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  2. Thanks for the link!
  3. Guys... i dont soap box much, but this is an interesting topic, that as a veteran, I believe needs some attention. This kid was killed with his ROTC attire on and was helping people get out of the area during the shooting at the school in Florida last week. There is an ongoing petition for his voice to be heard at the White House so that this young man can receive a full military burial ..u can check it out here https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/allow-cadet-peter-wang-receive-full-honors-military-burial. I'm all for spending my tax dollars and that!!..Anyway check it out guys..Thanks for reading.
  4. But wait. Am I that old. Member since 2011. Where are my tears!!!! No but seriously. Thank you for the awesome community. All of you.
  5. I'm so glad to have stumbled upon this awsome community with a HUGE COOP focus. The people, the memories all the fun i've had with all of it is precious to me. Gonna pop a beer and toast to this awsome community that is a gaming haven for me and many others! For many years to come! Cheers!
  6. And may many more years of great community effort come from the fellowship that has been created. Cheers to all past, current, and future community and clan members.
  7. Felicitations and Wonderment!! Here's to a bright future of top class camaraderie and team spirit in, as he said, The Best Gaming Community on the Planet!!
  8. Today
  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY VETERANS-GAMING! Eight years ago today, =VG= BLuDKLoT founded the VETERANS-GAMING Clan as a public gaming community with a focus on COOP gaming and teamplay. The website(s) are programmed and managed diligently by =VG= SolarFlame, and have been improved over time by him with additional components and support from Aseptik. Our TeamSpeak 3 Server has been very well maintained and managed over the years, and has been the social hub of our community where players can have fun without disruptions while gaming or just hanging out with friends. After less than a few short years following it's launch, VG had grown to include over 40 Clan Members from more than 15 countries on 5 continents hosting the most popular and by far the most clean Project Reality COOP Server online. VG has maintained this position for going on a decade now, and is still running strong. To improve server speed, performance, capacity and costs, a team including SavageCDN, Poffadder, SolarFlame and SemlerPDX helped to migrate the VG Game Server to a host in Germany that offered the fastest, most reliable self-managed servers available in the West, and immediately VG was able to host Project Reality COOP as well as additional servers including Arma 2, Minecraft, and any other "flavor of the week" we wished to install and try out. Our game servers and website have continued to improve and evolve over the years including additional functionality and performance, and as some older members may become less active, more and more new members have joined us to fill the gap. It is thanks to all the members and all the players, and all the admins working hard, that VETERANS-GAMING has persisted and thrived for so long, and we are all grateful to have an online home away from home like VG provides. Here's to another awesome year with the greatest COOP gamers online, and to many more years to come!
  10. My cents here. I think that keed did do a good job, however if it wasn't for hater trucking us around and Kav uniting our squads it could have been a disaster. I'm proud of all our boys but we could have messed this up. Also big handout to Double his team for kicking ass. But nevertheless next time can we assign five man squads in specific locations, with specific kits etc? I for one don't need to lead a squad, I just care about us winning and doing our jobs. If I have to lead and you guys trust me to lead well then fuck yeah! But if otherwise needed I'm more than happy to follow one of our other excellent squad leaders. I am really sure we could have and should have done better if we did specific roles and duties. Can I say this?
  11. Here are the "demo" files from the Event for further debriefing: https://www.dropbox.com/s/d5x7eatfqb9zjz0/demos from VG PR COOP Event Feb16.zip?dl=0 Use this online tool to watch these files of the event: https://storage.googleapis.com/prdemoviewer/v3/index.html (first download and unzip the files above, then click this link and select "Choose File" and point it to where you saved the "demos") It's pretty much Battlecorder AFAIK. Enjoy!
  12. I analyzed footage of the event, we lost the first CO sector at Central at 2:10, next to be over run was our position at Meh 123 that happened at 5:14, and Checkpoint was taken by the 10 minute mark. I figure even if Jersans had spawned at East Village he would most likely have lost that being on his own. I'll post the mission here once its finished rendering.
  13. What cas will be available for us later on? Just wondering For squads and numbers I find it an good idea to limit or atleast define the numbers to a squad. I am very against 8 man squads as 6 is much more flexible in the form of that they can all fit in a partyvan/technical/apc or trans chopper (as they have 6/7 slots). I highly suggest 50 cal Trekki as the mighty borach cannon cannot kill enemy APC’s as fast a 50 cal can. Also they cost less tickets when lost. But we shall see.
  14. Anyone know how Trill and Hoss got on?..Apparently SA10's dont give a launch warning and if you see it come up on the RWR in the danger zone it means you are already dead.... Nachodka was the name of the base we were aiming at (NE far corner , Russian)
  15. Time for a review from my perspective: The objective of this mission was to hold territory and keep losses at a minimum. Both goals were met, no compromise had to be taken. Objectively we can book this as a vitory. I am content with the outcome. Yet more importantly, it didn't feel like one. So lets adress the elephants in the room: Briefing A briefing was important to show the squad leaders what to expect and what goes on simultaniously around them on the battlefield. We did tasks, ROEs and game mechanic specifics. Next battle I will include the squad assignments more in depth, since it felt too chaotic. This will be in the form of a warmup round beginning at 1900PRT (the time the event starts) where we will make the squads equal in number of players ( @=VG= Kavelenko valid criticism!). But squad leaders, you have brains too. If you feel something is unclear, like logistics or retreat plans simply ask! KITS (wtf no at kits!) This got me by surprise too, I knew we had only RPG7 with 1 round of HEAT fodder but that the overall amount is restricted was something I found out halfway into the battle. This is tied to the research system nobody but me and the game-master have overview over. I will make a research related edit into the main post soon. But there's hope: Next live battle we will have logistics trucks, grenades, shovels, FOBs, & Foxholes, Bogragh APCs and/or 50.cal Techicals for fire support. So finally more toys with the addition of specialized squads which are sign-up only (Logi, APC). Judging by player feedback I am going to focus research on COOP-like loadouts to mirror the normal COOP loadout as fast as possible. This might come at a cost later down the line for auto-resolve battles but its a risk I am willing to take. Standard AT kits (like we are used too) are top prio! Down the road I am planning to include CAS and heavy assets like Tanks, but basics first. Final words I would like to thank everyone for participating. The first battle was meant to be rough and new, awkward and at points even salty but thats the deal. I appreciate feedback and criticism and the squad leaders for sticking with me. We have a good basis here to get a real, consistent series of events here. I would love to see more squads and returning squad members. And I found the mosin skirmish we had at the aircraft bunker with Hater and Jersans to be quite fun ;-)
  16. Welcome back and thanks for spending your gaming time with us in this Grand Community.
  17. Lovely Jubley. Cheers Jeffu. Learn something new every day...
  18. The F-16 drains centerline tank first by default. Know and love the Fuel QTY SEL panel, the switch toggles external tank behaviour, rotating the knob will display the amount of fuel remaining in whatever you select using the needles on the fuel indicator.
  19. Morning. I am sure this is possible but cant remember how. I am looking to be able to select which fuel tank I am taking fuel from. I.e External first. If I have wing and centerline tanks how can i select the centerline tank to be the main tank until it is empty.? Also how to see exactly how much fuel is in each tank during flight ? Cheers.
  20. Report reply FlyingLeathrneck 227 Replied: yesterday at 12:39 PM There isn't much we can do about this although make sure you file an in-game complaint against that player for teamkilling. We have an teamkilling system that works in the game, automatically banning players who TK too many times. If this is something that is constantly happening whenever this player sees you in the game, then there might be something we can do. But to prove that, you need to continue filing in-game complaints against that player. Regards, FlyingLeathrneck
  21. well that didn't work ... MOD email me .. sorry cant help you
  22. GODANGIT! For some reason my computer has changed the time and when I posted the comment above I tough it was day 16 but it was on the same day as the even That explain why I could not understand who a entire day (17) passed without I even noticed (cuz this morning i checked my phone and showed me day 18)
  23. If the objective was to defend the CO sectors at all costs, then putting my squad Alpha Group on the first one was doomed to failure with only 3 squad members and no RPGs to defend against incoming armour. Just a small criticism, but couldn't there be more organization around the make up of squads before the battle begins. It seems that we had M8's squad with a full squad, (not sure how much enemy they had to face in the first ten minutes) but in the rear and us with only three at the front. Pretty obvious to me that the forces should have been divided evenly across the marked CO sectors first, then fall back or re-inforce as needed. Keed gave us all a good briefing at the beginning but all I saw when we engaged were groups going off with their mates to have fun. Having said this Double's team did well to hold their position and the rest of the team defended the base so all was not lost.
  24. Yesterday
  25. Hi Trill / Hoss. That was a good flight and hooe Hoss got home ok. Looking a bit closer (if you do try again) maybe go NOE when the SA10 pops up and then when in JSOW range pop up together , launch and then go NOE until out of threat range. as I cant see any other way to get close.Not sure if taking AI with HARMs would be good enough. Good luck and let me know if you manage it.
  26. Was back up in moments
  27. Server crash 17:30pm today. Figures, I was just engaging Su-27 and Mig-29 after days of not seeing any EA.
  28. What we need is rope, the single most important part of any plan
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