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  1. Military perceptions

    experienced most of that.
  2. Unlisted by my omaha gpo is now ingame.
  3. PR coop maps that you hate

    Wow thats a way bigger mesh for fools road than I expected.
  4. have you tried this game ?

    Haven't played it but have watched some streams of it. Its beautifully done and looks fantastic.
  5. Omaha Beach

    Meh, decided to make it more painful but more rewards.
  6. PR coop maps that you hate

    Fools road, maybe move the GB main to where militia is; change mil to Russia and remesh as much as you can going down the western road? First flag would be the hill in C7/C8, then train depot and RU main will have to be the coal mine. SP vehicles and such could spawn somewhere s/se/sw of the tunnel/bunker complex to avoid meshing that area too.
  7. PR coop maps that you hate

    Vadso isn't worth saving, even if you delete all of the non terrain lightmapped shrubs to deal with that whole issue you are still left with pretty much the same POI. I guess you could delete the shrubs then and just say fuck it and throw mil on it for a layer v 80s brit falklands. I think marlin could be a bit more fun with a shahadah like layer.
  8. PR coop maps that you hate

    Outlawz is currently finishing nuijamaa v2 so coop will already be redone on that.
  9. Omaha Beach

    That's what the plan was, while having non respawnable ones with the landing craft. So the ones that would spawn in with the boats after trenches are taken would be their replacements.
  10. Omaha Beach

    That can be done but as said earlier it opens up more problems than it solves.
  11. Omaha Beach

    No there isnt. Its either keep the current system or the new way I just purposed.
  12. Omaha Beach

    I can delay the german tanks to 15 minutes. That would give you a 2 tank advantage for the first 15 minutes as long as they arnt killed. It would also mean if you lose a tank you dont have to drive it all the way from main base but rather just from the beach provided you took the trenches.
  13. Omaha Beach

    If I were to make the tanks that originally spawn way back at the boats non respawnable but add tanks that spawn on the boats after you take the trenches be a good change or worse change.