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  1. Did you get your old acc back?

    1. lordvlad30


      Hello Keed

      All is fine again, Semler fixed it. Next thing I need to get back is time to play some games again.

      - Vlad

  2. Insurgency Standalone Hardcore event Night

    Not sure if we have enough insurgency players at VG for an event already :/ And I can't make it sadly enough.
  3. PC Build Help

    anti-static wrist strap ... really man ... you don't need that shit, just stand with your feet on the ground don't really know alot off PC parts but I would recommend to get an i5, keep the SSD (I can't live without it). your motherboard is overclockable but your CPU is not, maybe change that up (could get a cheaper one maybe or get an i5 xxxxK ) Do you really need 2 monitors? if not you could use that money to buy a GTX 1060 6GB grafics card (350$) instead off the 750ti, if you really need the 2 monitors i would still change the 750ti to a GTX 1060 3GB (around 200$ i think). they are sooo much more powerfull!
  4. Issues getting on and staying on the minecraft server

    Sounds pretty stupid but can someone kill that cricket at: EntityCricket['Cricket'/489521566, l='MpServer', x=983.69, y=62.97, z=123.22], if this entity is no longer there maybe you will beable to stay on longer (until the next one spawns) and so we would know if this mod causes the issue, but it's a wild guess ...
  5. Issues getting on and staying on the minecraft server

    If you could disable it on the server side this could work but if you disable it only on client side it would cause errors (servers says there is a cricket at X: ... Y: ... but client says it does not know what crickets are -> crash) (<-- what I think will happen). Could you see if the crickets work in singleplayer, spawn one or find one to be 100% sure cause it would be kinda strange that this is a server only issue (It could still be another issue that is causing the crash :/ ).
  6. Issues getting on and staying on the minecraft server

    As Brian said it is a issue with a mob and vannila minecraft does not cause this problem so we can exclude all those entities (in your crash log) and after removing all the vannila entities we are left with: EntityCricket['Cricket'/5570202, l='MpServer', x=1023.38, y=20.00, z=129.50] Now the cricket is the only modded entity that is loaded in the game so this could very well be the cause, and by what I found out this is a mob added by the animalsplus mod. Is it possible to disbale a mod on the server without messing the server up? If so you could try that.
  7. Issues getting on and staying on the minecraft server

    could be a problem with EnderIO and a witherskeleton issue, try this: 1. go to your modpack installation folder. 2. in this folder go to minecraft -> config -> enderio and open the file EnderIO.cfg (with notepad or notepad++ or ...). 3. look for the line "B:replaceWitherSkeletons=true" (somewhere around line 557). 4. change the true value to false. 5. start the game and pray to the gods. 6. if it works hooray, if not, change that value back to true so we don't mess up the game in another way! some people had this issue to with the mods "Ender Zoo" or "Exotc Birds" but as these mods were not installed from what I see in the report this was a dead end.
  8. Automatic recording of rounds on BASED EU server

    Haha, yes if you just type in PRISM into google (or whatever) you will get this as as a first result, now try "project reality prism". I won't bother to put some links here as it is way to easy to find them yourself. Lordvlad
  9. Issues getting on and staying on the minecraft server

    yes post the log please, can only help
  10. Automatic recording of rounds on BASED EU server

    Is this the PRISM software and didn't this software lag out the server?
  11. I got banned again

    Was the time before this accident not his last chance ... ?
  12. Problem Signing Up

    man ... just log in to your email account (hotmail, outlook, gmail or whatever you use) and go to the spam folder (or just google it if you still can't find it: "how to acces the spam folder for gmail / hotmail / ..." ).
  13. Problem Signing Up

    have you looked in your spam folder?
  14. Project Reality "V.W." Event

    19:00 GMT it is the same as the PRT ... like ZZANG1847 already stated in his post above ...
  15. Project Reality "V.W." Event

    Blue T-62 please