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  1. Hey everyone

    I've played with you before, always a pleasure to work with. Welcome to the forums.

  3. Round length and challenge

    Please guys. We're all friends here, let's try to get along for the health of this community. We can't force gameplay to match a certain country's tactics or T/O; Russian marksmen are in a separate unit and not organic to the rifle squad. Germans tend to be loaded down with a lot of AT weapons from what I understand. In the French Foreign Legion, medics are an additional duty, so that could fall to a sniper or a machine gunner (used to be the same with musicians). I don't think the game mechanics allow for limiting kits based on faction or only a certain number of tanks per squad etc. Every country and every type of unit is different, and there isn't always a right or wrong way to do something, just a different way. Squad sizes are different in every country and even within the same nation. PR is a game and we should do what works here...you wanna be hyper realistic, then stand in a guard tower at main for several hours doing nothing. That's one thing every army has in common. Reallife: war is horrible and there is absolutely nothing cool or fun about killing Germans, Chinese, Vietnamese, Koreans, etc. And I say that as an American. In deployment there is a briefing timer; can this be implemented in coop, and if so, does it also stop the bots from doing anything? I'm in favor of making IFVs organic to infantry as they are in most countries' mech inf units. If we did that, then I think the Bradleys, BTRs, etc would stick with the grunts and support them (less likely to get a frustrating squad wipe) and not go off to the edge of the map and slaughter the entire opfor and locking down other flags. They aren't APCs at all and aren't meant to be just an armored taxi service. I think this was discussed a bit in another thread several weeks ago.
  4. Round length and challenge

    Speaking of a police state, can't we all just get along? Yeah we could wait a couple minutes and let the bots take some ground to level the playing field, but that's counting on 30-40 people agreeing on something which will never happen. When I lead tanks we do use the one mans, I try to get the maximum number of tanks in the field and split up to cover different areas and support the various grunt squads instead of blitzkrieging flag after flag. I saw on here or the PR forums where someone talked about numbers of tickets, would that help any? Or we would just blitzkrieg the map and sit outside their uncappable main and bleed them? Last night we had a good round on Pavlovsk which is definitely a challenging map (lesson learned, US should stay out of Russian affairs). We were outnumbered and we did get wiped a few times, but we didn't cap the entire map, and it is a bit disappointing when we win simply through ticket bleeding, like a boxing match won by judge's decision rather than a knock out.
  5. Round length and challenge

    Now that you put me on the spot, I'm not really sure but going forward I will try to take some handwritten notes about what maps are too easy/hard under what conditions. I can tell you for sure that Kashan and Khami are too easy under a normal population. If we're down to like 5-6 people of course, nothing is particularly easy.
  6. Round length and challenge

    Kashan etc are definitely quickies on a populated server, but I can remember a time years ago where we fought for every inch like it was Asad Khal. Speaking of, Hamas was at the gates of main and we beat them back and capped every flag with only six of us once, it was hell but it was a lot of fun and a lot of adrenaline. Like you, I like to do things outside of the box and differently, I often even forego trans many times and move on foot or with light vehicles. Unfortunately when we're packed people will usually just take the path of least resistance instead of trying something new. Last I remember, and it's been several years, AI skill was set to 90 here and it goes by increments of 10. 100 is absolutely insane, am I correct that there's no way to set AI to 95 or something else in between? Edit: what would AI actually influence anyway? Just basic skills like accuracy, reaction speed?
  7. Round length and challenge

    I remember seeing a side discussion related to this a few weeks ago, maybe on the main PR forums. It really seems like once the server is reasonably populated, we pretty much steamroll through the map. Yeah there will be setbacks here and there, even the loss of a full chopper, but it feels like there's not as much of a struggle as long as we have people and some of them know what they're doing. Fully populated, it doesn't even seem to matter if they're good or not. So we end up running through a map pretty quickly it seems, a lot faster than deployment or even coop back in the day. Obviously there's some limitations because bots will never be as sneaky and creative as human players. I admit I haven't had much experience with the new AI changes but I can't say I noticed much of a difference. Rounds seem to end pretty quick, I'm sure there is someone out there who'll agree with me that it's not quite as fun when you just steamroll through the map with token resistance. I don't know what can really be done or any ideas to throw out there since I'm not on the admin side and the devs seem to be pretty strict about how servers are run.
  8. Workshop content

    Basic marksmanship, which shouldn't take much time at all if people are willing to listen. Not using burst or full auto, patience with sight deviation, and engaging long-range targets. Individual, team, and squad movement. Taking advantage of cover, buildings, keeping together as a squad. Movement to contact, react to contact, squad attack, break contact and so on. Employment of recon/scout teams. Ambushes especially of vehicles. Combined arms operations. The individual kits and how to effectively use special weapons (grenadier, AR, marksman especially). The absolute most important thing being to engage at the maximum range possible. Most of the older generation in PR knows their stuff, but with the constant flood of new people since standalone, there's so many people without any guidance who haven't had years to learn the game and the advantage of a "small classroom size" with the older vets, and perhaps they don't know where to turn to for help?
  9. De wey

    Yeah I think this is from Captain Alex, cracked me up when the guy was shooting the AK out of the helicopter window. My girlfriend told me that some of the older Chinese movies are like this, with a Chinese soldier blowing up a Japanese airplane by throwing a grenade at it.
  10. Offering help and suggestions

    I've noticed it's always helpful to have bilingual or better people playing even who aren't admins. I have been able to translate for French and Chinese players in the past, and it definitely opens the community up to a broader audience.
  11. De wey

    In light of the recent "u do not no de wey" craze going around the internet, I found this on YouTube.
  12. About the BRDM vehicle rules..

    I think it would be more efficient if MECH INF had priority for IFVs and APC had priority for APCs. These vehicles are not remotely close to the same thing and perform very different roles with different capabilities and limitations. LAVs and Amtracks aren't either, but tracks are in their own units separate from the grunts. Bradleys are meant to fight. M113s are not. It doesn't stop there. But all of the above vehicles are basically just used as a taxi service. Bradleys etc should act as dedicated, organic fire support vehicles.
  13. Be Back Soon

    My family will be praying for yours, hope you have a safe trip. Be careful with all the snow and ice.
  14. Server reset time

    Xenalite has a great idea, but is the server even run on Windows? I'm sure Linux has some method of doing it but I'm not familiar, never used it. I think it's hard for a lot of us players to understand what can and can't be done because we can't see things from the admin perspective. So we are often here asking for the impossible and we don't even realize it.