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  1. Hello.....I don't know my way around the site yet and am looking for a bit of assistance.

    I'm pretty sure that the process is simple but I can't figure out how to get onto the servers to play a bit.

    I'm hoping that you will give me the neccesary steps that I need to follow.

    Also, I can't figure out how to make posts in the forums.

    Thanks in advance,

    Mostly Blind

    1. =VG= 0100011000101

      =VG= 0100011000101


      here you can see a couple of servers:


      When it comes to PR you just have to click on COOP and not on deployment after starting and then update the server list. a veterans-gaming server should appear  (usually at the top). Double click and you did it...

      with BMS and Arma you have to ask someone else because I have no experience with BMS and only very limited with Arma. (maybe Blizzard, Kavelenko or Semler can help you with BMS/ with arma maybe keed or pitn)

      Links in the Forum:

      Arma: https://veterans-gaming.com/forums/forum/33-arma-series/

      BMS: https://veterans-gaming.com/forums/forum/202-falcon-bms-4-272/

      PR: https://veterans-gaming.com/forums/forum/28-project-reality-42/

      and if it is mainly about BMS I would look around here:



      With Squad I could also help you, but it looks like the server is down right now.

    2. Mostly Blind

      Mostly Blind

      Thanks....that will get me started.

  2. I'm in total agreement with you . The man's work is outstanding. I have been working with it for hte last week and feel like I'm about to get a good handel on it. I'n about to install and join the Discord group to access some help with things that I haven't found yet. Wish me luck and thanks for putting this website and community together. Well done.
  3. When I landed here a few days ago, I was in search of downloadable profiles for the "VliceAttack" program that might apply to the flight sims that I play. Little did I know that I would happen onto the amazing brainwork of =VG=SemlerPDX and his incredible "AVCS CORE" program, which is in the process of changing my computer life. His program is making VoiceAttack a viable and useable program to this septigenarian with limited vision. No doubt that most of you guys here utilize his work in your gaming controls and not surprised at its abilities but, it is something n
  4. Thanks guys, for the warm welcomes! Looking forward to spending some time here and enjoying the comraderie. If you lot are representive of the membership here, then life will be good. My reflexes are a bit too slow to strap on a non-prop aircraft anymore, so I don't know that I will be streaking about through the skies on the community servers but, who knows. I liked to play PR before my vision went south on me but I would be a hazard and a detriment to a squad of ground pounders. :_)
  5. Hello, all, I am an old, visually impaired, USN veteran, Flight Sim Pilot who just landed and taxied to the hangar here, hoping to find a tutor for the "AVCS CORE" program so I can use the "VoiceAttack" program to make aircraft control much easier. I hope that I can contribute positive things to the site and team meambers.
  6. *hoisting coffee cup* Remembering all those who didn't make it back for Thanksgiving.
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