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  1. Banning myself.

    I tryed, did not went good. Bye.
  2. Banning myself.

    Thank you so much guys for so much attention, this is why VG will stay my family forever, you guys have something others are missing for sure, something attracting me and making me addicted to your server. But till now i still feel i need to teamkill some noobs and get them away from my war plan (dont take it by words its just a way i say i'm looking for perfect players, the old ones i know, some still in and some are absent) and make such a round that i'm not ready to forget, just a perfect round. For sake simplicity just a server name will tell you better than me what i want (VETERANS GAMING). I will need some time to cool down my fury.
  3. Banning myself.

    Hey guys; I just wana admit that i screwed it a bit those days in coop PR server, i am becoming a non tolerant persone, getting mad quicker about things i was calm about before, i'm also acting agressevly with players who sometime just tryed to do their job in game but did tk me accidently, i say sorry to those. Yesterday i did a false report about someone stealing trans or cas choper, i aplogized. (The one in jabal was a good report Skitalez). Today i insulted somebody as piece a shit when somebody else has deserved it, another mistake, sorry "callsign" was my bad, i took wrong person then i left server when you asked why cz i was feeling so guilty. I don't wana disturb anymore so i say goodbye to all ppl i loved in server and they are many. Thank you to all admins who trusted me and showed me respect. Have a good time all and enjoy yourself with VG (the best PR coop ever).

    It seems to request to pay.
  5. PR BF 2 has closed ,cleaning up resources

    Check this link: https://steamcommunity.com/app/24860/discussions/0/864951657945537942/?l=french Some solutions in the link (Just so you dont waste time to read it all): Solution 1 Hey! So what *my* problem was is my laptop came with two different graphics card. a Nvidia 730m, and the more basic integrated graphics card that's in the system. So, of course I automatically have it set so every game uses the Nvidia card, but BF2 is apparently no compatible with that exact card (I guess?). So I ran it with the integrated crappier graphics card and it worked fine (so far!) lol. Now it's just a matter of trying to run Project Reality successfully! hah. Solution 2 Hello everyone. After searching many forums and having absolutely no luck with the solutions given. I was on the verge of giving up and uninstalling the game when I started thinking, and came up with a solution that worked for me. Here's the problem that I had: After installing and updating bf2 to the latest patch (1.1.5). The bf2 client would attempt to run, go into full screen and then crash. Modifying the shortcut to run in windowed mode would give an error saying "unknown dynamic option... 800x600". Since no matter what I would do the client would always attempt to run in 800x600 resolution I thought id play around with my monitors resolution. Solution: Add a custom 800x600 resolution to your monitor. Apply it and run bf2. If that doesn't work. Try switching to GPU scaling on your graphic settings. I know both nvidia and ati have this option so just look for it. After you have done this and get into the game. Go into the games video settings and set it to a higher resolution. Then you can go back to your monitors native res. Added: Installing the game in other partion than system one or installing it in users\public folder may also help so you dont worry anymore about game folder rights. Hope this helps.
  6. PR BF 2 has closed ,cleaning up resources

    Try to run the game in any other screen resolution.
  7. Just for laught

    Like he said, he is glad to be alive after the experiment, i was laughing more when i read the comments on youtube. Here is the best of them: Room is vibratingggggggggggg... Glass is jumpingggggggg.. water is splashinggggggggg... Even more saaaaaalttt...... "I can"t believe I do this." XD "It's going to end up really horribly" ... Keeps adding more salt MORE SALT!!!! I thought he was about to open a black hole
  8. Just for laught

    If you are bored, this will change it (Watch it from 8:00). If you still bored read the comments.
  9. Things i miss in PR VG CO-OP

    This is truly an interesting post @=VG= Skitalez Thank you. What is exactly wrong with karbala, somebody bring back that map to the show. We actualy are playing some maps more often than the others, i thought we could reverse that just to make things different a bit since broken maps can not be fixed for now as far as i know. Is it possible for DEVs to do so we can add new map or make changes on the existing ones without updating the game ? We just put it in both sides (Server and Client) and voila. I'm sure about one thing: We do need changes to keep the game attractive.
  10. Call of Duty®: Ghosts

    That is the game that inspired me to choose a name WarGhost. Now we are having ghosts on PR LoooL.
  11. PRLauncher VS Windows10 (lost icone)

    Thank you "Binary"; Hmm, i should try that, did'nt know dll can contain an icone. For now, i'm back to win8.1 cz i had some other troubles (sound trouble and game exit when loading next map sometimes), but i'll give it a try tomorrow, i can restore win10 in 10 minutes, i have a backup. Once again thank you.
  12. PRLauncher VS Windows10 (lost icone)

    Yes they did and one realy bad point for windows is that they have added "Compatibility" think for old versions of programs that is not working at all, to me they should just remove it cz it's totaly useless. And yes win10 is a shit, a butifull shit, you can feel it's faster, more attractive, maybe more secured (not quiet sure on this one), but i agree it's a shit on a sense of PR is also quitting when it's loading next map (not all the time), this happends only on win10, soooo, i'm thinkin to go back to win8, no problems at all there, in the other hand, all other programs are running just fine, hard to make a decision. Let's take the first "farcry" game as an exemple: The first version was working fine on winXP and 7 but not on win8 or 10, then they released an update and the game is now working fine in all Windows versions. And the answer is people are upgrading their OS and i think PR DEVs should add a touch about this. PR BF2 1.6 is on its way to us, hope they did something about it. No man, it's not speculation it's a fact, you are absolutly right, my final point is that i love to keep Win10, i like it but the issues with PR are so disturbing, see? i'm also addicted to the game.
  13. PRLauncher VS Windows10 (lost icone)

    I'm not using start menu to run the game, i was doing it just for testing for this post. I will look at "How to make Windows 10 look and act more like Windows 7" later. I wont blame windows 10 on this issue cz all other programs even old ones are doing it right, except PR, according to this, my personal thought is that PR exe file needs to be improuved somehow. I mean everything else is working just fine on windows10 to me. For testing something very old, i just pined Wolfenstein 3D shortcut and it did it just fine (that game has been released at 2001). Thank you.
  14. PRLauncher VS Windows10 (lost icone)

    Well, i have good news for you: - Open "PRLauncher.exe" folder. - Pin "PRLauncher.exe" file to start menu. - Open start menu and right clic on PRLauncher shortcut (It has no icone for now and it's almost at same color of the start menu background). - Clic on "More" and clic on "Open file location", you will be directed to a shortcut location that windows has created for start menu. - Open that shortcut properties and add PRLauncher folder location whitch is empty when created by windows (For you it's "P:\Project Reality BF2\mods\pr\bin") - Last but not least, well ........... Enjoy All this was tested and worked.
  15. PRLauncher VS Windows10 (lost icone)

    I hope i'm not missunderstanding, so when you put a shortcut for a non-default C drive program (but running on C) it does not work. Based on that try this: Make a shortcut on desktop and before pin it into start menu open it's properties and check the "Run at" or "Start at" field below the exe file name (Target), add/modify the path if missing or wrong, then you can pin it. Also setting "Run as administrator" can help since it's on C drive it need some elevation. Edit the game folder properties and open security tab and give full acces to your username, when prompted, check "All folders and subfolders". (bed time, its late here, see you tomorrow).