx.png

Burn bitch

smoking chopper.png

Only for the sake

lynx rpg.png

My balcony crew

my balcony crew.png

Breache ron Cache

Breacher rpg_ed.png

Minimap cluster fuck

balcony clusterfuck.png

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But Martin, you know where i'm proud of .......

You noticed that we was the guys (you, Gabi and me), who controlled the whole crowd. You noticed?

About your Brother: Can you ask him if he like =VG=? 

Really enjoy playing with him Insurgency

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46 minutes ago, =VG= TEDF said:

Looks cool and all, until a somewhat competent BLUEFOR Grenadier shows up ;) 

When you would see the whole movie, we all was alltime aware about that. The lower balcony groups had cover for such an grenadier from the buildings and had the job to kill those threats.


there was no chance for any grenadier to get us all, because 90% of the time, we was prone on the floor, we managed all people to watch out that there legs not looking through the walls. Some balconies had civies, our balcony had atleast to additional kits laying around with grenades. Martin and Gabi did an amazing job as medics and they organisated all the ropes for the people. I watched the full clip and at the best times we was 14 ppl around the cache and 11 on the balconies. You cannot see it in the pics because i choosed moments to make screens, where i saw many people to get them in few pics. Later, we was well scattered over the balconies. Me, the  RPG was on the highest level. The real firepower was on the lower levels and had perfect cover against the APC from the desert or outskirts. You can hear that in the shortclip about who, which level of balconyhas to use.

It was an amazing organisation job and all people had fun and joined our BLACK HAWK DOWN AMBUSH.

It all started with my words: YESSSSSS, what a nice location for an ambush like in BHD. Martin, rope me up.

And than it  begun ...... 

In this clip we all was up and not hiding because we wanted people on the screenshot that Martin made.

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