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  1. Future ARMA Events - Suggestions and Ideas

    I mean real CAS , for example , i am in a A-10 , until the inf reaches the AO i will hold position in base , or if i get called in i will take off .When inf is in the AO I will provide overwatch and intel if i spot something, and if i would like to engage something i would request permission to first. Basically I am just support for ground. Thats how I CAS.
  2. Future ARMA Events - Suggestions and Ideas

    I have a question, will there be an CAS pilot place in the next event ? Because if there will be i would like to participate as CAS or as inf if needed.
  3. Hello

    If you want i can tell you the basic of CAS jets and helis, we can do a lan server and fly CAS there, sounds good ?
  4. Hello

    Welcome to Veterans-Gaming!
  5. Time to say hello

    Welcome to veterans-gaming community !
  6. Operation "Red Tide" Part V

    Position: Bravo Squad,Rifleman See you in the battlefield!
  7. Hello

    Hello my name is Denis (denis34312 in game) i am from Romania and i am pilot most of the times a trans pilot, i play infantry sometimes medic/AT/AR/grenadier i'm not the best player but not bad neither, see you on the battlefield. And if you see me in trans squad and need a ride ,you know who to call now.