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=VG= Skitalez


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11 hours ago, =VG= Double_13 said:


Really? :1:

Double_13 = 3445976

1 hour ago, Daniel75 said:


Total score 3900229 :)

OOH those =VG= Tags!!!! :3:

Congrats :0:

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We should reset the scoreboard every month and get the MVP of the month medal for them xD

Rot counting scores up from multiple accounts i own is unfair as skit also has multiple accounts and so does ranger. 

I had my challenge of reaching the scoreboard top 10 and it finished a while ago

now i just play mainly for funz. If you play for points be a SL and spam fobs, this as some regular people do this to get first place. not really a challenge if you ask me and also pointless for your team. sadly this is the way the game goes to so meh.


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