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  2. PR school

    Test Airfield: https://www.realitymod.com/forum/showthread.php?t=100848 Test Bootcamp: https://www.realitymod.com/forum/showthread.php?t=123148
  3. PR school

    Yeah we got to shed some light on the whole. I've never found them, and I can not play them. I'd like to try though.
  4. PR school

    Well i hugely agree with semler but many common people might not know some of the tricks / changes made to the game. For example, Most people still go by the rule grab an ammo kit from the crate so it will last longer. While this used to be true for years it isn't true anymore as with 1.5 this got changed. Grabbing a kit now costs quite some points damaging the crate faster then just rearming from it. It might be most of the regulars would show up but it should be up to them to bring in new people and motivate them to become better. Keed can always teach most of you how to take off rocketmode with an osprey xD
  5. PR school

    This was an idea I had a ways back, and after a few discussions we came to the following conclusion: Glad others have noticed this fact as well. This is on point. "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink" I think it would be great to host more group gaming events rather than "workshops": There would be less micro-management of the rules, less concern for too many attendees vs. "tutors", and more fun to be had by all. __ All that being said, we do have the server capacity and we can spin up one of the others behind a password anytime we want. If someone would like to volunteer to host a small group training session for some people, that would be just fine and we'd support you all the way, providing tools and access as needed to make the venture a success. Just contact me in any way and I can set it all up. As far as VG just hosting these, and waiting to see who shows up, I feel that would be more work and less fun for the show runners as well as the attendees. If ANYONE would like to host a training session on a private VG server, that is something we can do, again, just contact me. If this was a job or if we were a competitive lot, we'd certainly run these weekly -- but this is all just for fun and making too much work out of your hobbies is a good way to get burned out by them. Whatever you do here, do it for fun. If it becomes more than just a challenging project and turns into work that you'd rather avoid, then you're doing it wrong, and should just stop and focus on having fun with your free time. __ Maybe you have a small group you've already discussed it with and have expressed interest in joining a training session or event -- that would be the best way, pre-RSVP's. We make Public Events "come as you are" but workshops should be scheduled where people sign up (no more than a squad or so); and the day of the workshop, we can give that squad it's own server to run whatever maps they want, we can even lower respawn timers for assets and player to a few seconds so that training is not interrupted too much by accidents or deaths, if needed for the new players. Realistically, it would take a day or two to set this up, so account for that if you wish to contact us to set up a one-time training session. The idea way back was to create a set of maps with additional assets or modified respawn timers so a training group would not have to worry about limitations of the gamemodes and can jump right into whatever they want to focus on.
  6. PR school

    Well, i wonder what Test_Airfield and Test_Bootcamp are exist for... Are these not necessary for 'testing' things or even training (alone locally) in PR? - Inch
  7. PR school

    First memory of the game was with sledgehammer. Drive the PLA tank on blackgold he says shoot the building.. enemies inside. I Shoot HE frag inside and TK 2 full squads. Luckily he was the only admin online and I didn’t get banned xD.
  8. PR school

    First memory of the game I have is shooting a guy in Main because he had no name-tag floating above his head. So I assumed he must be the enemy. Baby-steps!
  9. PR school

    You know for me games have always been something you learn your self, weather its an arcade shooter, modern fps, or flying games like ace combat ive always learned how to do things my self, a big example is all the puzzles in resident evil, my first game on pr was me jumping in on deployment in karbala joining a squad, and instead of pulling a medic bag out i blew my self up with a grenade and ever since then ive been learning, even now just three months ago i learned how to fly helicopters after repeat crashes and messing with sensitivity. so in my no one cares opinion i dont think classes would fun at all its learn as you go just like any other game.
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  11. Site looks good sem. Nice job with what you're doing. I like it!

    1. =VG= SemlerPDX

      =VG= SemlerPDX

      Thanks! That means a lot coming from you!  Hope you have a happy Father's Day, man :drinks:

  12. Project Reality COOP Event 30th of June

    Great Stuff FOlks! You guys are surely living the digital adventure. Rock On Everyone!! Well Done to all the Fantastic team that makes this a happening and happy factor for VG. TEDster, Yer Number One!!
  13. Project Reality COOP Event 30th of June

    Where would this info go? If I have created more confusion by doing this, I can undo it. Time zones display locally on websites, most all websites. When you look at a forum post, it says when it was posted (not in the poster's time zone, but the reader). example: Note the time displayed of those posts -- they are displayed to ME in PST because that is where I live. Again, all I did was add the time of an event to it's Calendar entry -- it's the person's browser that changes it to their time. I can't add notes to every online detail/concept, and if it's not intuitive enough (and requires over-explanation), then it's likely not a good system to use, and should be removed. It's not easy to account for people who would be confused by a concept when one cannot understand how it is confusing, or in what way. Not exactly sure what to do, but input is welcome. **EDIT: Added a small block below it to explain, but IMO it looks bad, ugly and unprofessional:
  14. Project Reality COOP Event 30th of June

    nice job. Thank you. but maybe it makes sense to add something like "your time" so you do not get confused. I know it now but anyone who does not see this threat might be confused there. no criticism, just a thought. I can handle it ^^
  15. Last week
  16. Project Reality COOP Event 30th of June

    Or just be like me and be online all the time and you don’t miss it xD
  17. PR school

    Squad lead tips. 8man squad sucks unless the SL is really skilled and the players listen. Even I do not really like 8man squad as your movement gets limited. You also have to see you have more people who can get wounded/lost or whatever that would delay your plans. 6man squad is gewd. You can fit in most APCs and you fit in a chopper with the annoying blueberry taking up the last seat xD 4man squad elites. SL=medic rest ar/hat/ammo. You don’t need officer kit (unless you noscope with m9 like meh xD) cus if you need to build you have a crate.
  18. Project Reality COOP Event 30th of June

    I've updated the Calendar with a date and time with the base time zone set to GMT, it will display locally to the user in their time. Check the date of the PR Event, 30th at 1800 -- the calendar will tell you when that 3 hour event runs in YOUR time.
  19. VG Server Downtime

    All VG Game Servers including TS3 and Falcon BMS will be going down for standard maintenance and updates on Thursday June 21st at 0300 ZULU (which will be Wednesday evening in the USA). Downtime is estimated to be 5 hours, but could be shorter (or longer) depending on a number of factors. TS3 and Falcon BMS may be restored faster, and we may get these servers back online before moving on to other tasks.
  20. PR school

    Just play with the Russian squads and you learn everything. If you fail you get kicked out the squad xD. I am not joking the best way to learn to play this game is by following players as skitalez ranger and spartanish and maybe me. I am not talking about how to best cheat/about/glitch the map tactics but what you should do in general. I run my squad in the way I except people to do the job by themself and stick near the squad. What I mean with this is that I don’t tell the ar/at where they have to go and setup, I expect them to learn/do it them self. People join the squad ask me what kit? My response: Take pilot! I don’t know maybe think yourself what is needed? (medics) do we have them?(if yes 2) then what other kit can I grab (non?) take ammo and tag along. Communication is key but spending 10 min discussing how to attack/cover bla bla bla the next flag is not going to work. If one thing should be thought it would be how to medic as people do not seem to understand how you can push bodies 2 meters away. Medic 101 quick guide 1. You have ~60 seconds orso to pickup someone. So take your time don’t simply run to the wounded body stab him while under gunfire maybe kill the guy first if you can. 2. Resuscitate is PUSH!!!!!! If someone is hugging the wall lay down on the body look 180degree away from the wall and then click. (According to what make sense the resuscitate is a projectile shooting forward the hands are just animation and don’t do anything) 3. Squadlead is not first revive!!! People be like “pickup SL alway up first” but don’t. Rather pick up the guy down next to you or most in cover. If the medic would fail the revive the person who got revived also has a chance to pick up the squad. Another good reason would be that been revived is not always safe rather have 2 other people protecting the wounded/healing SL as he is an 1shot kill. 4. You will disagree but don’t revive other squads unless their medics/sl are down. With this I mean that if your squad is moving/pushing your medics should not slack behind picking up people from other squads. They should have medics them self and you should not bother to much. Don’t get me wrong you can always help but you also need to stick near your squad. 5. Revived people can not jump/run. A medic should alway drop patches on people who are exposed to allow them to quickly get away. 6. Drop a patch on the body on sides of the hill. While many people say stab the kit it does not really work like it. The view from the wounded guy is the location you need to stab. 7. Always push double to revive. Yes people in order to revive me (and many many other people) you need to push them once or better drop a patch. It is just better to always waste one small click to push them to simply waste an epipen. Don’t ask me why just push people once before stabbing them. 8. Leftover tips Don’t stab random wounded bodies, if they don’t talk leave them. Stab up the entire squad and heal them at once (if safe) no need to heal one by one Push to find out if someone is ded or wounded ( dunno but when they move when pushing they mostly alive)
  21. PR school

    I agree with practicing everything you do to become proficient at it, but practicing alone won't tell you why you failed in a task and can not give you pointers on how to improve upon something. like I said up top, if you are having problems or just want some pointers, a few admins make beginner squads. But if you don't ever get the chance to get on with them, then just hit me up around the times I'm on (2200-0400ish zulu) and I'd be more then willing to get on and rock it with you and get you proficient. I'm just not sure your going to get anyone to actually set up a server or time for a course or lesson that maybe only two or three people would attend, It's easier to just run in a squad in game and learn as you go.
  22. PR school

    I agree with @CptHawk the best way to learn is by practicing, open a local server, play around with the weapons, watch videos on how to use them and test your accuracy in-game. In my opinion, everything a new player needs is dedication to spend some time getting the feel of the thing... Is not that hard to spen 30 minutes with a Granadier kit checking where each round lands according to the distance you set A "PR Schools" seems way too much for something that easy, if this was something more complicated like Arma or other games maybe yes, but PR is trial and error... and learning your mistakes between that
  23. PR school

    Great idea, i like it, but the problem, in my opinion, is that we wont have that many players with no experience to attend at this so called training... As most don t even read the manual or comunicate or listen to others... (21 th century). That is why it is better for them to try on the so called "single player" (local server).
  24. PR school

    For CptHawk I was thinking about those who ask "how do i do this and how do i do that?", it took me a while before i learn how to be a squad leader and how to use mortars, beside, they dont have to wait to finish classes to go play in regular server, they will be free to do it at the start, it's just for those who still have in mind many questions about the game, mostly beginers. Of course there is PR Manual but experiencing something new in the scene and do it right is much better. Some players "like me" still dont know how to aim grenade launcher or a HAT with the correct distance, they figure out and try again after the first shot because different kits have different scopes and they dont know why they miss the shot.
  25. PR school

    I'm not big on the idea of a "school" for a game that almost 90% of the people play for fun. I understand where your coming from with the suggestion and I've seen a lot of new players as of late, but to be honest, those that would need the training the most are the ones that likely won't attend, and a very large majority don't come onto the forums. I know a few admins on here make a squad just to teach new people the ropes on the coop server and I'll stick around new guys and give them pointers where it's due but from I've learned from my days playing Arma milsim is that schools in a game don't teach anything more then you would learn playing the game normally with experienced people. Not to mention it 'can' be dreadfully boring for those in attendance. If anything, I recommend more "on the job" training then a school or course, people will learn faster and retain the information better if actually doing it and having fun with it.
  26. PR school

    Sounds like what we had on the PR tournement and Sydney got booted for flying jets xD I just show up is this would ever happen and see
  27. PR school

    Hey; I was thinking of you guys making a Project reality school server for beginers and midle knowlege people and here is how i see it: - They will be teachers (better be admins). - It will be sheduler system (Anouncing incoming classes by date and time and what the classe will be about). - Each squad will do one classe with a subject different from other squad (so we can do 9 classes at the time). - Squads can cooperate for one subject (For example: teaching how squad leaders communicate). - Commander will organize all classes and has ability to assigne people to a certain squad depending on what they are learing. - Commander will teach squad leader abilities. - Squad leaders (Admins and teachers but not students) will teach their soldiers. - Team Kill can be allowed in certain circonstances for training purpose and only for those reasons under squad leader order. - An exam day will be organized to see if students are good to go to the regular server. - Ingame score will not count. - They will be not winers at the end of the round. Hope you got the idea guys and let me know what do you think.
  28. Random PR screenshots

    Fuck gravity I'm the prettiest princess!!
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