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  2. and if you buy a complete pc then you know when which part breaks? ^ ^ such a nonsense ...
  3. Pretty much that. Even if you fix one part, you never know how quickly another can crack as well. In the end getting a new one should be much more safer.
  4. Just buy new PC life is short LOL
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  6. It is important to have a general overview and a few technology skills do not hurt. I have no expert knowledge in all areas but I can read the knowledge that I need quickly, because I can guess what I have to look for and what it could be. It's just important to know what you should not do. if you know how a circuit works and understood that a computer is not just running but has a thousand individual components that all have to run and harmonize with each other, but are very stupid for themselves, then you start to dominate a system. before that it dominates you because you are stuck to a surface where the desired function is not available. I have already broken many components in my life and many mistakes cost me days of my life. but all that together has brought me forward rather than annoying me. I handle 4 to 100TB of data a month and have a lot to do with hard drives. when cinema switched from analg to digital, that was a completely new thing. on this way I destroyed dozens of hard disks but also saved a few and now I know how to deal with file systems of various kinds. what I mean by that, do not let that pull you down, but see it as a guide for the next time. even if you forget 80% of this again, when you need new memory, you will remember this story, that there is ddr3 and ddr4, that you can not buy any, but the right one and where the dangers might lurk ... these stupid boxes know only two things: 0 and 1;) enough of scientific folklore ...
  7. Yes I also agree with Sem. I took it too lightly and was too much in a hurry. I missed some crucial points and what was supposed to be a fun built your own PC turned into an expensive disaster. I literally missed a few vital points. Probably the only reason why I am posting my failure publicly is to inform other people that if you want to built or repair your own PC make sure you know exactly what you're doing. Otherwise you end up losing tons of money you may not have and yes, take your time to check and double-check and triple-check. The slightest oversight can cost you hundreds of dollars.
  8. I'm sorry to say that but semlerpdx is right ... on the other hand, as a beginner you have no chance if you get misinformation from "secured" sources. If a pc dealer tells me that this is a good system, then I also assume that it can be used. That's why I did not see if the parts fit together ... So the same mistake would have happened to me if I get told by a pc-dealer that it fits. Maybe I would have thought faster that is not the case but something like this is very irritating. I hope you can give the stuff back and get your money back. see it from the other side. you've learned a lot about computer systems. even if you can not do something with it right now, if it gets more it will give you a picture of the whole thing. the next time you buy a pc or parts of it, this will not happen to you anymore... but other things;) read, try and and try again till it works. 10 read 20 try 21 if mind > system then goto 30 -else goto 40 30 have fun, goto 100 40 ...and ERROR! goto 10 100 if fun > mind goto 30 -else shutdown
  9. Yep. I was clever enough to touch some metal before handling the parts but it doesn't matter. I learned from my mistake. I've seen dozens of people build their PC my PC etc. It's actually not that hard and I do know how to do it now. But I'm nevertheless never trying again. Not my neck of the woods. Could be worse. Next week all should be good.
  10. The lesson learned should be what we said from the start: Do your research, educate yourself - even included links to Tom's Hardware guides all about selecting parts and assembling a working PC. Patience is a virtue, and I feel if you had taken a little more time to read and research, you would have been able to notice the socket set marked on the MoBo box and that it did not match the socket set marked on the CPU box, same with the RAM, etc. When it comes to assembling parts that each cost several hundred dollars, it's best to know your limitations, or be ready for new challenges. Were you even wearing an anti-static wrist strap when working with these chips and boards? Did anyone mention that in this thread beyond a one-time discharging of static prior to touching something? I feel you could have done much better if you looked before you leapt.
  11. Aha... So here's the thing. I bought a coffee lake i5. That's not compatible with this motherboard. Nobody noticed not even the guy in the shop when I asked him. So my worst case scenario is that they do not take back the motherboard and the CPU is broken because I placed it in which case I'm down about 350$ in the best case scenario my GFX still works and they'll replace the motherboard for a coffee lake suitable one pay a bit extra and I'm done. *fingers crossed* And let this be a wise lesson for everyone who thinks 'I can do that...' just don't... I learned my lesson the hard way...
  12. that was nonsens. tpu is to overclock your system automaticly... but it is still not responsible for this.
  13. jap, then the mobo is broken. but that means your old computer ist working now? sometimes you can be really unlucky with something like that. if all cables were plugged in and it could not be turned on, but your old computer is running, then the mb is broken. A few years ago I had a computer that crashed irregularly. When I opened the computer to find the mistake, it disappeared. I have tried everything possible to provoke the error or to find it. Whenever I put the computer in its place, a few days went well and then it all started again. in the end it was then the cable of the graphics card, which had always pulled the graphics card a little bit out of the motherboard... that was the very last thing I would have thought. So you can be unlucky, broken hardware, incompetent dealers and everything together. But in addition computers always have complex systems which are very prone to errors. i hope you now have a usable computer ... if you are not completely demotivated and still have questions, ask...
  14. It does zilch, nada, rien, nothing, nande mo nai, niets, nichts... Basically with either power source just one little green light turns on and that's it... I simply don't understand how a brand new motherboard can simply do nothing at all. Don't they test those things before they leave the factory? I mean I rebuild my old PC and the power supply worked fine on that one. So it's the motherboard for sure. I am that unlucky... First the one shop falsely tells me they have a DDR3 and deliver a DDR4 twice. Then I buy a completely different one and it's defective. So... I'm done. Never going to try this again
  15. thats weird. but what happens if you push 17? really nothing? when both power cable are pluged, the board has to do something. if not power supply or board is defective. the power supply you could check on the old computer ... maybe you really got a broken mobo.
  16. Nope I've tried it all and I have had it. I am putting it all in a suitcase and bringing it to the shop and they can get it working. I'm like 200$ over budget and it still doesn't work. Perhaps the motherboard is dead. No idea what I did wrong. But when I rebuild my old PC at least the fans were humming like a butterfly. Still didn't boot but it was working.
  17. both should not be responsible for this. xmp is for your ram and tpu for ventilation. in doubt, switch tpu off. but that should not be the reson why your system dont start.
  18. have you connected a and b with a cable from your power supply? and is a plug of your rig on the number 11? what happens if you push number 17?
  19. Well I ... I just don't get it... Now I have a new power supply. But that also doesn't do a thing. So bear with me. I have a brand new motherboard ASUS Z170-A, new memory XPG 8GBx2, new processor Intel i5-8400 LGA1151, new ASUS GTX 1050 Cerberus, new Corsair RM550x and it simply doesn't work. Like nothing... I checked with the guys from the PC shop and they all said it's a good rig should work. So what am I doing wrong then? The only thing I noticed is the motherboard has these two switches. 1.) EZ XMP and 2.) TPU I & II. No idea what those are for...
  20. ok, some power supplies have behind a small switch ... it says "on", right? have you just put the power plug on the mobo or have you also connected the front switch of the rack with? if not, he can not start. on your mobo is a connection that should look something like this. there must be a plug of your rack on it. otherwise the switch has no function on your rack.
  21. Yeah it must be the power supply. I mean even if I made a mistake which I'm sure I didn't the fan from the power supply should do something. Right? Anyway guys - quick lesson from Jersans. If you are not a PC expert don't try to fix your PC just have it repaired or buy a new one. Factually I could have a had a brand new PC by now and all I needed to do was connect the hard drives. *Mental note* "Next time listen to @Xenalite next time just listen."
  22. Well I don't know what to do anymore.... Basically it doesn't do anything. Just a small green light on the motherboard. Even the power supply isn't doing anything. I don't get it. I did everything according to the manual.
  23. you mean you have a new mobo, ram and a cpu and they do not work? then it can only be the power supply. that's the old one ... but if you did not insert a memory, for example, your computer will not start.
  24. And she's dead.... What the fuck am I doing wrong... I placed the processor according to instructions. Connected the whole thing and not a peep. Nothing. Just a little green light on the motherboard... What the fuck?
  25. Well today I gave up. I bought a DDR4 motherboard and memory and it's fuck it. So I'm 150$ over budget. Wish me luck.
  26. Hey if your ram (memory bar) was the problem you can probably get it replaced by the manufacture with the stickers attached shoot them a message.
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