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Open group for all our vets and current service members out there - If you've served in the military join us here!

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Group for veterans and current military service members.  

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  2. Yes PR is stand alone. I've never heard of shadow but it sounds rad. My 1st pc was an Alienware from 98 LOL. I still have it. As far as Arma, it kicks my ass too, I don't play it enough to remembering everything I forgot while not playing so I just stay stuck, but the basics are all you need to have fun and we have guys that can definitely help out and will. s/f Blud
  3. 'Rah Blud, thanks for the welcome. Interrogative: Is PR still a Mod for Battlefield 2 or is it a standalone program nowadays? I never got into it but I know it's the predecessor to Squad. I was fairly active on Modern Warfare (2019) because the engine, gameplay mechanics, and even the community really harkened back to the old Infinity Ward Installments (before West and Zampella left it to found Respawn), but Cold War has once again turned me off to the series completely. Just not a fan of the way Treyarch builds their games. I don't have a rig but rather I'm subscribed to an emulator
  4. Sup warrior, welcome aboard! I'm glad you found us most of us are fairly active and play the games you're into. You should get Project Reality installed and give that a try if you haven't already. I'm Blud I founded the site 10 years ago and we're still here. I also play CoD but I'm stuck right now waiting for my new pc to get here next week, the one I'm on is having power issues. I look forward to gaming with you! You're also invited to post an intro in the introductions area of the forum. OORAH! Blud
  5. Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening Ladies, Gentlemen and Everyone Else, VictorJulietGolf here aka the biggest POG on this site, USMC 2014-2018, 0651 Typed "Veterans Gaming" into Google and this is the first site listed and it looked active, figured I'd give it a shot. Been gaming since I could walk, didn't get into online gaming until after I came back from deployment and spent most down time in the bricks. Been playing Squad since COVID hit and the gen pop on there is mostly keyboard warriors who wouldn't dare be seen at a recruiting station, so I'm hoping there's a few users on here that
  6. Welcome to the "veterans club". I'm Blud. Former Marine 1995-2008 MOS 0311, 0369, 8411 Thanks for joining up! We'll see where this goes but for now we're just here for casual conversation and a place to hang out. OORAH! Blud

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