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  1. LemurLemur

    “Five years later” Hey Guys it’s been a few years, thought I would pop in...... @=VG= Blazer when I came back to life I finally learned how to cook
  2. LemurLemur

    Ayyyyy! Good to see friendly faces! I’m out of town but when I get back I’ll definitely have to pop in game. Awwwww @=VG= Melon Muncher I think that’s the sweetest thing you have ever said to me! @ZZANG1847 you probably don’t remember me because you haven’t taken your meds yet haha. After all these years
  3. LemurLemur

    Well well well, it’s been a few years! Thought I would pop in and say hello! Melon is still a slut
  4. (not so) New guy

    Thanks for the intro man, and welcome to the site. I too, need a headset, my turtle beaches broke :(. Hope to see ya on the battlefield!

    Bijar Canyons: Armor- Tank Gunner Operation Barracuda: Logistics Dragon Fly: Mech-Inf- Driver
  6. LOGI SQUAD FOR LIFE! great event, had a lot of fun :)! awesome report Recon, keep it up!
  7. Company of Hooplah

    Orracis you are always raging ya damn hipster
  8. Hey man, I have seen you play on our server a lot and you seem like a really nice chill guy and obviously you have good taste in music. Thanks for the introduction, see ya on the battlefield!
  9. It's high time

    If you have an issue to the point to where you don't even want to join our Ts3 then something should be done. No one should feel they don't want to play on our servers or join out team speak because of actions of another player or something they said (if that is what the issue is about). I understand you won't say it out of respect but if you feel like something should be done please let one of us know and we will do the best we can so everyone can enjoy our community. Hope to see you around man
  10. A big Hi for Everyone

    Glad you could join us for our weird conversations and debates in TS. Thanks for the intro, happy belated bday!
  11. [poll] New Website

    I like it man, looks slick! !cool
  12. [poll] PR events.

    VIP rescue all the way ;)
  13. Introductions

    took you this long to make an intro?? gaaahhhhhh, hope to see you soon bud :P
  14. Important feedback-Bingreding

    I have to say, after reading the logs martin is right. You have been warned, kicked, and even resigned by multiple admins for many things such as: Racism, asset stealing (multiple times on different maps, i have also personally resigned you many times), tking, soloing assets, duplicate squads, wasting assets, and one man locked squads. Martin isn't trying to "smear" you name. Martin is doing his job making sure everyone is following the rules and i haven't seen anything he has done wrong. You say don't use abusive language but you are calling people "fucking germans", Saying "nigger" (which is a banable offense) and calling admins idiots. You are lucky i wasnt there to see you type out and call someone a nigger because that shit wont fly with me on this server.
  15. SIllyMoose Intro and Salutations

    Thanks for the intro Chris! Hope to see you on the battlefield soon!