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  2. PR coop maps that you hate

    Out of all the maps listed in the voting options, Hades Peak & Fools Road & Vadso City is the least played map on VG COOP. I can go on forever on why these maps are not very popular among regular players, but I believe all 3 maps have these characteristics in common: - Map visibility is very low, NOT because of the terrain, but because of the light setting. - Transportation is heavily relied on one asset type (i.e. Helicopters in Vadso, Jeeps in Hades peak & Fools road). - Very few heavy assets and they die rather easily (due to Anti air/tank assets as well as dark/forest setting). From my point of view, navmesh rework isn't going to make these maps popular again, but rather waste Melon and other COOP devs time and effort. I believe the best option for these maps, for the time being until something else comes along (aka night vision for infantry), is asset rework. I don't know if these make the maps play better because I haven't actually played and can't account for who is actually manning the asset, but at least it will make these maps playable, especially during low population time periods: Hades Peak - Remove AH-64 chopper, and add few armors with thermal vision (2x M1 Abrams or 2-3x M2 Bradley) - Add either 2x MH-6 Littlebirds or 1x Chinook for ease of transportation (but can be easily shot down by AAs) Fools Road: - Add 1x MH-6 Littlebird transport - Add 1x Challenger 2 tank WITHOUT thermal vision (enemies have very little anti-tank assets available) Vadso City: - 2-3x boats spawn at Airfield instead of the carrier (they rarely get used when spawning at carrier) - Fewer transport choppers, and maybe add 1x Littlebird with rocket pods - More jeeps, with 50 cal on top as a light anti-armor asset. And..... one more suggestion: Would it be possible if we change factions in each map layout? It is good to see different sections of maps being used based on which layout we're playing, but we're still playing as the same faction, fighting against the same enemies with similar assets. I know I'm not the only person who enjoyed playing as an OPFOR when it was available back then, having at least one layout on these "least popular" maps with human side playing as Russians/Insurgents/MEC fighting against common BLUFOR factions (aka Americans/British) would certainly bring more interest.
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  4. PR coop maps that you hate

    Not sure if some of you would like to hear this but vadso is bullshit on coop since you switched sides its buggy aa is pretty much useless when there is less then 2 inf squads and 2 tanks you will lose cuz its impossible to push and yeah that’s everything i had to say
  5. Operation Slayer |Day1|

    Poke: Time changed so Kav can join us as well. Sorry for that!
  6. Operation Slayer |Day1|

    My bad @=VG= Deathdealer, thank you @=VG= .Blizzard. for fixing the edit. Sounds good.
  7. Operation Slayer |Day1|

    Nope . Rifleman can mean anything from AR to AT or whatever you would like to do. There is no restriction. But the medics are forced to have at least one FAK or Medkit. This is why they are called a specific role. As for the SOCOM they all have faks but only one is a medic and they have restricted kits until they find an arsenal. NO KIT RESTRICTION! But make sure you aren`t a cyborg either!
  8. Operation Slayer |Day1|

    I should be able to join this time! As =VG= m823us asked, will the squads kit, besides medic and squad leader, be strict rifleman? I am new to Arma 3, so I'd prefer not to take such a big responsibility to be medic for this event. I'd love to try AR kit and/or marksman. Maybe it's too soon for the AT, I'll look for a practice server so I'll gain some experience.
  9. Operation Slayer |Day1|

    Squad 2: Fanny Pirates [Fanny 1 actual = @=VG= m823us] @=VG= asquirrel456-medic @=VG= Orracis rifleman @chickenjason123 rifleman Can we change rifleman to AT/AR kits?
  10. Operation Slayer |Day1|

    put me down for alpha leader
  11. Operation Slayer |Day1|

    can i be Tetra squad leader pls
  12. Operation Slayer |Day1|

    ooooo Sounds pretty saucy. Put me in as a medic for SOCOM plz.
  13. Operation Slayer |Day1|

    Tetra (Socom). Want to blow up things.
  14. Operation Slayer |Day1|

    Alpha, Bravo, Charlie ? Which one ?
  15. Operation Slayer |Day1|

    I want minisub
  16. Operation Slayer |Day1|

    CAS/Trans. i want the UH-1
  17. PR coop maps that you hate

    You can get some extra percentages for 2k and 4k Maps when you prepare the staticobjects.con for the navmesh process in a special manner. 2k Maps can have also nearly 90% playarea but it depends mostly of how many tree's (vegetation) you have on the map. For excample, the combatarea edges get tesselated and creates an amount of triangles (poly's) where they arent needed. Ecxample: I placed walls as combatarea and placed the original combatarea a Little bit outside of the walls. All edges was straight navmeshed without small poly's at the edges. Here a Picture of one edge of the CombatArea (CA) without walls. Here one CA Edge where i used walls.
  18. Operation Slayer |Day1|

    ooooohhhh... Hornets.. nom nom. CAS/Trans plz
  19. Operation Slayer |Day1|

    Operation Slayer |Day1| Arma 3 Event 13th June 2020 2100 HRS -GMT Max 20 Players Small Operation - 1 to 2 Hours Long BRIEF : After a catastrophic defeat NATO forces were forced to abandon Chernarus back in 2015. The peacekeepers were driven out of the island by the R.E.D (Russian elite division). Now in the year 2020, with the change of NATO command, a small battalion, mostly consisted of US operatives, is set to infiltrate a small island of Chernarus to eliminate one of the head commanders of the R.E.D and so, to deliver the first strike against the enemy. Objective : The SOCOM units whom have already been dispatched on the island will first destroy the radar and the ammo caches on the island to prevent the fast rearm of the enemy units on the island. After their job will be to either regroup with the diver team and kill the HVT or go assassinate the commander on their own. Diver teams will insert on the island and clean any remaining forces while searching for the HVT. Expect retaliation! Assets : 2 --> F/A-18 Hornet; 2 --> UH-60 Black Hawk; 1 --> Bell UH-1Y Venom; 2 --> SDV; 1 --> CH-47 Chinook; Rules : 1. CAS is not allowed to take off unless it has been called by infantry, to prevent the loss of the asset too fast. 2. Infantry is not allowed to Rambo. This is a coop mission, not PR! 3. Trans is not allowed to do insertions on the island if the AAs are still up. You will need to be in Teamspeak. TFAR enabled. 4. NO KIT RESTRICTION! But make sure you aren`t a cyborg either! (NO VIPER/2035 Thermal NVG/ VRsuit). Mods : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2115753805 13.75 GB needed. Squad Selection : Commander: =VG= .Blizzard. Alpha: Leader: =VG= Deathdealer Medic: Rifleman: Rifleman: Fanny Pirates: Fanny 1 Actual: =VG= m823us Medic: =VG= asquirrel456 Rifleman: =VG= Orracis Rifleman: ChickenJason123 Charlie: Leader: Medic: Rifleman: Rifleman: CAS/Trans: Leader: Pilot: =VG= TEDF Pilot: =VG= l3RY4N Pilot: Tetra (SOCOM)*: Leader: Hoops Engineer: Demo: Fastjack Medic: Sausag3 Tetra squad is required! So please fill it =VG= .Blizzard.
  20. PR coop maps that you hate

    Fools road, maybe move the GB main to where militia is; change mil to Russia and remesh as much as you can going down the western road? First flag would be the hill in C7/C8, then train depot and RU main will have to be the coal mine. SP vehicles and such could spawn somewhere s/se/sw of the tunnel/bunker complex to avoid meshing that area too.
  21. PR coop maps that you hate

    Regarding Qwai River: Is it possible to just turn the map around? We start in the south and have to work our way to the north. That means we capture points along the western part of the map (including the city ofc), and the final assault would be on what currently is the US main base. That thing never felt like a main base but more like a twisted fort, and thereby could be potentially fun to assault.
  22. PR coop maps that you hate

    So making a map with bots has a size limit to the amount of ground the AI can cover before the game crashes. the size varies map to map with things like whether it is a forest, urban or desert map. making bots move on water counts for nothing because there's nothing for them to avoid. As a general rule of thumb, a 1km can have bots on 100% of it, 2km is 40-60% and a 4km is 15-20%. This is why maps have a lot of areas that you don't play coop on especially 4km maps like shijia, Vadso or saaremaa always focus on the same areas.
  23. PR coop maps that you hate

    And Qwai river has an entire half of the map unused. Having the flags split on both sides like the alt Marlin would lead to good teamplay as you would have the team split up. to get through quickly.
  24. PR coop maps that you hate

    @Johnny__Rico Remaking Beruit on the Russian Naval side will alleviate the scope issues, and also get us a chance to check out the new assets made for that faction that we don't ever see (the GAZ, new trucks, new landing ship and new helicopters!) I hope you guys put some thought into it, and thanks for running this survey!
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  26. PR coop maps that you hate

    I agree with Vadso, it is propably unsalvageable. Qwai River always feels more like a chore than a nice map. Long drive/even longer walk at the start, all the cool fighting is in the city, the rest is shit. Beirut is a special one. Current outlay (1.5.9.x) is really shit. Shit scopes, only posibility to influence something is as AR or Tank. The old layout of this map was superb. Capture and cross the bridge, establish a bridgehead etc. was always so much fun. I have talke with multiple people about it and they all loved that old layout.
  27. Just threw a random look at the VG forums ... last time I've seen you people still used MSN ;)

  28. PR coop maps that you hate

    Vadso isn't worth saving, even if you delete all of the non terrain lightmapped shrubs to deal with that whole issue you are still left with pretty much the same POI. I guess you could delete the shrubs then and just say fuck it and throw mil on it for a layer v 80s brit falklands. I think marlin could be a bit more fun with a shahadah like layer.
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