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  1. Operation Frosty Dagger

    Semester's over, what better way is there to celebrate? Count me in wherever there's a slot (apparently Alpha AR). Cheers!
  2. H8CrazyVet67

    This came as a shock to me, I have no idea what to say. He would always bring joy and laughs wherever he went My condolences
  3. Mug Shots!

    Only non-blurry photo I could get was this one: I guess it could be in a worse place than a shoping mall xD
  4. My introduction

    Welcome! Hope you have a nice time and see you around.
  5. Cancer Sucks

    Wish you the best for a good recovery. Listen to your doctors and take care of yourself, so you can have a full recovery.
  6. Melon's first PR co-op event

    Signing up for Hater's squad on all maps
  7. Guessing it was about time

    From what I've seen a little in some videos, the unit control is not as detailed or specific as in HOI3, though I heard that production is made better. In any case, I'm just waiting for a good sale (at least 50% off) before I get it, and stick to CK2 and HOI3 in the meantime. Hoping for christmas sale?
  8. Guessing it was about time

    Thanks everyone Right now I'm in the middle of Arslan Senki, which looks nice. Already watched way too many, Guilty Crown, Code Geass, TTGL, SAO, Mahouka... and still many more that I liked
  9. Guessing it was about time

    After about 3 years, might as well make an introduction thread (this thread was not at all inspired in the fact that hater just made his a while ago, not at all) Well, I play PR for about 3 years, BF2 for ~6 and also play RTS and other strategy games (C&C, H.of Iron anyone?). Since a few years ago started watching anime and now I'm simply addicted to novels I guess. People say reading is good but... maybe it's a bit too good? Anyway, here's your friendly neighbourhood trans pilot, medic, or SL when you need it I'm 19, from Portugal (that tiny country people from big countries outside europe never heard about) and I'm studying physics. JCLA is just my initials (if translated, would be John <insert portuguese (sur)names here>) and 3114 originally came from a car license plate way over 10 years ago, so just an old nick that I never bothered to change. Hello everyone!
  10. Project Reality "V.W." Event

    Signing up for blue scorpion or whatever I guess