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[Arma 3] Weekend Warfare


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[1-2.5hrs] 1900UTC+0 Saturdays

Arma 3 events are too few and far in between, and there's not enough of you who play regularly and those of you who do, do so elsewhere, myself included, so I figure I'd give weekly 'sessions' a shot, lasting 1-2.5hrs on procedurally generated dynamic missions with completely optional mods, at 1900UTC+0 Saturdays, unless there's an event. Mission scope & type are randomised & anyone is welcome to join in progress , barring disruptive behaviour, all are welcome.

I'll also be on that ancient contraption you call teamspeak during these sessions incase anyone needs help joining up. A good time if nothing else, a superb time at best. I can only guarantee lots of fps'sss & seamless join & play, everything you'd need to know will always be in the map briefing & task list.

Post up below if interested to let others know you are too, If you're looking for an Arma 3 Unit or just a regular group of people to play Arma with, join up & more will surely come, someone's gotta get the ball rolling, might as well be
YOUIf you can't attend due to a time conflict, you can always catch the next one or hop on the Domination gamemode always online on that server at your leisure & ping [conservatively] @Arma on discord to join you.


List of Modifications to Vanilla Gameplay [missions pbos patched automatically with these changes]:


List of Modifications to Vanilla Gameplay [missions pbos patched automatically with these changes]:

FPS optimisations ensuring 45+ server fps and making 60+ fps possible on any half decent pc, because it doesn't matter how good a mission is if it runs like a slideshow, enjoy high fps Arma.
Addon Free Scripted Radio integration,
    • All Content is Already in ArmA 3:                |
        -Clients don't need to download or setup anything    |
        -Less files added means more optimized mission filesize!|
        -Radio sounds are audio files pulled through the game    |
        -Character using radio animation is an Arma 3 animation    |
        -Default ArmA 3 "ItemRadio" is used for radio comms    |, used for Group/Command/Vehicle channels
        -ArmA 3 Livonia DLC radio backpacks used for radio comms|, UAV backpacks can also be used in the same manner for Infantry to access Air Channel
    • Radio Effects:                        |
        -Press & hold a 'PushToTalk' key to talk on radio    |
        -Pressing a 'PushToTalk' key will play a radio sound    |
        -Pressing a 'PushToTalk' key will play radio animation    |
        -Pressing a 'PushToTalk' key will alert nearby enemy AI    |
        -Releasing a 'PushToTalk' key will play a squelch sound |
        -Speaking on VON channels broadcasts a radio squelch and|
        noise sound for players with a radio            |
    • Radio Interface:                        |
        -Pressing 'Diary' key will bring up radio        |, default 'J'
        -Click the center knob on radio to cycle thru channels    |
        -Click the top-left knob on radio to adjust radio volume|
        -Click the 'Mode' button on radio UI for AFAR settings    |
        -Press 'Esc' key to put away radio.            |
    • Automatic TFAR / ACRE2 Detection:                |
        -Script wont initialize if TFAR/ACRE2 is enabled by host|
    • Radio Item Must Be Equipped To Communicate:            |
        -Player without a radio cannot talk on radio channels    |
        -Player without radio can still speak in Direct channel    |
        -Player cannot talk underwater without a rebreather    |
        -Handheld radio's maximum range is 3200 meters        |
        -RTO backpack radio's maximum range is 9600 meters    |
        -Players become less audible the farther away they are    |
        -Terrain interference can greatly reduce audibility    |
        *Disabled Range Limits per feedback
    • Side Channel: (DISABLED BY DEFAULT IN 'CFG.SQF')        |
        -Allows all players on same Side to communicate        |
    • Command Channel:                        |
        -Radio works only for group leaders            |
    • Group Channel:                        |
        -Radio works only all players in your group        |
    • Vehicle Channel:                        |
        -Radio works with land, sea, and air vehicles        |
        -Allows talking with other players in your vehicle    |
    • "Air" Channel:                        |
        -Each faction has their own "Air" channel        |
        -Radio works for:                    |
            -Players with a vanilla radio/uav backpack equipped        |
            -Pilots                        |
            -Copilots                    |
            -Gunners                    |
    • Spectator Channel:                        |
        -Spectators/dead players have their own channel        |
        -Only works in missions which use EGSpectator        |
    • AI enemies near talking player become alerted     |
        -AI enemies within 9 meters of player are alerted    |
    • Compatible with Arma's Revive template:            |
        -Incapacitated players cannot communicate via radio    |
        -Incapacitated players can still talk on Direct channel    |
        -Dead players cannot communicate at all            |
    • Compatible with Arma's Dynamic Groups system            |
      *Script BY: PHRONK
      *Radio Defaults to group channel on respawn
Combat Realism Scripts integration
    • Backblast:                            |
      -Knocks down & severely injures those in your backblast radius|
    • Disposable AT:                        |
      -Single-use disposable launchers                |
        -M136 (CUP Weapons)                    |
        -NLAW (CUP Weapons)                    |
        -PCML                            |
        -RPG18 (CUP Weapons)                    |
        *Disabled per feedback
    • Flashbang:                            |
      -RGN Grenade acts as a flashbang (blinds players/AI)        |
        *Disabled per feedback
    • Fragmentation Grenade:                    |
      -RGO Grenades spew shrapnel upon detonation            |
    • Holster Weapon:                        |
      -You can holster your sidearm/sling rifle on your back    |
    • Tactical Point:                        |
      -Player points at what he's Tactical Pinging            |
    • Weapons Animations:                        |
      -Appropriate animations when mounting/dismounting attachments |
    • Weapon Jamming:                        |
      -Rare chance for weapon to jam while firing            |
        *Disabled per feedback
      *Script BY: PHRONK
Fire For Effect Integration
    "Fire For Effect" provides fully autonomous AI artillery, that reacts to current situation by smart shelling enemy targets spotted by allied forces. "Smart" means reasonable target choosing, avoiding friendly fire or civilian casaulties and ability of predicting, where moving target will be at impact by analyzing its movement vector. FFE provides also simulation of targeting errors due to factors like human mistakes, weather and more.
    *Script BY: Rydgier
NR6 ZBE_Cache Integration
    *Script BY: Zorrobyte with Modifications by NinjaRider6000, featuring a number of bug fixes from original for high perfromance AI caching
Vehicle Appearance Manager Integration, accessible when near a Repair Vehicle like a HEMTT Repair vehicle, allows changing vehicle texture,cammoNet & cage armor configuration on supported vehicles
Dynamic Vehicle Loadout aavailable by enabling the optional addons, 'Plane Loadouts Everywhere' & 'POLPOX's Base Functions', which allows changing aircraft loadout anywhere with engine off, you'll need to rearm after changing loadout though, so it's not exploitable.
    *Feature available without using these addons in Domination at mainbase, though even there it extends the system built into Domination, by allowing it's use everywhere with an ammo source.
Added PhysX based Tank/APC Recoil, firing main gun on Tank/APC physically affects vehicle and gunner gets a more immersive visual feedback ontop of physical recoil
Increased vehicle fuel consumption, so that refueling will be necessary more often, as by default you only really need to refuel when you take too much damage and leak fuel.
    *Script BY: Wyqer, kp_fuel_consumption.sqf
Dynamic Addition of Flare Dispensor & Incoming Missile Warning to any aircraft without one such as AH-9/MH-9 littlebirds, at runtime & compatible with ANY AIRCRAFT without countermeasures.
Ability to attach explosives to vehicles with selective detonation via action menu.
Disabled Scoring & Scoreboard, the only signifier of your actions on the battlefield IS the state of the battlefield, no more, no less
    *Scoreboard can still be viewed however when leaving mission or at end of mission by cycling pages on Debrief window.
Datalink Sending/Receiving Enabled for all compatible vehicles & turrets, drones not connected to player also set to Autonomous mode automatically
Disabled AutoHover & AutoLand
Disabled Player Voices(Auto Spotting) & AI Voices(AI Auto Spotting)
Disabled Enemy & Mine Map Markers, Tactical Ping && Friendly Map Markers remain enabled to reduce team kills & simplify comms
Disabled Ammo Count for Infantry, you can always check ammo left in mag by opening Inventory & visually inspecting loaded mag, magazine count visible.
Disabled FLIR/thermal view for all but Launchers, Vehicle Gunners/Commanders and UAV's(when fewer than 10 people are online)
Toolkits can not repair Heavy Armored Vehicles at all, with repair vehicles being the only means to perform repairs on APCs & TANKs
    *As a general rule, toolkit repairs can be performed on any aircraft and anything less powerful than an APC/IFV, including MRAPS
Weapon Sway Disabled
Stamina/Fatigue Enabled to force a deterministic class system, where though everyone can equip anything, people can only carry so much & so must carefully pick what they need
    *All players have ENGINEER,MEDIC,UAV OPERATOR Traits, the only thing that determines what traits you can use is the tools you pick in the Arsenal, so a fair compromise, you have complete freedom in how you play constrained only by your chosen loadout which in turn is constrained by the Stamina & Fatigue system limiting HOW MUCH you can carry.
60xTime Acceleration(24min == 24hrs ingame) & Accelerated Dynamic Weather for greater environmental/combat variance & ambiance
Press 'O' to toggle HUD incase you want less hud clutter for a screenshot, recording or anything of the sort.
Dynamic HUD,
    Group Info Bar, for SL's only visible when unit is selected or in Inventory menu or when action menu(scroll wheel menu) is visible
Dynamic Forced First Person,
    Third person is allowed up until the moment an enemy is spotted AND/OR engaged by a friendly within 2km of player,so First Person is forced if there's a KNOWN/SPOTTED ENEMY within 2km of player, so, Third Person View Disabled While A Known Enemy Is Within 2000m of Player. It might be a cheat-y way of knowin if enemies are nearby, but sure beats looking around corners or over walls in third person to actually see the enemy.
    *This is to allow cinematic third person view up until the moment it can be used as an axploit to look over obstacles players should otherwise not be able to see, without risking their virtual lives.
    *Intended to increase combat intensity
Disabled TACTICAL VIEW for SL's, accessible using default Numpad Del, which basically gives SL's a birds eye view of player which has no place in coop.
Disabled Third Person Zoom, what ever you zoom into, should at the very least be able to see you & shoot at you,switches to First Person on attempt.
    *Note: if you're current optic/optic-mode has no zoom you can freely switch between third person & first person using right click, otherwise you're forced into first person zoom.
Disabled High Command 3D/Map Markers that otherwise reveal blufor AND opfor in 3D space & Map view to any unit with High Command.
Cammonets & Cage armor is randomly applied to AI vehicles as well, where applicable.
AI vehicles automatically unflipped to allow their use on mountainous terrain like stratis where they tend to flip & get abandoned by AI.
Aircraft Collision Lights enabled automatically for night time visibility to reduce likelihood of mid air collisions & tks
Aircraft Searchlights enabled for More Immersive AI Airborne patrols, currently that only applies to the AAF Wildcat as It's the only aircraft with search lights.
Enabled Cruise Control for Drivers of ground vehicles, scroll to the very bottom of your action menu, useful to move vehicle at a slow enough pace to allow infantry to keep up for instance, or simply to drive without depressing 'W'.
    *Activating cruise control while stopped, creeps vehicle at minimum speed on any terrain, typical infantry walking speed.
Reactive Spawn System;
    5% probabiliy AI will delpoy Mobile AA battery(Radar,SAM,CIWS) attached to tempest vehicle on first use of any air vehicle, every subsequent aircraft you enter makes the skies dangerous for YOU
    5% probabiliy AI will delpoy MLRS Arty on first use of any ground vehicle 
    *Most missions incl domination have adequate internal logic for CAS & Armor response, so this simply fills a void in regards to AA & Arty.
    1% probability AP mine gets spawned on body of killed enemy infantry
    1% probability live grenade gets spawned on body of killed enemy infantry
    1% probability AT mine gets spawned around destroyed enemy vehicle
    5% probability Loitering Munition(suicide drone) gets spawned @100-300m alt & within 100m of any killed enemy unit
Chained Spawn System;
    This spawns assets otherwise not available in missions by chaining their spawn to that of an already existing asset,this removes the need to edit mission files to extend mission with additional assets for example
    *ex: Static/Mobile SAM sites & CIWS spawn around any active radar unit, making them actually challenging targets
    Quadbikes are used as proxies for other vehicles
    *Quadbikes can be converted to light utility vehicles seldom available in most scenarios, so if you want an assault boat,SDV,slingloadable ammo/repair/refuel containers or flatbed HEMTT's that can uniquely be used to transport other vehicles & cargo, simply find a quadbike & convert it via action menu.
    Carrier Aircraft, cas/stealth variants of carrier jet added to any existing aircraft carrier,5-10min respawn,they respawn in groups if multiple carriers are available
    Destroyer Aircraft, blackfoot added to helipad of any existing destroyer,5-10min respawn,they respawn in groups if multiple destroyers are available
Faction Restricted Arsenal
    *Disabled per feedback, seems people like to hoe* out on their loadouts, enabled for DUWS_X however to account for faction differentiation based on chosen factions
Added ability to taxii helicopters, turn engine on, turn on lights & switch to first person to taxii while on ground.
Dynamic Tasks, tasks/missions defined not as objectives but as actions you must perform as a consequence of their mere presence,
    *Instead of destroy AA mission, you must find, hunt & destroy AA sites denying you use of an Airspace you wish to fly through
    *Instead of destroy Arty mission, you must find, hunt & destroy Arty sites attacking your positions
    *Instead of convoy mission, you're forced to use convoys to transport supplies & MHQs to an AO without them being destroyed enroute
    Quiet a few of these further enhance existing side missions & primary objectives for more emergent gameplay.


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Nice turnout last week, a little rough around the edges in the begining, so I've refined the gameplay more for upcoming saturday.

Doing a significantly modified version of Domination this time around, my modifications make it a challenge but not a slog, gameplay is as close you get to PR in Arma 3 as possible, so you won't feel as lost as some of you did, very straight forward & more polished, combining the tug of war you find in AAS with more objective driven specialized tasks/missions embeded within, in more focused but still randomised AO's, active one at a time.

Please read the map briefing upon joining, everything about the gamemode is explained within.

Since Domination is a dynamic long winded gamemode, your objective for the session will be to complete 3 randomly generated missions & to secure the active AO and all random objectives within it. You are free to use any and all assets available to you & no more, all destroyed HEAVY assets available at main will need to be recoverd to Main Base for re-use, no respawn, similar to Mike Force, for those familiar.


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  • =VG= XOR pinned and unpinned this topic

Carrier Ops this time around, use of CUP gear from the Arsenal enabled for you those of you AddOn hoes, while still remaining optional for those of you who're not inclined to download or install mods.

More procedurally generated dynamic tasks and VON system optimised & It's range limits discarded per feedback.

Join us yet again for high fps Arma, more polished and more refined every subsequent week, yet again, If you enjoy PR, you shall enjoy this Version of Domination as well, If in doubt, no better way to find if you do or don't than to try.


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#Weekend-Warfare  1600 UTC+0, 10AM CST, (Sunday April 17th) 




Modified Dynamic Recon/Combat Ops:  1 - 1 .5 hours
     • Factions (selected on start), Terrain (selected on start),
     • Assets (selected on start(2-5), 1-10 min respawn),
     • No Zeus • what will be, will be,
     • Vanilla Revive • No ACE,
     • Mission Fails if all players die or too many civs die,
     • 8/15 Players Max (variant selected on start depending on number of players)

Mods/Add-ons: Only CUP Weapons/Units/Vehicles/Terrains Required for the duration of mission.

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I was unable to setup that last one as I was stuck in traffic in a storm but for those of who did show up on time, you have my thanks, there's always next weekend, so we'll do it then, I'll leave the server up with Domination CUP for the duration of the week, before going Vanilla again, so you can hop on & have good ol' time with the USMC on Chernarus Winter till then.


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#Weekend-Warfare  2000 UTC+0, (SaturdayApril 23rd) 



Modified Dynamic Recon/Combat Ops:  1 - 1 .5 hours
     • Factions (selected on start), Terrain (selected on start),
     • Assets (selected on start(2-5), 1-10 min respawn),
     • No Zeus • what will be, will be,
     • Vanilla Revive • No ACE,
     • Mission Fails if all players die or too many civs die,
     • 8/15 Players Max (variant selected on start depending on number of players)

Mods/Add-ons: Only CUP Weapons/Units/Vehicles/Terrains Required for the duration of mission.

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The purpose of #weekend-warfare to give people a 'known' venue, where people could hop on for an hour or so of Arma at a fairly consistent time slot.

However all good things must come to an end.

Your feedback is a valuable part of progress, and the Domination server is optimised fairly well as a result of such feedback, my thanks, and check it out some if you haven't, you just might be pleasantly surprised.

Thanks for hopping on, to those of you who did, vanilla domination will still keep going strong, and I'll maintain it with regular updates, despite these sessions coming to an end, so keep hopping on.

Final #weekend-warfare on Saturday May 7th 2000 Zulu.


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