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Gaza Insurgency

=VG= Fastjack


Another Coop Insurgency playtest with the new Gaza_2.

..... and currently working on the killing an civilian Intel. In humans vs. bots mode, i have to change only 1 codeline in the python and it works. In Coop, human/bots vs. bots i have to make a complete specifiec class behaviour setup for the Opfor and Blufor bots, so the Blufor bots only will use the arresting weapons (ziptie, shotgun, etc.) against civies.


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Looks great.
For now i think its great to add that the bluefor bots dont shoot the civi's. However i hope that we can get rid of that soon and make the game just like our coop server humans vs ai

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What an amazing work there, seeing you progressing on making a Coop INS game mode. Loved it-! :D I'm sure it will be helpful for people who havent readied yet on INS game mode.


Btw.. have you discussed about this in PR Forums with the Devs? Might be awesome if this custom mode added to the game :P



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