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  2. than i work with the half of your family...^^
  3. It's my grandfather.
  4. its a little bit offtopic, but is this familiy of yours?
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  6. Ahhh, this is easy fixable. Inch. Has nothing todo with the map. Delete the shaders from PR and change once your screen resolution and switch back to YOUR defaults.
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  8. RAM always crucial for this game, but sometimes when your PC got hotter? Needs a better cooling system for that. Some processes like browser (Chrome as @=VG= Kavelenko said), can hamper your memory works as well. OR cheaper way is what i did here- (in PC Gear) I would advise you not to try this at home , i've been playing it on Low Quality until now, usually crashes when it comes to maps like Kashan or some other random 4km maps like Shijia (1km/2km to 4km after couple of rounds sometimes crashes the game, randomly can occur when entering vehicle, spawns, in mid game etc.) - Inch
  9. Hope the "flood" here doesn't bother you (land textures here are missing for some reason), it looks like it's just my game bugged when testing it (Local) I like how you put that Karbala sign there, just noticed it when came out to first T-Section after US spawn, nearby the UFO (?) mosque. (The Karbala wae on 2nd image lol). Theres also some new statics i haven't seen before and kinda interesting though (4th image) and some weird static building combinations (8th/Last image). But, in the end, it is awesome, it is just the way like Gaza does, but in Main Streets. Anyways, Rabbit. Keep up the good work! Been reading much PR Community Mods lately, and loved some of their works- - Inch
  10. Server seemed a bit buggy tonight. Kept starting mid flight. I did notice the clock was stopped , but just as we launched. When we got back it was started again. Was unable to change loadout etc.
  11. I have some trouble running the map longer as 5 minutes in my editor. Maybe corrupted download or whatever but Rabbit still make updates so i wait abit to figure out whta the cause of the editor crash is. Loading other maps in Editor works fine.
  12. Yeh sorry. My PC froze. I think i have sorted it now so will be back on later. All that fragging and waiting and it crashed. The discord channel was just to let people know when someone is looking for a flight or waiting. Not for comms.
  13. Not that I'm aware of Sandstorm, I've installed Discord before so I might try it again and see if it has any side effects on my BMS. Were you having trouble in that last flight, last time I looked you were upside down and falling. Looked like you may have been having trouble is all. Daniel and I managed to get through and drop our payloads ok, just taking a break now be back soon. Jees those JSOWs pack a punch! Way to rack them scores up!
  14. Does the BMS side of Veterans have a discord channel ?? if not ,I have created one. Veterans_gaming_BMS , easily deleted if there is already one.
  15. Commander doesn't really have be around during the battles, it's preferred (moral support for your minions), but not required. As long as he has time to come online few times a week to select research, troop movements, Check the world map, think over the strategy etc, which all will be done over the forums, it's fine. As for screwing up, don't worry about it. The only one who's mostly likely to do it is me when I accidentally "blow" the server up by editing the server files.
  16. So then we should consider a 2IC structure. I'm happy and confident to command (at least I think I'm a half-decent leader) but I don't want to let the guys down like if my wife needs her 'us time' or my dog needs to poop etc. Considering I'm not committing for a day or time this might get complicated. See what I mean? Moreover this is so awesome I don't want to screw it up.
  17. Problem solved.
  18. Hi Guys, Trying to get on server and I am getting an error "Error - Wrona ACDATA Files" Any help ?? Would it be because I changed something in my Avionics config , if so how do I reset it as I changed a few things and did not back it up.
  19. Just file an application to ted then. Ofcourse it can happen you can’t make it for a specific battle but you could assign someone yourself to take over your task.
  20. So are we doing this? I'm up for map testing!
  21. I wouldn't mind either, in fact, actually I'd love to but I'm not sure if I commit to being available. I wouldn't want to be 'that guy' that doesn't show up for work
  22. Here's the link for setting up your comms in BMS. If you stumble across any newbs just point them to this page.
  23. Thank you. I do use F2 , but does that go to everyone who is on the server. Is F1 to talk to 3d people from the 2d. would appreciate the link.
  24. @sandstormYou can always use F1, F2 when you are in the 2D area of BMS, or click on the Comms tab and see who is in the chat lobby. Have you sorted out the communications protocols for the VG radio channels. If Semler or anyone who has it bookmarked post the link to how we should set that up would be appreciated. I'm finding that guys are coming in for the first time, have no idea how to do that or they have come from a different BMS environment and are not aware of our particular presets that we use.
  25. Understood. I guess it has its issues.
  26. I did use TS for exactly that but now switch it off because it affects my IVC communications and sometimes crashes my client.
  27. Would be great if people would utilise you the TS server , not for in flight but just for anyone waiting etc or if someone wants to join gyys who are maybe in game but not in flight. Just a thought.
  28. XD

    You can say all you want but the russians build very sturdy helicopters
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